Dating Coach for Men

I bet you’re the type of man who takes charge of his career, of his health, of his LIFE. And what part of life is more important than your relationships with women?

You wouldn’t rely on fate or luck to feed yourself every day, and you wouldn’t leave your career up to chance, then why would you trust in luck to find the girl of your dreams?

You CAN operate at an elite level with women. You might even know a guy who doesn’t rank very high on the looks or wealth scale, but seems to have a magic way with women. Guess what…he’s using the exact same system, only he can’t articulate it, let alone teach it, because it’s just “how he is” – it’s natural, organic, unconscious.

The kind of guy that hires a personal trainer – or coach – to improve his golf game, or attends seminars to improve his sales skills, iss a guy that isn’t satisfied with average. These are the kind of people I like to surround myself with, and this is the kind of student I tend to attract.

Most of my students are very successful men. And most of my students have already had a fair amount of success in their dating lives.  Guys that come to me want to be excellent in the most important parts of their lives, so when they hire a coach, they expect excellence. 

There are three things a dating coach for men should be able to do:

1. Demonstrate results, and

2. Teach a system for others to get the same results

The third thing is rarely, if ever mentioned. You must have a method for teaching if you want to be a dating coach for men. In other words, you don’t just teach a system, you have a system of teaching. 

When I first began as a dating coach for men, I was teaching specific techniques to my students. And then I read this quote:

“As to methods there may be a million and then some, but principles are few. The man who grasps principles can successfully select his own methods. The man who tries methods, ignoring principles, is sure to have trouble.”– Ralph Waldo Emerson

My approach to teaching changed. I came up with a template-based structure in my exercises. I allowed space for individuality and improvisation. I used structures that forced each student to express himself authentically.  

These exercises evolved into the ground-breaking mental GPS technology I call ACT Leadership. It’s a system I can “upload” into your mind, PERMANENTLY.

Once you download ACT into your mind, you’ll immediately throw out all your self-help products, dismiss all the dating advice (which is actually holding you back anyway), and stop worrying about getting laid. Just throw on a t-shirt and go to an area where attractive women shop, and get a couple new girlfriends. It can be that simple and easy…

In fact, doesn’t it feel WRONG that it ISN’T that easy? Doesn’t dating feel like WORK most of the time? Why is approaching so scary and why do you draw a blank when you talk to beautiful women?

If so, you’re not alone. Most guys are BAD with women, in the sense that they have almost ZERO control over which women they meet, and when they meet them. Most men cannot approach competently, and most men have to wait for sex, while spending a bunch of time and money.

So the learning process should be FAST, EASY, and FUN. And remember, when we are talking about being good with women, we are not talking about seduction, game, pickup, or attraction.  No, we are talking about LEADERSHIP. 

Leadership is all about how you think. As you notice her body, she notices your mind. You are looking for a pretty face and nice figure, but she’s looking for leadership.

And just like a woman can’t convince a man she is pretty if he doesn’t see her that way, you can’t convince a woman that you are attractive, cool, “alpha,” witty, or a leader. 

Thrust is thinking like a leader, by leading yourself. Your example garners respect, a sense of safety, and an anticipation of reward in others if they come with you on your journey. Cultivating your Thrust naturally makes you someone that is respectable, safe, and a bringer of pleasure. This is the side of leadership that entices a woman to be with you. 

With YOU.

She doesn’t want the “right words,” the “right moves,” or the “right looks.” She wants YOUR unique flavor of masculinity – YOUR Thrust. In fact, it’s your very attempt to “do it right” that is making you just like every other guy, turning women off in the process.

But just as you like to see beautiful women and feel aroused, a woman wants to meet a man who excites her. And the fastest way to be that man is to hire a dating coach for men. If you’d like to learn more, check out the LEAD7 Coaching Program

To your success,

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Brian Burke


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