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I think of growth in terms of subtraction. Getting rid of layers. Getting rid of extra thoughts and extra stuff in your life. So growth kind of gives you the idea that you’re moving up and out and forward. But at the same time, you also want to think about subtracting stuff that doesn’t need…

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–Who To Trust?

A very common thing you will hear from women is that they’ve been hurt by someone in the past. What you want to do in this situation is flip it. Who cares whether you trust me – the question is, do I trust you?   So, I’ll say, “Yeah, well, trust isn’t earned overnight. I’ve…

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–Beat the System

(I:PA*CE promotes awareness, encourages authentic expression) ( I was missing opps, girls would laugh then look at me like wtf, or eye code their friends, then get bored while I was chatting away. SHE WANTS TO INS! Stealing girls from Mystery Method guys in SD, SF, and London. Girls saying “stop trying so hard, don’t…

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For people who have trouble procrastinating and people who are afraid of rejection, they’re going to end up spending a lot of time trying to read and understand everything before just going out and doing it because they don’t want to be seen as stupid or wrong. Procrastination is all about trying to get it…

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Women are very flexible and pliable in terms of their personalities. That’s not to say that a woman doesn’t have a real personality. We all have different sides of ourselves, and women are able to shift gears a lot more easily than guys are. If you’ve ever been with a woman who is in a…

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–The Three Aspects of Awareness (How fear can fuck you up)

“Embrace” is a woman’s sexual nature—like “thrust” is yours—and “brace” is the counterpart to embrace. Explaining Embrace is like is like trying to explain what makes a man. You could talk for days on end, but what you’re really doing is trying to use words to explain an experience. A good way to think about…

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–ME Conversation

I:PA*CE Leads to an intuitive sense of each unique woman (ME Questions & Statements) E. stands for mental experience.   You want to ask mental experience questions. She says she’s a nurse, you ask her what it’s like being a nurse. It’s really that simple. These kinds of questions generate huge, in depth answers where…

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–Meaningful Love-making

I:PA*CE Creates Meaningful Love-making (Blowjob escalation, how to make her love your cock)   The most powerful thing that I teach is creating meaning – it’s what makes sex, not just pleasurable, but worthwhile to a woman. She needs more than just a physical sensation. she wants to be engaged mentally and emotionally. A very…

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–Be Your Own Man

We’re talking about purpose and what purpose really means and how you want to align or streamline the man you want to be and fit women into that so it’s all aligned. For a lot of guys, they have their job, they have their hobbies, they have their friends and then there’s girls. And the…

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–How To Understand A Woman

Actively listening makes you so attractive to a women. As she talks, she invests in you. You become bigger in her mind. More trustworthy. She has to justify all this effort she’s making by telling herself this guy is great. This is a cool guy. He is confident, and he is interested in me. All…

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