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Quick Chemistry

Allows for the grail – chemistry – makes you have chemistry with anyone. **9. You are your best (ie real) self, and you can draw out their best (REALEST) too. You’re not going to have great chemistry with everyone you meet. You have chemistry with everyone, but sometimes that chemistry is good and sometimes it’s…

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Keep Pushing (Bad Days Are Good)

If you want to be successful at something – you just have to keep going. Even if you have a bad day. Paul “The Truth” Pierce is a clutch player. He’s an amazing jumper. He can score from anywhere on the court. Doc Rivers calls him a professional scorer. He has an awful game against…

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Sexual Options

It’s really attractive when picking up a woman for her to realize that you have other women you could be dating. That proves you. That makes you look like an attractive guy because other women like you. It’s very easy to talk about this. Just tell them you were hanging out with your friend Christine…

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Get To Know Her

(I:PA*CE accelerates intimacy) Rapidly develops deep understanding of women, and each individual woman so you know her inside and out. **9. Imagine someone using the “one size fits all” approach with you. You probably wouldn’t like it. You wouldn’t feel like that person cared about you, understood you, or had your best interests in mind.…

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Approach Control

There’s a lot that’s just not under your control. Sometimes the girl stops, sometimes she doesn’t. This is something you need to become comfortable with. The fact that she might not stop. Anything that makes you feel more comfortable or helps you feel more relaxed is good. Primarily because it’s gonna give you more situational…

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Money, Money, Money

[Don’t Worry, Be Happy]   A lot of guys spend their lives chasing status and wealth just to get hot girls. But women don’t need guys to be rich.   This is why I always talk about my values, and what I like about my job, and what my goals are, because that conveys that…

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Prize Position

(She wants sex, not through deception, through trust) Keeps you in the prize position. *10 (persist through her anxiety – her fear is not a pedestal) You want to be in the prize position. You want to appear as a sexual prize. Of course, she’ a prize too. You’re both gifts to each other. Being…

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Go For Your Goals

You definitely want to be goal oriented. You know, all this nonsense you hear about pickup and being good with women, just have fun. “Go out and have fun and you’ll get laid.” Bullshit. I get more done when I’m focused. It’s good to have a goal. It’s good to go up to a women…

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The Gift Mentality

When you approach women, you are offering yourself. You are not trying to get sex from her. You are offering a gift to her.   You don’t give it all away at first. You give it in increments to reward her for her efforts. The problem with this is that most guys don’t believe that…

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Don’t Deceive Her

(Be a leader, show her what you want, stimulate RSA) Prevents napp (what all guys do), deception – the one wrong thing men do with hot women and it’s the worst thing. *10 Men run into trouble particularly when talking to really hot women. Remember we’re always talking about the woman you really want. There’s…

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