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Meaningful Love-making (Make her love your c*ck)

I:PA*CE Creates Meaningful Love-making


The most powerful thing that I teach is creating meaning – it’s what makes sex, not just pleasurable, but worthwhile to a woman.

She needs more than just a physical sensation. she wants to be engaged mentally and emotionally. A very direct, effective activity to try this out is with oral sex. When she’s pleasuring you, that is an opportunity to create meaning.


To teach guys what I mean I demonstrate a sequence that leads into a blowjob. Once you internalize I:PA*CE, you don’t think about any steps or sequences.


But to get started, I use this sequence so guys can quickly apply it and see instant, real world results.


They are always amazed at how much the woman actually starts to love and crave their cock. It becomes a symbol of much more—it has meaning. If you like blowjobs this is something you should learn, because it makes it really exciting for the woman too.

Blowjobs are something that I’ve always really enjoyed with women. So I wanted to go all the way with it—really make it as enjoyable and intimate as possible.


As I was learning and trying things, I came up with this sequence that I now offer lessons on.


Again, I don’t think about it now —I am just fully engaged, having this very primal-yet-spiritual conversation with the woman—my dick, her mouth, and us “talking” in a language beyond words.


I’m making her feel like the inspiring, nurturing, tender, yet strong woman she really is, and she’s making me feel like the throbbing, striving, hard, aggressive, yet vulnerable, naked man I really am.


It’s amazing, and usually leads to incredibly connected, passionate sex. But a lot of times, we are enjoying it so much that she finishes me off and is more satisfied that way. Because of the meaning, the connection, the conversation beyond words, where my pure masculine essence dances with her feminine essence.

The dance is like a spiral of control-exchange.


Think about when we play video games as men. Who are the video game protagonists? They’re always warrior-type, super-strong, confident, tough guys.

You think about the characters in Modern Warfare or Call of Duty and there’s always this chiselled, handsome, super-built fearless guy.

You’re him for a time. Just turn on the Xbox and you get to be him—the man you want to be. A hero.

This is part of the appeal of the video game. There’s the problem-solving element. There’s the adventure of shooting enemies, but most importantly you get to be this bad ass hero for a few hours.

It’s the same with woman. When she’s riding your dick, when she’s sucking your dick, when she’s being kissed by you, touched the you. She feels sexy.

This comes back to inspire, nurture, and surrender. Which are the three core aspects of a woman’s nature.


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