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Sexual Fantasies Explained

Women don’t typically think about random fantasies with random people. If a man sees an attractive girl walking by a lot of times later he’s at work thinking about her, and he gets turned on. He doesn’t even know this girl, has never talked to her, but he’s still turned on by her. Women think…

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Building Sexual Tension

“How can I make you come?” If I’m out and I want a girl to come meet up with me, or if I’m sitting at a bar and it’s happy hour, I’m having a burger and beer or something, I have a handful of girls I could call to join me. I’ll send them all…

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Protection garners respect

Be Aware and Protect Her (Protection garners respect) Keeps you aware of the situation – adapt/creative, speed. – My awareness is most important – skills for convo, plus beliefs, the rest is all logistics and social dynamics One part of I:PA*CE is protection. Respect for a man triggers arousal in women That’s why the prize…

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Off the chain

Women Aren’t Your Enemies

At work you could meet a guy who wants your job or wants to get the promotion you’re going for and so you’re in competition with him. Or maybe a guy who doesn’t like you or wants to assert his status over you. With women there’s no competition, there’s only potential connection. That’s my attitude…

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Thinking Too Much

(PEDESTAL MENTALITY/BAD MESSAGING) For you to change your lifestyle, you need to change how you think. The best way to do this is with introspection. Thinking about who you are. You can achieve this by making adjustments in your behavior that become strong habits, and developing an overall framework within which you work. A bunch…

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Feedback changes your beliefs

A big thing that I’ve done is remind myself of experiences that support the new belief I want. So I’ll remember them by writing them down. I made a list of every single good thing women had said to me about sex. Everything from, “I love your cock.” To “We have awesome sex.” It was…

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Screening for a Partner

Let’s think about what you’d want in a life partner and how to find her. Obviously you’d want a woman that turns you on. You want someone that you can have fun with, someone that you actually enjoy talking to, and you may want to be thinking about what kind of mom she’ll be. So…

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Women Shaping Men

There’s this myth with guys that when a woman shapes you, they try to give you approval that you should not respond to. They think you should act like it’s no big deal. This is only half true. If she’s trying to shape you to be something that you don’t really think you are, or…

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I:PA*CE is confidence

Creates new beliefs and cognitive and behavioral habits simultaneously – no lag, no incongruence leading to negative feedback. * if backed up -10 – my challenge – new techs without beliefs, then beliefs, with old player habits I:PA*CE isn’t just vague advice on confidence. I:PA*CE is how to be confident. Thinking of I:PA*CE will naturally…

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Fear Limits Awareness

Think about where you’re weak. Think about what you’re not doing. Your values define you, but so does your fear. Your fear corrals you. Think about a herd of cows. They get corralled very easily. They’re not aware, they’re told where to go and they just do it coz they’re big dumb animals. Well, in…

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