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–Automatically Self-Perpetuating Clarity of Vision

Pace is how to make people like you. Pace sidesteps the need for beliefs. Pace teachesallows you how to think, rather than how to act. Pace is how a person who likes themselves thinks. I’m basically taking the frame of mind of a confident guy and giving it to you. I’m adapting the lens that…

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–Reframe with Practice

Learning is how you reframe. There’s been women I’ve met that I’ve felt were in the 99 percentile of attractiveness. They also had it together; really cool personalities and they had fun lives that were guided by their passion. They were doing something with their life they were really passionate about. Whether they’re successful or…

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–The Pedestal Mentality

It all starts in your mind.   The Pedestal Mentality is an insidious and destructive poison that we are exposed to non stop. Its subtle yet all-pervasive nature makes it all the more dangerous.   We’re constantly being exposed to it. Not only in the media but among our peers, friends and families. It’s everywhere.…

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red lipstick mark

— Adapt and Evolve [Troubleshoot yourself]

Pace is a troubleshooting system. It essentially gives you the tools to troubleshoot yourself when interacting with women. It’s like a diagnostic tool. If you do something that elicits a weird or negative reaction from the girl, you can immediately look back on what you said and understand why. There’s power in having the ability…

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— Being Good Enough

I think the fundamental dissonance is the idea that somehow you’re wrong compared to the standard of who you’re supposed to be. That who you are right now is different from that ideal, and that’s bad. It’s this idea that you’re not good enough. Let’s look at a couple of things. On the surface these…

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— Personal Paradigm Shift

As men who are training to get elite-level results with women and “go beyond dating”, we must make a personal paradigm shift.   We need to be aware of, and enact the opposite of the traditional dating dynamic.   The traditional script is basically composed of four or five acts.   Act One: You see…

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When to make a move

When To Make A Move On a Girl

Often guys try to escalate too fast, or too slow, because they don’t know when to make a move on a girl. This can manifest verbally, physically, or both. If you are horny, you may get too touchy, too early. If you are afraid of losing the woman’s interest, you may try to impress her,…

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–Infinite variation and contextual adaptation

Is undetectable – infinite variation and contextual adaptation. ** 8 DONT HAVE TO HIDE WHAT YOU ARE LEARNING = 10 , “glass ceiling” It’s undetectable. A lot of times, when guys read lines or routines or seduction stuff (the pickup artist stuff). A big concern is that maybe this woman has heard this before. Some…

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–Thinking About Sex (Getting her to think about having sex with you)

It’s important to get really clear about who you are and what you want out of sex. You need to express that, but couple it with the ability to let go. You do this in conversation in your initial interactions by stating what you’re about and being clear on the kind of man you are.…

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–What You Fear, You Face

You want be a better friend, lover, son, father, colleague. A friend of mine, her mom once said to me, “What you fear, you face.” Whatever you’re worried about, whatever you fear, is going to continuously emerge and be placed in front of you. It’s a mental thing. What you fear is what you’re going…

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