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Most guys want to enjoy a variety of women before they settle down. And when they do, they don’ want to, well…settle. Most guys want to find their dream girl, but only after they’ve experienced different women. Otherwise, you will feel that you have “missed out,” and possibly settled…

because you didn’t have know-how to meet the women you REALLY wanted.  

These were two of the most common regrets of dying men:

“I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.”

“I wish I had gone after the hot girl.”

Women are aware of The Game, now. The average guy knows at least SOME pickup artist techniques, and women have become paranoid and wary of “game.”

The good news is, game is the hardest, least efficient way to sleep with hot women fast. The easiest way is without tricks or manipulation. But I don’t mean to say, “Just be yourself.” I’ll explain, but first I must break down the game-seduction paradigm, so you can see how you’ve been blinded and misguided. 

Running game, or pickup, is based on seduction, which itself is based on courtship, an archaic medievel tradition where talented commoners come to the noble court, and try to woo or “seduce” female members of the nobility. 

Let’s look at what “seduce” actually means. 

“se·duce: To lead away from duty, accepted principles, or proper conduct.”

When you approach an attractive woman, you aren’t wooing an unmarried princess, trying to entice her to violate her vow of chastity before she is politically betrothed to some rich, land-owning Duke.

You aren’t leading her away from principles or proper conduct. You aren’t doing anything bad, although as men, we are brainwashed into thinking that women don’t like sex as much as we, and that if a woman has sex, she is “bad” or “slutty.” So when a man wants to sleep with a woman, he senses he is trying to get her to do something she shouldn’t do… And yet he wants her to do it… So he feels guilty… And tries harder.

Society teaches men to think this way, and so women have to adapt by hiding their sexuality. But when a woman meets a man who is comfortable with his sexual desire, and has sexual confidence, and knows how to make it happen, while allowing her to keep her true nature a secret, she will open up to him and reveal her wild, primal, passionate nature. 

To do this, do you need to “seduce” her? No! Because you’re not doing anything wrong. You are a regular guy with normal desires, and yet, you are told that you need to run game to get what you want.

This isn’t medieval Venice, you’re not Casanova. And you don’t have to be. Women don’t want a seducer. Women want a solid guy understands women and can take the lead towards the bedroom, while having fun and making a real connection.

The cool thing is, if you can meet a lot of women, without lying or running “game,” many will JUMP in bed with you. Why? Because…WOMEN LOVE SEX!

Ironically, as men hide their sexual intentions, or try to PRESSURE women to have sex (flip sides of the same dirty coin), they actually make women LESS horny. And, believe me, good sex is the primary motivator for a woman wanting to date you. So what makes sex “good” for women?

What makes you good at connecting conversationally, also makes you good in bed. I call it Thrust, which is the ‘T’ in my ACT Leadership System. There’s no extra techniques to remember. At every step, you  know exactly how to focus, in a way that turns women on and leads to great sex and a great connection.  

It’s easier, and more effective to focus on Leadership – Sexual Leadership – with women. Not only does my ACT Leadership System make you unstoppable in any situation, it creates POWERFUL bonds with the HOTTEST women, based on authenticity and mutual benefit. And you’ll be shocked when you realize that the most attractive, in-demand women are actually the easiest, if you use this system. 

The best thing is that it’s designed to work best with the most beautiful women because they are exposed to the most “game,” being run by the smoothest players. The competition is fierce, and it’s a lot of work to compete. The funny thing is, she can see through it all (most of the time).

Coaching is all about saving you time and pain. It can take YEARS of dedicated effort, and lots of embarrassing trial and error to figure this out. I make up for lost time, and shoot you into the future – YOUR future. 

Think of me as a personal trainer for your sex and love life. In sports, you need a coach to help you reach your potential. It’s the same in any profession or craft. 

You get a trainer when you want elite results as fast as possible. The trainer has experience, walks the talk, and sees things you don’t. The expert demonstrates it, and trains you to do it. 

You can probably imagine how far-reaching the implications are for this sort of training. When you hire a trainer for something as important as this, what you are really doing is investing in yourself, in your own happiness.

One amazing side-effect of coaching is that you become better with ALL the people in your life. More respect and support from coworkers. Your boss sees your leadership ability gives you a raise and a promotion. You get along better with your friends and family.

Networking is a breeze, not a chore. You might even make some awesome new guy friends who are like-minded about being better men! These are all common results.

But most importantly, this is the fastest, surest way to find your Perfect Woman.

And when you find her, you don’t have to ever worry about losing her to another man. You’ll have the wisdom and skill to maintain a healthy, loving, passionate relationship with a wonderful woman, because the ACT Leadership System I teach covers EVERYTHING.

It’s complete. It’s not just about meeting women, it’s about connecting with women, and EVERYONE. Every connection you make is unique and alive, and never stops growing, as you and your woman grow, together.

Just like DNA, a handful of pieces make up infinite variations. Each relationship has it’s unique DNA. And when that combination just seems to work…well, that’s CHEMISTRY. 

If you are thinking about taking your life to the next level, check out LEAD7 Live Coaching

To your success,

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Brian Burke


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