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VIDEO: The 3 Male Roles Women Put Men In

In the last clip of this short Q&A I explain the 3 relationship roles a man can play in a woman’s life. You are always in one of these 3 roles.

If you do not know which role you are in, you will make a mistake, confuse the woman, and possibly disqualify yourself from her love life.

If you want to have a serious girlfriend YOU MUST UNDERSTAND THESE ROLES.

If you want a casual “friend with benefits” YOU MUST UNDERSTAND THESE ROLES.

If the woman wants you in the middle role, and you don’t realize it, you will come off too unavailable and distant OR too needy and serious.

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The Myth of Confidence – How To Build Powerful Beliefs

There’s a massive amount of BS regarding how to truly build s

elf-confidence. The biggest lie is that you need confidence to succeed with women (or anything). What you need is the right FOCALITIES,, so that you can start winning NOW.

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