Profile CroppedMy name is Brian Burke, and for 7 years I’ve been helping men become EXCELLENT with women.

I give you the skills and tools to connect with beautiful women that truly inspire your passion – the ones you REALLY want…

And make it a natural, easy, fun part of your normal life.

What gets me out of bed every morning is helping good, smart, motivated guys to realize their ideal sex and love lives

whether it’s to play the field and have an exciting sex life other guys envy,

or to get the girl of your dreams and make sure she is devoted and passionate about you, so that you never lose her.

As a dating coach for men, my personal life is intertwined with my profession.

My Story

I had SEVERE social anxiety growing up…and often I’d get full-blown panic attacks

I was terrified of girls and if I did talk a girl, it would be incredibly awkward

In my early 20s, I managed to get my first real girlfriend, through a mutual friend.

After a couple years, she dumped me because of my insecurity, jealousy, and lack of direction.

I realized that the rest of my life was going to be very lonely and painful if I didn’t make some changes.

I started going out on my own trying to talk to women.

Usually I’d get ignored. Sometimes the girl would look at me annoyed, adn then ignore me.

Sometimes I’d get a laugh -but it would be AT me, not with me.

I decided I needed a mentor – a coach who had been there, and was further ahead than I was.

I found a guy in an online forum named Vin Dicarlo. I took a coaching program from him and it blew my mind, and expanded my vision of what was possible.

soon after, he brought me on as a coach, to assist in his live training programs.

Again, I developed rapidly, this time as a coach. So he gave me the reigns as the head of Dicarlo Drills.

And for 5 years I made it my business to make sure we ran the most effective and innovative training program of its kind, coaching 237 guys personally, and thousands more through products and resources.

For example, during that time I co-wrote the Attraction Code, creating the 4EP model of personality:

Intention, focus, state, and expression,

based on my experience training a lot of guys with different personalities

I’ve since simplified and streamlined this into thrust

Thrust is the first pillar of my overarching system because when it comes to meeting and connecting with women, it’s not about seduction, attraction, pickup, or game, but something ELSE.

And some guys do it naturally, unconsciously. But trust me, it CAN be learned, and if you learn it consciously, you can surpass any natural out there.

I’ve done it and I’ve seen my students go from the sexless loser of the crew, to The Man showing the other guys how it’s done.

Another pillar of the ACT System is Awareness. I first understood the importance of awareness creating Pandora’s box, also for Vin Dicarlo.

As I created Pandora’s Box I noticed the more I understood and appreciated them, my mental effort to communicate with them dropped to an unnoticeable level…

Without any effort of thought, I could connect with women VERY DEEPLY, VERY QUICKLY.

I developed the Box system as a way for a man to navigate a woman’s mind.

I no longer use the 8 types structure, but I stand behind it as a great beginners tool for looking deeper into female psychology,

because women DO make sense, they are just different.

I now teach 3 dimensions of Embrace, over time – the fourth dimension. Understanding these dimensions comprises Awareness, the ‘A’ in ACT.

Awareness at this level allows you to go beyond dating – and this is one of FOUR layers of meaning to go beyond dating.”

You can learn more by reading my “about page” – in the quick navigation menu.

A New Paradigm

People throw around terms like “the friendzone” and “boyfriend/girl”friend” but it doesn’t really mean that…

these terms limit your vision of what’s possible.

If I’m sleeping with a woman, AND I’m her friend, what “zone” does that put me in?

And yes, women DO sleep with their guy friends. You know that old Biz Markie song, “she says he’s just a friend?”

I’m sure you’ve heard the old saying that men and women can’t be friends…

Friendship is what’s missing in relationships. If a man and woman are genuinely friends,

that is the foundation for a great relationship, even marriage that won’t end in divorce.

I’ve gone beyond these limitations and so have my students.

We must change the dysfunctional paradigms, and re-write the old mental scirpts that hold men back.

many of my closest friendships with women started with sex.

All the research I did for the Pandora’s Box, 8-type system lead me to a new paradigm…

Sex became a way of learning about each other, exploring, playing, giving and receiving…connecting emotionally and physically.

A whole new realm opened up, paving the way for Awareness – the A, in ACT.

You can learn the full system in my flagship home study audio course: Sexual Supremacy

Sexual Supremacy breaks down – from the top down to the smallest detail, how to connect with women in a way that makes them feel amazing –

she feels like the woman she wants to be, when she is with you.

And you do this automatically and naturally because you see a reality others don’t see.

You’ll never end up in the friendzone, OR locked-down in boyfriend-zone if you don’t want to.

Sexual Supremacy is your roadmap to GO BEYOND the typical dating process and all it’s frustrating limitations so you can live the kind of sex life you’ve always dreamed about.

And when you find that one special woman, you can rest assured you won’t ever lose her to another man.

This is the foundation for how you and I – are going to change the world. Learn more by clicking the Sexual Supremacy Logo below. or by going to sexualsupremacy.com

Time For Change

Most guys leave meeting women up to chance. They rely on “getting lucky,”

But how many women have passed you by, while you made excuses and succumbed to fear?

NOTHING can compare to approaching a beautiful woman on the street, in a bar, at a store, any random place…

You feel confident and you are passionate about her, and she melts.

You both feel that spark, that excitement, the new possibility of passion, of love, of incredible sex, and perfect moments shared…

How many times have you looked at a woman across the room, trying to think of what to say, worried another man will talk to her before you can figure it out.

Maybe another man finally does talk to her – you wonder, ‘did she come with him or is he just another guy like me?’

He says something, and she smiles. She laughs and playfully taps his chest while he stands tall, natural and confident, looking down at her.

You know what he’s thinking, you know what he is going to do to her…

You are mad, frustrated…STUCK.

Because HE got the girl, not you.

What if you could connect with the women you REALLY wanted – the ones all the other guys are scared to talk to?

What if you had so much sexual confidence, from real know-how and an understanding of female psychology, that when you approached a woman, you truly felt like you were the one offering her something wonderful, rather than trying to get something from her?

What if getting a date, or getting laid was never an issue for you ever again, no more chasing, running around in circles, playing a game you don’t understand.

Meeting and connecting with women is fun, easy, and the women in your life add to it rather than suck your time, energy, and money?

Would you leave your career up to chance?

Do you rely on luck to pay your bills?

Learning this stuff can take a long time on your own, and wading through the advice out there WILL delay your progress.

There’s the weird pua seduction stuff with rehearsed stories, tricks and gimmicks and routines that are hard to memorize…

Plus sticking to a script prevents creative improvisation – the hallmark of elite performance in any field.

What’s more unpredictable than socializing, and WOMEN.

and then there’s the same-old-same-old mainstream dating stuff “just be confident, be funny, 5 ways to impress her on the first date” crap.

Just like following dieting fads – you keep hitting a brick wall, constantly going back to the drawing board.

If you want fast, permanent results, nothing compares to a complete immersion experience.

I will teach YOU, guide YOU, observe YOU, and give YOU expert feedback in REAL-TIME

Plus you can directly observe me live and in person so you know what being good with women looks like.

Imagine the pressure I’m under – But I’ve been doing this a long time, operating under pressure.

It will be 10 times easier for you!

Just seeing theory in action was HUGE for me when I got coaching many years ago.

You will learn all the principles – fundamental pieces upon which you can improvise and be creative.

It’s YOUR personality that shines. You aren’t emulating me or anyone else.

Creativity in unpredictable situations is the hallmark of elite performers.

That’s what we are doing here. this is not about “average” or “Good.”

The standard is Excellence.

LEAD7 is my live training program. It stands for:

  • Leadership
  • Emergence, and
  • Accelerated
  • Development

The 7 pertains to MY SYSTEM of teaching – and this is a very important distinction. Remember I said that I teach an open system to bring out YOUR best, based on the principles of ACT.

But as a teacher I focus on accelerating YOUR learning process.

And this requires a SYSTEM OF TEACHING.

Sure, some guys are good with women themselves, but it doesn’t mean they can teach it effectively.

There are 7 principles I’ve identified through my experience with hundreds of students of all ages, backgrounds, lifestyles, and unique individual challenges.

Do you want some one giving you a strict, one-size fits all series of steps and routines that THEY made up?

LEAD7 is about YOU. And you have UNIQUE challenges and high standards for yourself.

You want the best out of life – not just in your career, but in your personal life, your love life, your sex life.

When I apply these 7 principles as I teach, your learning happens fast, and stays there.

You walk away a new man – really the man you truly are, deep inside. and you can ONLY improve.

There’s no “getting rusty” because there’s nothing to remember.

You’re a leader, NOW. Connecting with women is fun, and easy NOW.

LEAD7 is the logo with the big 7-shaped lightning bolt. Or go to gobeyonddating.com/lead7

ON that page, there is a form to ask me questions if you have them.

I know I’m getting a bit heavy here, so look, let’s say you just got out of a long relationship,

or you feel like you never really got to play the field…

or you’re a younger guy going out to meet women…

Then let’s keep it real. You want to pull. You want to meet and fuck women fast.
If You want to have fun and enjoy a variety of beautiful women.

then check out Take Her Home Tonight.

You can learn more about it by hitting the logo below and watching the video, or go to takeherhometonight.NET

To ACCELERATE your progress, you hire an expert – someone who WALKS THE TALK, AND can teach!

Notice how personal trainers are ALSO in shape?

I live this on every level. You can show a woman this website, and have her read my articles. Get her opinion on what I teach.

Not only will she agree with what I say, she’ll probably get turned on – that’s why the tagline is “what turns women on.”

Most of the “gurus” and “experts” out there actually HIDE what they do, because they know women will think it’s weird and creepy.If you are reading seduction stuff, pickup artist stuff, how to run game…are you having trouble answering women when they ask you:

“So what are you into? What are you reading? What did you do today? What are you thinking about?”

Talk about irony…

When I tell women what I do, they THANK me for helping men, because they know that a man who has learned what I teach will give her a VERY good experience.

So check out some of my articles – hit the blog link in the navigation bar, or scroll down to see what’s new.

My articles aren’t your typical “5 ways to impress a girl: #1 just be yourself derpy derp.”

They are more like journal entries, seeing women through my eyes, so you can understand how I think as I explore the ways men and women relate to each other.

There are stories, tips and tactics, total paradigm shifts, and crucial mindsets.

Just reading them will help you understand and appreciate women better. Remember that love is what drives you. Men who are good with women, LOVE women.

To explore all the ways you can transform your life, and make the most of your sex and love life, check out the links for Sexual Supremacy, LEAD7, and Take Her Home Tonight.

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I don’t want you to trash my emails, so I won’t spam you with a bunch of promotions or “nothing” articles “the one secret that’s killing your chances” and crap like that.

I don’t read that stuff either.

This is important to me.

I WANT to see you be a better man. I want to see all men step up as leaders of the world, and lovers of women.

We’ll talk soon!


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Brian Burke
Founder of GoBeyondDating.com