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VIDEO: How to Stop Being Needy and Get the Girls You REALLY Want

As a man, you can be your own ‘worst enemy’ when it comes to chasing your dreams… and the WOMEN of your dreams…


It all comes down to what you ‘need’ and what you ‘want.’  Knowing the difference is CRUCIAL for making all your dreams and deepest desires come true…


Thoughts can easily ‘plague’ your mind with sadness, desperation, frustration, and depression…


But the key to ‘snapping out’ of it is WAY easier than you think…


In this breakthrough vid, I show you how to ‘annihilate’ negative thoughts with a SIMPLE TWEAK that sets you up for INSTANT SUCCESS – and BOOSTS your happiness, motivation, morale, confidence, enthusiasm, drive, and willpower – for anything you want!


Let’s go!


Here’s what you’ll discover:


  • The 3 Words that ‘disease’ your mind with disappointment, desperation, impatience, and REPEL hot women… and what to do instead to ERASE these thoughts – for good!


  • How to flip ‘failure’ on its head, and make it a ‘springboard’ to accelerate you toward your goals and dreams.


  • Does rushing actually help you get what you want faster, and sleep with women quicker?  Take this ‘shortcut’ that makes chasing your aspirations painless, and takes down a woman’s defenses – so you can sleep with her SUPER FAST (I mean like, skip-the-first-date fast!  No ‘rushing’ required.)


  • I need more money… I need girls to like me…  Do this ONE THING to get needy thoughts out of your head – and replace them with a ‘worry-proof’ mindset.


  • The secret to getting what you want and being PSYCHED about it – be it an entrepreneurship, a business, a new lifestyle, etc, you need to know the difference between ‘wanting’ and ‘needing’ – or else you’ll always feel like a COMPLETE FAILURE who ‘isn’t good enough’ (and worst of all, women will slam the breaks anytime you try to make a move.)


Stop struggling to get the things you REALLY want, and the women you REALLY wanna bend over and smash with complete abandon like a rookie pornstar…


YOU have the power to get what you want – without worry, regret, or fear…


Activate your ‘bullet-proof ambition’ here.

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VIDEO: How to Sleep with Lots of Women (No Strings Attached!)

Ever wonder if you’re giving her too much – or too little – attention?


You wanna keep seeing her and sleeping with her, but you could be making ‘the wrong move’ when it comes to how much time you’re devoting to her.


Finding the right balance is CRUCIAL for maintaining your health, happiness, and SEXUAL SATISFACTION.


In this vid, I show you the TRUTH behind sexual barriers and how you can use them to sleep with LOTS of girls – with NO GUILT.  I also explain why you NEED these barriers in order to keep things fun, passionate, and exciting – in and out of the bedroom – for YOU and HER.


Here’s what you’ll discover:


  • Worried that she’s not always there when you need her?  Does she take too long to text you back? I reveal WHY you NEED this (to stay focused, driven, and sexually satisfied)!


  • How much attention SHOULD you give a girl after you sleep with her?  Don’t text or talk to any girl until you hear this (or else you might LOSE HER sexual attention, FOREVER.)


  • When she gives you too much attention, she might wanna be your girlfriend…  But what if that’s not what YOU really want? Say this one sentence, and she’ll give you more ‘space’ so that you can keep sleeping with other girls – without breaking her heart… while keeping her coming back to your bedroom – anytime you want!


  • Ask her this ONE QUESTION and get ‘guaranteed sex’ with NO COMMITMENT.  


  • What you NEED to say when she asks you ‘What are your intentions?’  This gets you out of the ‘Boyfriend Zone’ (which often leads to little or no sex) and into the ‘Sex With Her All The Time And Any Other Girls You Want Zone.’


  • The big myth that makes her wanna sleep with ANY GUY BUT YOU – and makes you feel like you’re shackled in prison just ‘being’ with her.


Women will only sleep with a CERTAIN TYPE of guy…


Did you know that with only a few SMALL TWEAKS, every girl will be giving you ‘the look’?  Sexual Spark is SO powerful that she might just take you back to HER place!


If you wanna be THAT GUY, then you need to check this out!

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VIDEO: How to ‘Steal Her Heart’ in Under 7 Seconds

As guys, we’re less emotional than women, which is why connecting with them can be tough.  So much so that many women won’t open up to you emotionally…


Even if she’s your girlfriend or wife….


UNLESS you know what to say.


In this short video, I show you some quick, easy tactics to open her open so, and the best part about this is, she’ll become emotionally attached to you, so you don’t have to worry about her ‘opening about’ around another guy.  This works on your girlfriend, a girl you just met, your spouse, you name it.


Here’s what you’ll discover:


  • What’s more powerful than flirting – and getting her ‘hooked’ on you like a silly girl with a crush?  You’ll be SHOCKED when I tell you about this ‘dirty little’ conversation tactic.


  • The one mistake that RUINS relationships (this fatal error is easy to make… but also SUPER easy to avoid….and I’ve got JUST the remedy.)


  • Did you know there are 2 questions you need to ask EVERY GIRL… or else she’ll open up – physically and emotionally – to another guy?  Listen as I break down EXACTLY what you need to say to avoid the PAIN and ANGUISH of losing your woman.


For more tips, tricks, and conversation tactics that make meeting and connecting with women effortless, check out Sexual Supremacy.


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VIDEO: How Can I Get Her Addicted to Me?

I decided to dig into my archive and give you a nice little video I never released to the public. This is from a private mastermind training course for guys who studied Sexual Spark, and Sexual Supremacy. I opened the floor for Q&A.

The concepts in this video will be a total paradigm shift for how most men relate with women. Lots of splicing in this video to keep it moving and shorten runtime, so it’s a bit jumpy. Enjoy!

Key Points:
-Why a woman becomes addicted to your attention and presence
-How to elicit “proceptive behavior”
-Embrace vs. Thrus


Awhile back I recorded a WILD conversation with this super sexy woman I’m calling “Maria” (she has a normal office job, and a boyfriend, so I can’t use her real name). I picked her up in a bar and turned her into an Oral Addict on our first date. She reveals what I did and why it worked in this free recording:


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Meaningful Love-making (Make her love your c*ck)

I:PA*CE Creates Meaningful Love-making


The most powerful thing that I teach is creating meaning – it’s what makes sex, not just pleasurable, but worthwhile to a woman.

She needs more than just a physical sensation. she wants to be engaged mentally and emotionally. A very direct, effective activity to try this out is with oral sex. When she’s pleasuring you, that is an opportunity to create meaning.


To teach guys what I mean I demonstrate a sequence that leads into a blowjob. Once you internalize I:PA*CE, you don’t think about any steps or sequences.


But to get started, I use this sequence so guys can quickly apply it and see instant, real world results.


They are always amazed at how much the woman actually starts to love and crave their cock. It becomes a symbol of much more—it has meaning. If you like blowjobs this is something you should learn, because it makes it really exciting for the woman too.

Blowjobs are something that I’ve always really enjoyed with women. So I wanted to go all the way with it—really make it as enjoyable and intimate as possible.


As I was learning and trying things, I came up with this sequence that I now offer lessons on.


Again, I don’t think about it now —I am just fully engaged, having this very primal-yet-spiritual conversation with the woman—my dick, her mouth, and us “talking” in a language beyond words.


I’m making her feel like the inspiring, nurturing, tender, yet strong woman she really is, and she’s making me feel like the throbbing, striving, hard, aggressive, yet vulnerable, naked man I really am.


It’s amazing, and usually leads to incredibly connected, passionate sex. But a lot of times, we are enjoying it so much that she finishes me off and is more satisfied that way. Because of the meaning, the connection, the conversation beyond words, where my pure masculine essence dances with her feminine essence.

The dance is like a spiral of control-exchange.


Think about when we play video games as men. Who are the video game protagonists? They’re always warrior-type, super-strong, confident, tough guys.

You think about the characters in Modern Warfare or Call of Duty and there’s always this chiselled, handsome, super-built fearless guy.

You’re him for a time. Just turn on the Xbox and you get to be him—the man you want to be. A hero.

This is part of the appeal of the video game. There’s the problem-solving element. There’s the adventure of shooting enemies, but most importantly you get to be this bad ass hero for a few hours.

It’s the same with woman. When she’s riding your dick, when she’s sucking your dick, when she’s being kissed by you, touched the you. She feels sexy.

This comes back to inspire, nurture, and surrender. Which are the three core aspects of a woman’s nature.


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Who Is the Best Pickup Artist?

There are lists of the bests PUAs out there. They are jokes.

I grew up with guys way better than any pua I’ve ever met.

But they can’t articulate what they do.

The best puas are usually not teaching. But some are.

THHT has the absolute best pua’s and teachers

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