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VIDEO: How To Be A ‘Bad Boy’

Women always say they like ‘bad boys.’  But what exactly does this mean? In this video, I give you ‘XXX-Rated’ bad boy secrets that will make you the kind of guy she fantasizes about every night…


These techniques are SUPER EASY – but without them, she’ll always turn to OTHER guys for sex…EVEN IF you have more money and are more handsome…


So, if she flakes on you, you can’t get a second date, or you wanna make sex with YOU something she’ll never forget, then you can’t miss this!


Here’s what you’ll learn:


  • There’s one mistake that you’re probably making right now, that turns her off FAST, but I have a ‘quick-fix’ that will get her begging for your man-bone in minutes!


  • Why it’s OK if a woman calls you a “jerk” (and no, this doesn’t mean you’re actually a jerk).  Do this right,  and she’ll crave you like a drug that she just CAN’T get enough of (you don’t even need to ‘be sexy’ or have a ‘big d’ick.’ )


  • Women HATE when guys do this ONE THING… and no matter what you say, or what you buy her, or where you take her for a date, or how flashy your apartment or car is, she’ll ALWAYS fantasize about other guys, and she will NEVER feel satisfied sexually with you….unless you use my ‘easy fix’ that makes you the most dominant, confident, and sexiest guy she’s ever been with and best f’uck shes ever had! (she’ll be addicted to you for life.)


  • How are you supposed to react if a woman likes you?  And how about if she DOESN’T like you? The answer to this question is KEY to keeping your confidence up ALL THE TIME, so you NEVER sink into sadness.  Even if she doesn’t like you, you’ll never have to rely on her, or anyone else for happiness, you’ll be a ‘happiness machine’


  • How to use faith to have an incredible, worry-free lifestyle, the kind of lifestyle that attracts women by giving you an ‘aura’ of confidence and a ‘winning attitude’ – melting away all stress and fear so you’ll NEVER hold back on what you want to say and what you want to do.

Turning women on is EASY, as long as you know how to lead them sexually.  My step-by-step guide will get you there QUICK, turning you into the kind of sexual leader that beautiful women CRAVE.  Don’t miss out on your ‘bad boy’ lifestyle,  CLICK HERE!

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The Trick To Make Any Girl ‘Come Back’ To You For Sex

If you like seeing girls casually, or you WANT to see girls casually, then you’re gonna LOVE this (you need these basic principles or else you’ll FAIL miserably at being a ‘player.’)


When you sleep with a woman, she might start ‘seeing’ another guy – even bringing him to a party, knowing full-well you’ll be there!  What should you say? The awkward feelings can be debilitating. …And what if you wanna sleep with her again?


You’ll NEVER have to worry about this happening to you after you watch this vid, I go into all the details as to why women do this, and EXACTLY how you can ‘keep your cool.’  Sometimes women are just trying to make you jealous, but I give you some tools to figure out what the hell is really going on in her head.


Here’s what you’ll discover:


  • If she shows up with another guy, should you ‘be confident’?  …or ‘act cool?’ Most guys don’t know what to do or just freak out.  Use my easy-to-implement ‘mindhack’ so that you never have to worry about her seeing other guys (it saves you the pain, frustration, and mental energy that you would use trying to ‘figure it all’ out on your own.)


  • There’s no reason why you can’t ‘steal her’ back from the other guy so you can enjoy the sex all over again, and I give you a simple trick on EXACTLY how to do that (this makes the ‘other guy’ look needy, and makes YOU look like ‘the man’ who’s in control.)


  • What does it mean if she doesn’t text you back after sex?  I give you the ‘down and dirty’ secret on WHY you don’t have to worry about her seeing other guys.  Do this instead, or else she’ll think you’re bad in bed (and best of all, it prevents you from looking ‘needy’ and puts her at ease so that sex is more likely to happen again!  Don’t text her until you see this!)

How much time have you spent wondering, ‘Does she like me?’  I have a simple tool that gives you the answer! Never get ‘left out in the cold’ wondering if she likes you, use this instead so you can see when she’s having ‘sexy thoughts’ about you!

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VIDEO: The Secret to ‘Connecting’ with Hot Girls

TV and movies have ‘plagued’ men’s minds with the idea that you need money and status to get the hottest women.


But this can’t be farther from the truth.


My students and I are LIVING PROOF that you don’t need money or status to get women…


But too many guys fall victim to buying sh*t for hot girls, wasting their money and destroying their self-respect on dates and gifts – in order to get sex!  Women can see right through this and they know EXACTLY what you’re thinking…which is why it NEVER leads to sex.


In this vid I give you the ‘cure’ to this mind-virus that’s been making so smart, well-educated men believe that the hottest women are gold-diggers out to ‘raid their wallets.’


Check this out:


  • Most guys EASILY cockblock THEMSELVES from laying the hottest women (and these women are usually the horniest!)  I have a simple ‘mindhack’ that opens them up and makes them wanna mount you IMMEDIATELY – no memorization necessary!


  • Did you know there’s a way to connect with women that all the other guys NEVER do – and women CRAVE it, hoping that each guy they meet ‘knows’ about it (if you’re just trying to ‘connect’ with women, then you’re boring their pussies dry.)


  • The secret to avoiding the ‘Gold Digger Zone’ (if you’re sick of paying for fancy dates and always getting caught buying women expensive sh*t, then you NEED to see this!)


  • Has a woman ever played ‘games’ on you, flaked on a date, or ghosted you?  The reason why women do this will SHOCK the sh*t out of you – and I give you the solution to debilitating problem (it takes less than 5 minutes to fix!) so that you NEVER have to worry about girls flaking EVER AGAIN.


  • Can you buy her a drink and STILL get laid?   Of course…but you need to do this ONE THING first…


  • A common mistake guys make when sitting at the bar that turns women off FAST (and makes them think you’re manipulative, bad in bed… and it also turns YOU into an INSTANT sugar daddy in their eyes, which means no sex for you!)


  • It doesn’t matter how big or how small your man-bone is, as long as you use this ONE ‘mind-trick’ …she’ll LOVE your c*ck no matter WHAT size you are (plus, this will BOOST your confidence).


Don’t get left out on all the great sex you COULD BE having… for more intel and tactics on getting laid fast, check this out.

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VIDEO: How to Stop Being Needy and Get the Girls You REALLY Want

As a man, you can be your own ‘worst enemy’ when it comes to chasing your dreams… and the WOMEN of your dreams…


It all comes down to what you ‘need’ and what you ‘want.’  Knowing the difference is CRUCIAL for making all your dreams and deepest desires come true…


Thoughts can easily ‘plague’ your mind with sadness, desperation, frustration, and depression…


But the key to ‘snapping out’ of it is WAY easier than you think…


In this breakthrough vid, I show you how to ‘annihilate’ negative thoughts with a SIMPLE TWEAK that sets you up for INSTANT SUCCESS – and BOOSTS your happiness, motivation, morale, confidence, enthusiasm, drive, and willpower – for anything you want!


Let’s go!


Here’s what you’ll discover:


  • The 3 Words that ‘disease’ your mind with disappointment, desperation, impatience, and REPEL hot women… and what to do instead to ERASE these thoughts – for good!


  • How to flip ‘failure’ on its head, and make it a ‘springboard’ to accelerate you toward your goals and dreams.


  • Does rushing actually help you get what you want faster, and sleep with women quicker?  Take this ‘shortcut’ that makes chasing your aspirations painless, and takes down a woman’s defenses – so you can sleep with her SUPER FAST (I mean like, skip-the-first-date fast!  No ‘rushing’ required.)


  • I need more money… I need girls to like me…  Do this ONE THING to get needy thoughts out of your head – and replace them with a ‘worry-proof’ mindset.


  • The secret to getting what you want and being PSYCHED about it – be it an entrepreneurship, a business, a new lifestyle, etc, you need to know the difference between ‘wanting’ and ‘needing’ – or else you’ll always feel like a COMPLETE FAILURE who ‘isn’t good enough’ (and worst of all, women will slam the breaks anytime you try to make a move.)


Stop struggling to get the things you REALLY want, and the women you REALLY wanna bend over and smash with complete abandon like a rookie pornstar…


YOU have the power to get what you want – without worry, regret, or fear…


Activate your ‘bullet-proof ambition’ here.

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VIDEO: How to Sleep with Lots of Women (No Strings Attached!)

Ever wonder if you’re giving her too much – or too little – attention?


You wanna keep seeing her and sleeping with her, but you could be making ‘the wrong move’ when it comes to how much time you’re devoting to her.


Finding the right balance is CRUCIAL for maintaining your health, happiness, and SEXUAL SATISFACTION.


In this vid, I show you the TRUTH behind sexual barriers and how you can use them to sleep with LOTS of girls – with NO GUILT.  I also explain why you NEED these barriers in order to keep things fun, passionate, and exciting – in and out of the bedroom – for YOU and HER.


Here’s what you’ll discover:


  • Worried that she’s not always there when you need her?  Does she take too long to text you back? I reveal WHY you NEED this (to stay focused, driven, and sexually satisfied)!


  • How much attention SHOULD you give a girl after you sleep with her?  Don’t text or talk to any girl until you hear this (or else you might LOSE HER sexual attention, FOREVER.)


  • When she gives you too much attention, she might wanna be your girlfriend…  But what if that’s not what YOU really want? Say this one sentence, and she’ll give you more ‘space’ so that you can keep sleeping with other girls – without breaking her heart… while keeping her coming back to your bedroom – anytime you want!


  • Ask her this ONE QUESTION and get ‘guaranteed sex’ with NO COMMITMENT.  


  • What you NEED to say when she asks you ‘What are your intentions?’  This gets you out of the ‘Boyfriend Zone’ (which often leads to little or no sex) and into the ‘Sex With Her All The Time And Any Other Girls You Want Zone.’


  • The big myth that makes her wanna sleep with ANY GUY BUT YOU – and makes you feel like you’re shackled in prison just ‘being’ with her.


Women will only sleep with a CERTAIN TYPE of guy…


Did you know that with only a few SMALL TWEAKS, every girl will be giving you ‘the look’?  Sexual Spark is SO powerful that she might just take you back to HER place!


If you wanna be THAT GUY, then you need to check this out!

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VIDEO: How to Build Momentum and Motivation To Meet Women

Did you know there’s a way to be a Chick Magnet’ – all with NO confidence, cologne, or car?


It’s something that’s within you…


And you can EASILY unlock it.


You’ll be shocked when you see how many sexy women start chasing YOU – just from this one small tweak.  And it automatically puts you on ‘the path to success’ in your entrepreneurial endeavors and your career – bypassing years of confusion, stress, and regret.


Here’s what you’ll discover:


  • What’s the TOUGHEST challenge you face as a man?  And why you NEED to overcome it in order to meet and attract women.


  • Watch out for these Red Flags when your ‘path in life’ hits a standstill… and I provide life-changing solutions that’ll help you ‘rise from the ashes’ and go after what you REALLY want!


  • Girls LOVE it when you think they’re beautiful… but there’s ONE THING you need to focus on that turns her on more than even the biggest p0rn c*ck out there…


If you wanna ACCELERATE the process of finding your purpose, there’s no better place to learn than Sexual Supremacy – a comprehensive guide to molding your career and passions into one and permanently BOOSTING your ability to meet, connect, and sleep with women – while becoming the most confident, driven, and sexiest man you can be!


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VIDEO: The Friends With Benefits ‘Loophole’

What’s the secret to making ANY GIRL your ‘friend with benefits’? It’s actually SUPER EASY. But women and men are born in a world that promotes courtship among the sexes (i.e. men ‘owning’ women.)


And in this video, I explain EXACTLY how to break free of this cultural norm – and how to bring ANY WOMAN with you to sexual liberation (i.e. your bedroom) – yes, sex with girls you work with, classmates, friends, women that have already ‘friend-zoned’ you (which is really the ‘no sex zone’).


You’ll discover that sex isn’t about games and manipulation: it’s a natural evolution of you hanging out with a girl, bonding together through trust and authenticity, and….


  • The SECRET to ‘being confident.’
  • The THREE THINGS you need to know about a woman that makes her CRAZY ABOUT YOU (as if you’ve known her all her life).
  • What you SHOULD BE DOING when you ask for her number…the answer will ‘launch you’ way ahead of all the other guys because she’ll have no reason NOT to text you.


For more MIND-BLOWING techniques that trigger the ‘Let’s Have Sex’ buttons in the female mind, check out Sexual Supremacy.


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VIDEO: How to ‘Steal Her Heart’ in Under 7 Seconds

As guys, we’re less emotional than women, which is why connecting with them can be tough.  So much so that many women won’t open up to you emotionally…


Even if she’s your girlfriend or wife….


UNLESS you know what to say.


In this short video, I show you some quick, easy tactics to open her open so, and the best part about this is, she’ll become emotionally attached to you, so you don’t have to worry about her ‘opening about’ around another guy.  This works on your girlfriend, a girl you just met, your spouse, you name it.


Here’s what you’ll discover:


  • What’s more powerful than flirting – and getting her ‘hooked’ on you like a silly girl with a crush?  You’ll be SHOCKED when I tell you about this ‘dirty little’ conversation tactic.


  • The one mistake that RUINS relationships (this fatal error is easy to make… but also SUPER easy to avoid….and I’ve got JUST the remedy.)


  • Did you know there are 2 questions you need to ask EVERY GIRL… or else she’ll open up – physically and emotionally – to another guy?  Listen as I break down EXACTLY what you need to say to avoid the PAIN and ANGUISH of losing your woman.


For more tips, tricks, and conversation tactics that make meeting and connecting with women effortless, check out Sexual Supremacy.


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VIDEO: The 3 Male Roles Women Put Men In

In the last clip of this short Q&A I explain the 3 relationship roles a man can play in a woman’s life. You are always in one of these 3 roles.

If you do not know which role you are in, you will make a mistake, confuse the woman, and possibly disqualify yourself from her love life.

If you want to have a serious girlfriend YOU MUST UNDERSTAND THESE ROLES.

If you want a casual “friend with benefits” YOU MUST UNDERSTAND THESE ROLES.

If the woman wants you in the middle role, and you don’t realize it, you will come off too unavailable and distant OR too needy and serious.

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VIDEO: How Can I Get Her Addicted to Me?

I decided to dig into my archive and give you a nice little video I never released to the public. This is from a private mastermind training course for guys who studied Sexual Spark, and Sexual Supremacy. I opened the floor for Q&A.

The concepts in this video will be a total paradigm shift for how most men relate with women. Lots of splicing in this video to keep it moving and shorten runtime, so it’s a bit jumpy. Enjoy!

Key Points:
-Why a woman becomes addicted to your attention and presence
-How to elicit “proceptive behavior”
-Embrace vs. Thrus


Awhile back I recorded a WILD conversation with this super sexy woman I’m calling “Maria” (she has a normal office job, and a boyfriend, so I can’t use her real name). I picked her up in a bar and turned her into an Oral Addict on our first date. She reveals what I did and why it worked in this free recording:


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