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VIDEO: The Friends With Benefits ‘Loophole’

What’s the secret to making ANY GIRL your ‘friend with benefits’? It’s actually SUPER EASY. But women and men are born in a world that promotes courtship among the sexes (i.e. men ‘owning’ women.)


And in this video, I explain EXACTLY how to break free of this cultural norm – and how to bring ANY WOMAN with you to sexual liberation (i.e. your bedroom) – yes, sex with girls you work with, classmates, friends, women that have already ‘friend-zoned’ you (which is really the ‘no sex zone’).


You’ll discover that sex isn’t about games and manipulation: it’s a natural evolution of you hanging out with a girl, bonding together through trust and authenticity, and….


  • The SECRET to ‘being confident.’
  • The THREE THINGS you need to know about a woman that makes her CRAZY ABOUT YOU (as if you’ve known her all her life).
  • What you SHOULD BE DOING when you ask for her number…the answer will ‘launch you’ way ahead of all the other guys because she’ll have no reason NOT to text you.


For more MIND-BLOWING techniques that trigger the ‘Let’s Have Sex’ buttons in the female mind, check out Sexual Supremacy.


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