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–How To Be Funny By Relating

Pace can make you the funny guy in the room. And people will laugh for different reasons. People laugh when you tease them. When a girl says something silly and you call her on it, she’ll laugh at herself. That let’s her know that you’re the kind of guy who can make her laugh. The…

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–What You Fear, You Face

I’m of the opinion that human life is all about fear. That’s why we’re here. Everything you do, everything you experience comes from a fear you have. Human life is defined by fear, and the challenge is to figure out how not to be controlled by it. So whatever it is you’re fearing, whatever idea…

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Women communicate in messages.   They communicate nonverbally much more than men dol. So, when you say something to a woman, she is listening to what you’re saying but she’s really paying attention to why you’re saying what you’re saying.   The why is the message.   This is really easy to understand if you…

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–She Needs To Help You

She is wired to play a supportive role in relationships because that is her best-bet at survival. That is the best survival strategy, keeping a man. What will keep her in your life? Why will you keep seeing her? Why will you develop not just a sexual relationship, but a friendship with this woman because…

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–She Wants Your Best Self

Every guy has his own unique personality and style. Women are wired to respond more to a full and unique experience with a man, rather than a calculated one. The one thing that women tell me all the time is that I’m not like any guy they’ve met before. I started to wonder what it…

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–Approaching (Part II)

The key to successfully approaching a woman is sending a message of love, showing appreciation and gratitude for, if nothing else, her femininity. Basically just thanking a girl for brightening up your day. A woman’s beauty is a good enough reason to talk to her. In fact it’s the BEST reason, a perfect reason. It’s…

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–Approaching with Warmth

Think about the girls that you really, really want. The kind of girls that you would really love to sleep with. You want to approach them without allowing yourself to get a phone number. Approach them with the idea that you’re going to just walk away after you say your thing. Give them as much…

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–Into The Thick Of It

Imagine going on a trek through an expansive, wild forest with a bunch of trails in it. the sort that even Army Rangers have to train for. You’ve never been there before or maybe it’s your first time hiking. You’re going to need a guide, right?   The nature center provides you a guide.  …

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–Get Women By Being Yourself

Overview: Behavior becomes attractive without technique or conscious effort. Naturally makes your behavior attractive – women are turned on as a byproduct – just like her tits turn men on as a byproduct of them just being there ***6 Guys I grew up with. Now it’s me, “what’s he got? “ now my friends say…

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–It’s A Numbers Game

I went out the other night. It wasn’t the greatest night, because I kept feeling like I had no mojo. So I was approaching girls but there was no passion, no real strong direction, but there was no fear either. I ended up talking to some women, got a couple numbers. I don’t know if…

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