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–Thinking About Sex (Getting her to think about having sex with you)

It’s important to get really clear about who you are and what you want out of sex. You need to express that, but couple it with the ability to let go. You do this in conversation in your initial interactions by stating what you’re about and being clear on the kind of man you are.…

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–Is She The Girl For You?

(First impressions and commitment) You really have to ask yourself how serious of a relationship, or what kind of relationship you want. I’ve had every kind of a relationship with women. Girls who were just friends, girls who I would make out with occasionally, girls who I would hook up with and have sex. Genuine…

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–First Impressions

I think of compliance as short-term-shaping. You’re always getting compliance, but at some point you don’t really have to ask for it or try to get it – the woman tries to get it anyway. If you think of the kind of interaction you want to have, you also have to ask yourself if you…

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–Self-Control, Dominance & Authority

I’m going to get pretty deep into some things you might not have considered about SCubed and Compliance Reversal or Reverse Supplication Game (as some people know it). I’m going to talk about self-control and how it relates to each aspect of SCubed; Vision, Compliance, Shaping, and Sexual Tension. Keep in mind the order in…

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–Approach Because You’re A Man

Start identifying yourself as a man who approaches women who he doesn’t know because you’re attracted to them. Write that down and say that to yourself a lot. I’m just a guy that approaches women that I’m attracted to. The more comfortable you get with that, the easier it becomes. They sense that and you…

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–Pressure and Regret

Getting really down on yourself about every women that you didn’t approach will only hinder you. I’ve experienced this personally. I’ve always had a problem with regret thoughts. It makes you feel like you have negative momentum and it makes you think Oh, I didn’t approach that girl so the whole day’s fucked. Instead of…

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–Sensual Touch

Let’s say a woman makes a little joke about you. Instead of trying to be witty, or trying to come up with some clever answer – wrap your arms around her and pick her up and squeeze her and shake her. Get her up off her feet and shake her, and it will be like…

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–Be an Artist

(I:PA*CE cultivates creativity) Cultivates creativity – necessary in social situations, and the hallmark of elite operation. *8 – Drills teaching guys to copy me, theyd encounter situations unprepared – teaching tech vs. way of thinking (college – educated resonance) – fundamentals – give a man a fish vs. teach him to fish I:PA*CE forces your…

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–Approach Thinking About You

Any thought of what she thinks of you is just not good. You should be thinking about what you think of her. This is why you just cannot see a woman and immediately start looking for reasons why you shouldn’t approach her, why it won’t work out or why she might not like you. As…

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–Sexual Conversation

Conversation and touch are the two most important factors when maneuvering into a sexual realm when talking to a woman.   Just think about physical education.   It’s easy to remember because, especially for guys from the United States who had gym class. If you remember, it was called Physical Education, and that’s pretty much…

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