“Brian has taken date coaching to an entirely new level – he is a true master of the craft.” 



Before my boot camp with Brian, I was really hesitant because I figured what can this guy teach me that I can’t find on the internet for free.  However, I was wrong. He showed me a style of game that feels natural and I don’t have to memorize a bunch of routines. Memorizing routines have never been my style because I can’t recall any of them when I am actually talking to females. Brian doesn’t teach you any routines, but rather he gives you a structure anyone can follow easily. And with time people can incorporate the basic structure and create their own style. He teaches something that no one else in the seduction community teaches, he teaches you to be warm and respectful to females. Additionally, he also teaches you to use your desire for her and show her that desire, instead of hiding it like other seduction/dating  advice. Brian is the real deal, I seen him approach some hot ass females and take over their whole group and get the number of the girl he wants. Brian will also motivate you and kick you in the butt like a coach. I was in my head a little bit during the field portion of the second day, but he was really patient with me and provided me with the “kick in the butt” motivation that I needed.

During my boot camp, I probably approached 20-30 groups of girls. I even made out with a really cute girl. The first night he provided me with some minor tweaks to my game after seeing my approaches. After implementing his tweaks I feel the girls were responding to me differently. After I had warmed up things started to click for me and I was being more aggressive with the girls I was talking to.  On the second night, the touching drills we were practicing during the day really helped my touching become automatic. The touching drills he teaches can really turn a girl on and is very dominating to say the least. The last day he covered the portion of how to make females enjoy giving you a blow job. This portion alone was already worth the money I spent on the whole weekend. He also covers some day game and approaching techniques.
Before my boot camp, I struggled with getting a girl’s number and getting her on the phone. But after my boot camp women that I was talking to would just volunteer their numbers before I even asked for it.  My game is not at the level I want it to be yet, but I know with the structure Brian showed me, I will eventually get there if I keep trying.  At least now I know where I should be at any time in an interaction with any women. If you can afford his boot camp, I suggest you take it. You won’t regret it.


“I just told her she was sooo pretty,” said Brian, smiling. We’d just walked into a club in Las Vegas and he was demonstrating that natural game is exactly that – natural. He made me realise that routines and lines are a lot of unnecessary work; simply be dominant, warm and fun. Within two minutes of entering the club, he’d exchanged phone numbers with a group of hot Latin girls.
I booked the course with Brian in early 2010 – I was 34. Funnily enough, the first thing I thought when I saw him was, “what the f…? This guy’s ginger and he’s good with women?!” Ha ha. The point is, I learnt it’s all about the way you approach women (and touch them) that’s important. Brian is fantastic at teaching this – everything he does shows deep understanding and respect of the female psyche. I’ll never forget that weekend.
After the course, when I got back to the UK, I practised. And then practised some more: flirting, talking and generally feeling comfortable with women.. A little tip here: don’t choose three barmaids from the same bar – they talk to each other! Anyway, finally the woman I really wanted came along – 26, half Egyptian, hourglass figure, drop dead gorgeous etc. And guess what? Yep, I wasn’t intimidated by her…and she’s now my girlfriend. And on my terms, too! Think I would’ve got her without the course? No way…


I was never GBD with women. I guess you could say I am the guy who just wanted to get better at something that I am already decent at. I was never quote on quote a “natural” but ill tell you this. After spending a few days with Brian….WOW….HUGE DIFFERENCE. I always tried to go the asshole approach. Maybe look like the duece bag that every girl seems to “accidently” sleep with or fall for. Hell, all my friends in high school and college did it. Trust me, I thought it worked for them. What I now realize is that it wasnt the actual degration of women, it was the dominant traits they acquired that they didnt care what anyone thought about them. WOMEN ATE IT UP!!!….When I was done with Brian, I learned the opposite could be so much better!!!! I am 20x more confident when I talk to girls. They dont make me so nervous. I had a good poker face before when talking to them. Now I dont even have to think twice about it. I just look at every woman in my life as just another person to talk to. In the elevator in my building, in the bar, club, super market, office,….anywhere. He taught me the proper way to express myself so women will actually see im not a creepy guy or someone out for something. I am who I am and they love me for it. I guess you could say I am a bit more free and in my own world now, rather then revolving my world around other people. Who cares what they think of you, care about yourself and precious moments with beautiful women will come your way.
-Tampa Bay, FL



I was very internal in the beginning, thinking that toughness & negging was the way of getting women, Brian changed that for me in those two days (+daygame). I´m now more open, more myself…and nothing left to prove, to “get her”.



“Hello everyone

My name is Dylan and I am a filmmaker from Switzerland. In 2008 I chose to take a Drills Bootcamp with Brian. In the beginning I was pretty unsure, if a bootcamp was really the answer for improving my game with women. And I must say it was worth every penny.

Brian is such a great coach. Everything he teaches is based on human psychology as well as personal experiences. His ability to explain people the most complicated things in simple terms make him even better. All the drills were fun and at the same time new to me, because I have never experienced the mindsets, the movements, and all the necessary changes I needed to improve my skills. Brian gave me the key to step outside my comfort zone and make the first steps into a better life.

During the bootcamp we did a lot of drills and went out for two nights. It was amazing how he can walk up to any girl, start talking to her and the girl was obviously very attracted to him. The personal feedback I got from him was very helpful.

If Brian did a bootcamp or personal coaching in Switzerland, I think I would do it again. But Brian, be prepared to learn some Swiss German.”


“Brian was my coach during my first bootcamp back in August 2008 and I must say that he has been the most influential out of all the people I’ve met in the ‘pick-up community.’ I actually took the same bootcamp with a different instructor about a year later and the experience I had with that instructor pales in comparison to my first bootcamp. Brian really cares about his students and he will give you SPECIFIC pointers to work on because there’s not a one-size-fits-all solution for every person. We all have our own issues and he focuses on the most intimate details to make sure that you deal with it head on and break down that self-imposed barrier we put on ourselves that prevent us from being the men we’re supposed to be.

If you choose Brian as your instructor, I suggest that you don’t hold back at all and leave all your cards on the table. Brian is a living example of how men should be, and it’s not about being the biggest, baddest dude in the bar who can pick a fight with anybody, because you can be that person but can’t talk to a woman to save his life. It’s about being man enough to respond to any situation, such as knowing what to do when someone throws a jab at you or when a woman tries to belittle you to make herself look good in front of her friends (or rejects your advances to get her number) and moving past those obstacles the way a real man would.

Even today I still think about how much Brian has impacted my life. I don’t regret the amount of money I spent on the plane tickets and the cost of the bootcamp at all. The lessons I learned during that weekend is priceless. You can read as many dating advice books as you want, but until you see someone living the dream, then you will never truly learn how to live it on your own. When you decide to meet Brian in person or speak to him on the phone, you will see what I mean. He’s got that sort of “presence” about him, and what’s what I admire the most, since that’s what he lives for and most people are too concerned about how they’re going to be happy in the future when they can be happy now. It’s really all up to you to decide how to get there, and Brian will surely be there to show you the way.”


Eric C.

I am a 52 yo divorced psychiatrist.  I learned about the pick-up community about a year ago and began reading books, and even subscribed to an on-line course on improving my skills.  These efforts led me to Brian, who I then contacted to discuss the boot camp he runs.  After exchanging a few emails, he called me back and asked me quite a few questions- what were my sticking points, what do I hope to gain from the course, what are the obstacles I see.  For me, the major sticking point was fear of approach.  I was not just afraid of rejection, I was SURE of it.  I had been rejected so many times that I eventually stopped approaching completely.  Then I stopped going out.  I also live in a small town with limited places to go out, and even more limited available women.  My aim was to start dating again and I had nearly given up.  For the last year before the course, my social life consisted of watching movies and hanging out with a few married couples and females with whom I had platonic relationships.

I met up with Brian at my hotel in mid-town Manhattan.  We spent about 4 hours on Friday night going over his program basics, then went out that night to try out my new skills.  The next day, 4 more hours of instruction and 4 more hours of field work.  I couldn’t stay Sunday for the day-game due to my schedule but we plan to do a make-up.

Once I got back, I was worried that I would forget what he had taught me, or just be too afraid to use it.  I decided to make at least one approach a week.  I went out the thursday after I came home to a bar I never had visited and made some conversation at the bar- I had to consciously use the IPA*CE technique.  I saw someone I was interested in and approached making brief eye contact then walked toward her at a 45 degree angle while she was picking out songs.  I chose as a topic that she had been at the jukebox for a while and must be having trouble picking out music, then asked her what type of music she liked (Curiosity).  I told her I liked Metal, her favorite, too, and mentioned Ozzy and a few other bands I liked (Expression).  She had red hair and even though she was about 40, I told her she was the most elegant woman I had seen all night- she blushed and thanked me ((appreciation)  She told me how she had moved to Florida and lived in a town I had lived in, which I mentioned (curiosity, expression), but the relationship she was chasing ended very quickly and she was stuck there. I teased her good-heartedly about this (appreciation potential) and she laughted back.

Since then, which was 3 weeks ago, I have far exceeded my goal to make an approach a week.  I approached 3 at a party yesterday and got a phone number and a tentative date to play pool this weekend from one.  I am still working on expressing Protection but I know at least girls feel safe with me- that will come.  More later-


Andy S.

I had really high expectations going in but my expectations were of a man that wasn’t good with women.  It’s like the movie the Matrix.  I took the red pill and saw the world differently.
how did training match your expectations?

Far surpassed expectations.  I would have paid double.  Brian doesn’t just help you with women this is more like therapy.  It has been used in all aspects of my life.
where are you at now, compared to where you were?

I am a completely different person.  I have approached and succeeded with women I would never have been confident in approaching before Brian’s training.  Any environment and any time I have gotten numbers set up dates and even had one night stands.  Before I was filled with self doubt and let other men take women away from me.  I was really depressed and thought I would never get laid or be happy again.

You are making a lifetime investment with this training take it from me.  Sincerely, Andy





Mark F.
Just wanted to take a minute to let you know how my weekend bootcamp experience with Brian Burke (weekend of 10 June 2010). I must say it was well worth the money. I came into this not knowing exactly what to expect. I was not very good with women at all. Sure I would have women checking me out as I walk by on the street or while I was dancing at a club or at my local bar, but that was about the extent of it. I was too shy to approach them. Occasionally I would get lucky and hook up with a girl or two, but I was just sooo frustrated with the whole process and I was not getting the results I desired.

So, when I received the email invitation from Brian Burke for his weekend bootcamp event, I jumped on it because I was no longer willing to settle for less than I deserved. Going into the training, my expectations were to learn how to effectively approach women, to hopefully get rid of any mental perspectives that were holding me back and get some real world practice in with Brian being there to coach me through it all.

So how did the weekend go?  Well, I would say it exceeded my expectations. Sure there were moments where I was uncomfortable, but that was only because Brian was trying to stretch me outside of my comfort zone and that is a good thing. Brian was very thorough and always seeking to meet my needs and making sure I am getting everything I wanted out of the experience. He helped me remove several mental blocks I had toward approaching women and he did an excellent job of explaining the strategies and techniques we would be using in the field. He answered all of my questions and when we went out to the clubs/bars, he gave me valuable feedback on the things I was doing wrong, as well as, on what I was doing right.

Brian took me to several clubs/bars each night and at no time did I feel like I was abandoned. He gave me assignments to do like, go approach at least three girls using what I taught you today and then come back and report to me what happened. He was always there to coach me, but he never interfered or took control. He was there to push me when I started to shutdown, observe what kind of results I was getting and coach me through my weak moments and that is exactly what I was looking for.  If I had to make the decision over again, I would definitely take his bootcamp again.

This bootcamp has literally changed my life. Before going through the training, I found it difficult if not impossible to approach women. I saw it as an obstacle and was frozen in fear. Now I am a different person. I realized there is no obstacle and women are not that scary once you understand them and how they think. I can approach a woman on the street or at the bar and feel comfortable talking to her and telling her that she looks beautiful. She might reject me, but so what, that just means she was not right one for me and then it’s on to the next. It only takes one success to make it worthwhile and rejection is part of the game. Brian helped condition my mind to accept this and the field work reinforced that. And that doesn’t meant the training changed who I am as a person. I am still have my awesome personality and character traits that I had before I went to the training, it’s just that now I know what to focus on with regards to women. I know what to do, how to do it and when and it’s sooo refreshing.

So, in summary, I would highly recommend Brian’s coaching/training. Give it a shot, it will totally change your life.

Yes, there were several times when I had, as you said, an ah ha moment.  As I said before I was very inexperienced with women. If I can do it, then you can do it because I am not a super good looking guy and approaching women had always been a problem for me in the past. The main ah ha moments for me were when he would be explaining the psychology of a woman to me about how they behave in different instances. While he was going through these things I was thinking back to negative experiences I had in the past and was finally able to understand why things went sour. (eg. what things I was doing wrong and how she interpreted those thoughts actions I was taking in the past).

As far as the mental road blocks, for me, the big one was the fear of rejection. I also had this feeling of not belonging in certain environments. As far as fear goes, no one can completely rid themselves of fear. We will always instances where one will have the butterflies in their stomach or experience some sensation of fear when approaching a woman. (Particularly the 9s and 10s)  That’s just life, but by going through Brian’s bootcamp drills, I was able to learn why rejection is NOT a bad thing and why it can actually be a GOOD thing for you. The fieldwork, going to clubs/bars, was also instrumental in helping me remove this mental block. When you are approaching women live in a bar, you are in essence conditioning yourself to basically be unaffected by any rejection that might be experienced. I must say, my first rejection at the bar felt horrible to me, but as I approached more and more women, I noticed it’s not as bad as the monster I was making it out to be in my mind. The same goes for the feeling of not belonging. Brian explained to me why I should never feel that way and stressed the importance of feeling comfortable in ANY environment. The fieldwork, going to clubs/bars, also significantly helped me and eliminated the road block.

And, yes, I can pick up women now. I was a slow starter, but toward the end of the weekend, things were starting to fall in place. I am now able to not only approach a woman, but also get into a meaningful conversation and keep her interest. I practiced using some of the things he taught me on the flight home this past Monday and was able to get one of the flight attendant’s phone number. She called me last night and we talked for about an hour and we are going out this weekend when she gets back in town. I have spoken with several women since getting back and all have responded positively. Again, I highly recommend giving it a try, but remember, you have to take responsibility for your results too. Brian can teach you everything he knows and take you out to on the town, but if you don’t take action and apply what he has taught you then you’re not going to get the results you so desire. I will be honest, at times it scared the crap out of me because I was so far beyond my comfort zone, but I kept pushing forward. The rewards are definitely worth any trials you might experience along the way.