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The Myth of Confidence – How To Build Powerful Beliefs

There’s a massive amount of BS regarding how to truly build s

elf-confidence. The biggest lie is that you need confidence to succeed with women (or anything). What you need is the right FOCALITIES,, so that you can start winning NOW.

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Sexual Conversation

Conversation and touch are the two most important factors when maneuvering into a sexual realm when talking to a woman.


Just think about physical education.


It’s easy to remember because, especially for guys from the United States who had gym class. If you remember, it was called Physical Education, and that’s pretty much what you’re doing with a woman when you’re talking about sex; you’re having physical education.


On the one hand, you can say PE stands for physical experience. You want to talk about what you like to do, and what you like to have done. When you’re talking to a woman, you want to get physical education from her. You are guiding her, telling her to educate you on her body.


You are getting her to educate you about her body:

  • Ask which parts of her body are most sensitive?
  • Ask her what her energy levels like when she’s horny.
  • Does she get really silly, does she get anxious or angry?
  • When she’s being intimate with someone, does she like to go slow, or does she really like it aggressive and rough?
  • Does she like to be dominated?
  • Does she like to be in control, or be controlled?
  • What kind of stuff does she wear to feel sexy?
  • What’s her favorite type of underwear?


Women have different kinds of underwear for different occasions. Sometimes I’ll look at the skirt she’s wearing, or jeans, and run my hand on her hip to feel her panties. This is, of course, in the middle of a conversation where we’re both feeling comfortable with each other. I’ll put my hand on her hip, and I’ll feel until she asks “What are you doing?” I’ll say, “I was looking for boy shorts. I really like boy shorts and I was picturing you in boy shorts. I want to know if you are wearing them.”


I’m talking about what I like, and I’m just asking her if she likes that or if she wears that.


Now, the tone or the energy you have here is very important. I’m not saying, “Are you wearing boy shorts? Because if you are, maybe we can get in a hotel or something like that.” It’s simply, “I like it, and I was just curious to see if you like it, or if you have those on.”


Another thing that you could talk about is what kind of sexual relationships she likes. I asked one girl what turns her on, and she told me “Intimacy. I really like just the feeling of intimacy, feeling really close to the person, feeling a connection with the person, like we are really sharing ourselves with each other.”


I had another girl who told me, “I like games.” And I was like, “What? What does that mean?” because that sounded bad to me.


She said, “I like to pretend like I’m a schoolgirl, or that you’re my dad and I’m in trouble, things like that,” and that’s what turns her on.


You can ask these kinds of questions, although, I wouldn’t ask her right off the bat. I have done that when I felt confident about it, and I felt like it would make sense, but it was too soon before.


It’s also good to talk about what parts of her are more sensitive. You can actually explore her body a little bit while you’re talking.


A woman’s whole body is sensitive and she has all kinds of little places. I remember this one girl, when I sucked on the inner part of her wrist, it would drive her crazy and she got super turned on. Another girl would wig out and just couldn’t take it when I kissed her between her shoulder blades. She was just really turned on.


Personally, I like to get kissed on my neck. I like it when a woman rubs on my chest, my back, and my stomach. It really relaxes me.


What really turns me on is direct contact. If a girl grabs my dick, I’ll get very excited. I don’t think I’m alone there.


But women are different–their skin is thinner, and has more nerve endings. They feel sex throughout their entire body. You can explore non-intimate parts of a woman’s body right there during the conversation. And get her really turned on!


The main point is that you are interested in becoming the master of her body.


If this girl is a part of your life, if you’re interested in seeing her more than once, you should become a master of her body.


First of all this will make her devoted to you, because no other guy does this. No other guy in the past has been this focused on her and on pleasuring her. She knows that it’s going to be a long time before she finds another guy like this. And even then, it takes time to do such a thing.


The best way to become good in giving a woman pleasure is to approach each woman as an individual, and explore them wholeheartedly. Be extremely curious about them, constantly, just trying to find your way of touching them and really taking note of things that they respond to.


Have a total focus on her body and what makes her feel good, and on treating her like a total individual. Don’t try to pull moves out of your bag of tricks that you’ve done with other girls. That’s not as effective as actually approaching her with an empty mind, with no expectations, like a student at his first day of class. That’s really powerful and it also says a lot about you. It’s such a loving, caring thing to do.


Men and women have a unique opportunity when they get together to experience pleasure that they can’t experience anywhere else. A woman can give me pleasure that I can’t get from playing video games, or eating food, or making money, or buying things, or hanging out with friends, or even jerking off. A woman can give me pleasure that I can’t get anywhere else, and same is true on her end.


We have a unique opportunity to really make each other feel good. What most guys do is they approach sex more like a notch on their belt. They want to fuck her and brag about it to their friends – or add a stroke to their tally on the mental chalk board.


There is no love in it. There’s no passion or love or genuine appreciation that a woman can sense from her man. If she senses that you really care about making her feel good, and you’re interested in her body as a unique individual being, that’s endearing and attractive – and she will return the favor tenfold. I guarantee that.


It all starts in conversation. When you are first talking to a woman, you start asking where she’s from. Ask how long she’s been here. Ask her what she thinks of it.


She tells you what she thinks and you ask if she has any time for fun. Sounds like her work takes a lot of her time.  She tells you that she likes to mess around on the computer or watch movies, or go out. Everything she’s told you so far is more mental hobbies. Sitting on the computer? You don’t really need your body for that – you’re just sitting.


Here’s where you can ask her what kind of stuff she does that’s physical.


You can tell her that’s cool, you like her hobbies. But actually, the first thing you noticed about her is how curvy she is.


You saw her dancing and the way she moved her body. Imply sexuality.


She might tell you that she works out and dances. You can even say that, as a guy, you don’t ever get the urge to dance. You don’t ever go out and think you have to dance tonight to let off steam. But ask her why she dances. Maybe she says she likes to dance because after a long week, it feels good.


Then you can ask if she’s really in touch with her body – is she very sensitive? Does she notice changes in her body?


Women experience emotions in their whole body. They experience changes in their lives and they feel it in their body.  So ask her that – does she experience a lot of emotions throughout her whole body?


Then start talking about her body, what her physical experiences are like.


Tell her about your body, that some parts are really sensitive, but other parts are just kind of functional. You have pretty tough skin, but you do really like it when a girl really scratches your chest or runs her fingernails over my back. Whatever really relaxes you and turns you on. Tell her that.


At this point, the woman will most likely mention that she loves backrubs. But everyone loves backrubs. Ask her what else she likes. How else does she like to be touched?


Now we’re getting into real sensual stuff.


She says she likes to be kissed on her neck, or gives other specifics.  And now you know certain places that are really sensitive.


It’s usually the soft, hidden spots on the woman’s body — the wrist, the back of the knee, the inner thigh, the clavicle – any place that’s vulnerable.


Ask her, has she ever been kissed behind her knees?


I have a thing for ankles. So I’ll ask a girl if she’s ever had a guy nibble her ankles, and she’ll say no. I’ll tell her that I love doing that. That’s the first thing I go for. I might say that I know it’s kind of weird, but I just want to see a girl’s ankle – I just want to grab them and kiss them and bite them. I think they’re so pretty.


And then I won’t say anything else. I’ll just let her take the conversation from there.


I’m not actually saying that I’d like to do it to her, that I want to bite her ankles. That would be pressure on her to actually agree to it. I don’t want to put pressure on her. I want her to make herself available out of her own free will.

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Social Success for Introverts: Think SUBTRACTION

The misconception about self-improvement is that it’s about acquiring skills and new ideas. That’s task improvement, or skill improvement. If you want to learn how to fix cars, sure, you need to learn new things. K51

“With women, my direction has been to become unhidden, to reduce the layers of my personality intended to hide my mind, heart, and cock from women.”

But there is no “improving” on your SELF. It’s simply a canvas or context for new experience. The meaning you give experiences can take on a life of it’s own, an identity of it’s own which distracts you, so that you forget your SELF. What’s needed to be happy, effective with other people (other SELVES), is to reduce the extras…the layers of identity you’ve acquired through assigning meaning to things you’ve done and gone through. Improving your graphic design skills, or your soccer skills is additive, and then reductive.

You add, chunk down, and discard.

The additive steps are actually gaining new insights into what you can eliminate. Chances are, you already know enough at this point. For example: you know that you should stop thinking about what others think about you, in other words, to be happier and more focused, you should reduce your concerns about approval. This is hard to do, because you’ve been conditioned to value approval from others. You have assigned meaning to something that happens, a phenomenon. So maybe you read some books and highlight some quotes which you print out and tape to your wall. Maybe you buy a journal to keep track of self-defeating phrases you use when talking to yourself. The books, the printouts, the journal are all additions, but their purpose is to chunk down, and eliminate, or REDUCE what you pay attention to.

With women, my direction has been to become unhidden, to reduce the layers of my personality intended to hide my mind, heart, and cock from women.

To ground all this to the subject of meeting and connecting with women, here’s a breakdown of how I operate when I go out… Keep in mind, although I enjoy going to a bar to watch the game, have some beers, and joke with my boys, I don’t consider a big room full of loud drunk people to be a good time. I’d rather sit at home and read.

So if I go out at night, it’s because I want to make a new lady-friend (or three). I’m quiet, relaxed, and don’t talk to many people.

I’ll usually joke around with random strangers, and on rare occasion I make new guy-friends. I usually approach one or two women a night.

When I see a woman I like, there’s no warm up. I shift my attention to the 5 Focalities (I:PA*CE).

I turn my focus from internal to external, channeling it in a way that elicits her and rewards her. This is what escalates intimacy. This requires my inner dialogue to be good. I joke with myself, encourage myself, intrigue myself, and I’m ruthlessly honest with myself. I’m already I:PA*CE-ing myself!

I walk up totally exposed, and try to find out who she is. My intent is strong, because it’s strong internally too. I’m always checking in with myself, “What am I up to?” This keeps me on-point.

Attraction and sexual-tension are like afterthoughts socks1 I don’t TRY to be attractive. I am what I am.

That’s what makes me attractive. I desire her. She desires to be desired.

I approach her. She wants a proactive man. So what I’m doing and how I’m feeling is my attractiveness.

That’s why you shouldn’t focus on ‘attraction.’ It’s the NOT focusing on attraction that turns women on. I give no mind to standing out from other guys. I am extremely different already. I give no thought to being sexual. I am sexual and if she turns me on I don’t hide this.

I don’t try to “MAKE” her want sex. If she’s human, she’s sexual. i don’t think about putting her in flux or screening. I already screen because I have abundance and I like myself more anyone else.

There is zero thought of hiding with defense or offense, in other words, there is no game. I don’t care if she likes me or not. My intention is not to get her approval. The idea is absurd. She’s a woman. She has no experience as a man, so she has no authority on how I should “be.”

Wanting women to like you means you are implicitly trying to get guidance from them on how you should act.

That’s like asking Mike Tyson about nuclear physics. My intention is to enjoy her – by making her squirm and squeal and moan and sigh and laugh, and even get frustrated and angry sometimes.

I enjoy affecting women. I’m showing off. I show off my mind, my heart, and especially my cock. That’s how I make love to a woman.

The words I say show off my mind. The way I move and hold her shows off my heart. The way I Thrust and throb shows off my cock.

I show off so she can be filled, overdosed, with the Brian Experience.

That’s how I fuck, and I’m always fucking, whether there’s a woman in front of me or not. As simple as all this sounds, it’s founded on a highly developed intuition.

I wasn’t born with social savvy. I suffered from extreme social anxiety well into my 20’s. But now my intuition about women and social situations is unmatched, because I’ve built a foundation of Awareness, Control, and Thrust (ACT).

I use the I:PA*CE Focality system to build ACT within you, my student. Instead of time, trial and error, frustration, etc, I give you an elegant and coherent system. The value of this system lies in it’s “neatness,” because that’s how you save time.

I:PA*CE guides your operation, and ACT organizes your experience. That’s how my students get really good, really fast.

I just finished a couple new videos to help you learn more about live coaching.

The first is more of a “promo” but offers a lot of insight (and cool music in the background).

Underneath is a link for the  video, which is over an hour of Ian and I discussing the live coaching program and offering a ton of tips and insights you can use right away.

You can find them on the new coaching page, here: To Your Success, Brian PS. If you’d like to talk to me directly about coaching, fill out the Contact Form at the bottom of the coaching page, with your specific questions, and I’ll get back to you in a timely fashion.

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San Diego Dating Coach For Men

HerreaFor almost 8 years, I’ve been giving men the skills to get the women they really want, simply, easily, quickly.

I cut my teeth in harsh cities like Chicago and New York City for years…and have recently moved to the beautiful city of San Diego. The weather, outdoor activities, chill vibe, culture, and great food were big attractors for me.

But what really convinced me was all the beautiful women in San Diego. Once I visited, I knew I had to come here. Since I’ve come here, I’ve some truly amazing, sexy women. I’m having a blast…but hey, I’m a professional dating coach for men. So for me, San Diego is like a big playground.

But what about you? Are you enjoying the women San Diego has to offer? Are you watching bouncy blondes, tanned brunettes, curvy latinas, and petite asians pass you by? What if you’re perfect 10 walked past you on the street? Would you know what to say? Would you know how to connect with her fast, and make HER want to sleep with YOU?

How many times have you gone out to a bar with your buddies, only to spend the night getting drunk, joking around, and staring at the hot girls but not talking to them?

If this sounds like you, you’re in luck. I’m here. My job is to change all that. I want YOU to live our ideal sex life. I want YOU to get the women you REALLY want, and I DON’T want it to feel like work.

I want you to have FUN meeting new women. I want you to have the skills to approach women in any situation, connect fast with fun, flirting conversation, and actually get women to go out with you, because they CANT WAIT TO SEE YOU AGAIN.

If you’d like to learn more, and decide if getting a dating coach is right for you, shoot me your info here.

What drives me is knowing that I’m making men better. My students become leaders, not just of women, but of other men, using elite social skills that I teach. But most importantly, I want you to be the leader of your life. No more settling, no more faking, lines, trying to run game, or relying on alcohol to get laid. I want you to be the man you want to be, and show that man to women.

I can teach you to be the man women are naturally drawn to, the man that makes women wet just by talking to them, the man that fucks hot women whenever he wants.

As a professional dating coach for men in San Diego, I want to help YOU achieve dating success, whether you want to play the field and sleep with lots of women, or find that one special girl to possibly settle down with. I’ve done both and personally coached almost 300 men to do the same…not to mention thousands of men I’ve helped through home study courses, books, videos, and articles.

If you’d like to learn more, and decide if getting a dating coach is right for you, shoot me your info here.

To your success,

Brian Burke

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Building Pandora’s New Box

As I developed the Pandora’s Box system with Vin Dicarlo, my goal was to answer one question: how do women think about dating and sex?

The idea that women are illogical has never sat well with me. After two years of devouring every source of information I could.

I devoured academic research, piles of books on gender, personality, and female psychology, and I talked to every woman I personally knew. I also picked other that had a “way with women.”

I began synthesizing a personality inventory, based on the ways women navigate the dating (mating) process on a cognitive level. But the key was to focus on the cognitive processes that are different from how men think.

I found there were three considerations women have about dating that men do not:

1. Women have a time window, and must use a strategy to find the best mate in that window.

2. Women are ambivalent about sex, because their desires are coupled with fears that men don’t have.

3. Women want to feel they are contributing to their man’s life in a supportive way. But how they nurture a man varies based on their perception of a woman’s role in a romantic relationship.

Each factor has two polarities, like the DSMMD. A woman’s cognitive dating map develops according to the 8 possible preferences for finding a man. This means that each factor is a line, with a contrasting strategy at each end.

Three lines, or axes, makes a cube…in other words, a box!

I thought about the myth of Pandora’s Box. A woman opens a box that releases all the chaos and evil previously contained and controlled within a mythical box. This is like the Adam and Eve story, where Eve succumbs to temptation and brings evil into the Garden of Eden.

I felt these myths were biased, and unfairly painted women as evil or bad. Women are not, though it may serve the male ego to believe this. I wanted to counter these myths with a modern, compassionate view of women, giving men a healthier way of dealing with the opposite sex.

So Vin Dicarlo and I set out to create a new Pandora’s Box.

As a dating coach for men, my job is to create easily navigable systems. This particular system was based on eight types of women (3 lines, multiplied by 2 possible preferences-polarities, equals eight types).

This was an exciting project. I wrote tons of articles and Advanced Strategy Guides explaining the Pandora’s Box system and how to understand the eight types of women. But more importantly, how to explore each individual woman’s mind using the most accurate system at that time.

I also got to interview some really great women on camera and illustrate to my students how to explore a woman’s mind using the Pandora’s Box system. Some of my favorite interviews were actually off-camera, on the phone. I had to keep these interviews discrete, as they were focused on sex and got pretty candid and explicit.

There was a side-effect to all this research. Me and the rest of the Vin DiCarlo Coaching team all naturally became even better with women, simply because we all understood them on such a deep level. I no longer had to think about what to say or where I stood in a woman’s eyes. We now  felt, on an intuitive level, what a woman was probably thinking and feeling.

This allowed me and the rest of the Dicarlo Coaching team to connect with women on a much deeper level, completely effortlessly.

We were no longer pickup artists, consciously running game. We became Naturals, easily and organically connecting with the deepest part of the women we met.

I also developed a deeper love for women, and saw them, not as conquests or opponents to “seduce,” but unique, individual human beings. Once my perception shifted, my results got better, with less effort. In fact, “effort” isn’t the right word. Interactions became fun, easy, and more fulfilling.

Although Vin Dicarlo no longer offers personal coaching, I still do. I’ve been a professional dating coach for men for 8 years, and I am still passionate about helping men achieve dating success with women.

If you want to learn how to apply the Pandora’s Box system with women at a master level as fast as possible, check out my LEAD7 Coaching Program.

To your success,

 BB Signature Small

Brian Burke





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How To Turn A Girl On

how to turn a girl on

If you know how to turn a girl on, you can sleep with her, and make her your girlfriend if you want. It doesn’t matter how hot she is. Most women have the same emotional and physical needs. When you indicate that you can satisfy those needs to a woman, she will want to spend time with you and be intimate with you.

I am running a discount on my comprehensive rundown of how to create a sexual spark with girls you just met, or have known for awhile… it’s called The Sexual Spark. The discount is only running for a few days.

Click here to learn more about it and take advantage of the crazy discount

So what do women want from men? Fundamentally, a woman wants to feel desired by a man. Other factors like financial success, good looks, and a sense of humor can help, but only if there is a foundation of sexual chemistry first.

Some men know how to create sexual chemistry consistently with women, but they usually do it intuitively and can’t articulate exactly what the process is (or they just don’t want to share).


If you don’t know how to turn a girl on, nothing you have or do will make a difference. She won’t sleep with you.


If you constantly get “friend zoned” by girls, while they choose other guys, then you don’t know how to turn a girl on. Because of this, your conversations with beautiful women will feel boring and dry.


Most guys get nervous around beautiful women. This is normal. But if you get so nervous that you can’t think clearly, or make a move when the time is right, you will end up losing the girl to another guy. I guarantee there have been MANY women who would have slept with you, but you missed out because you never made a move.


In fact, I’d venture to say that most men COULD have tens times as many women than they do.

I am running a discount on my comprehensive rundown of how to create a sexual spark with girls you just met, or have known for awhile… it’s called The Sexual Spark. The discount is only running for a few days.

Click here to learn more about it and take advantage of the crazy discount


Girls know how to turn guys on, but most guys don’t know to turn a girl on. Guys will pretend to be confident, try to be funny, brag, or be “smooth” in the hoping to turn a girl on. As men, we intuitively know that it’s your personality, your mind, that attracts or repels a woman. But a woman can tell if you are trying to impress her, or you are faking your personality to appear smarter/cooler/funnier than you actually are.


This is how most men try to turn girls on, but ironically, this is the WORST thing you can do, because it tells her that you are BAD IN BED. Female sexuality is totally misunderstood. Women are surprisingly simple (and horny). The reason why most guys don’t know how to turn a girl on is because they don’t understand women.


The first order of business to learning how to turn a girl on is to fix your beliefs about women. Think about what you want to do to a beautiful woman. You want to touch her, fuck her, watch and feel her suck your dick. That’s GOOD. She wants to do that stuff too. You must believe this. Read Nancy Friday’s “My Secret Garden” and “The Hite Report,” to internalize women’s inherent sexuality. You’ll be absolutely shocked. Society and girls themselves do just about everything in their power to hide it – but women are absolutely crazy about sex.


If you feel like you are getting over on a woman by sleeping with her, you will struggle and fail hard. By trying to get sex from her, by undermining her innate sexuality, and instead using game you are telling her that you are in the frame of women=possessions, and thus her value diminishes if she fucks youYou must feel like you are giving them a good experience. You must be proud of your dick. women like your body – your hands, your mouth, and especially your dick. If you think you are sneaking a dirty part of your body into women, you must change this by reminding yourself that women love dick, and that part of YOU, is designed to pleasure HER.


What helps men and women get together is right by nature. Nature is life supporting. When you do things that lead to you getting with women, you are aligned with nature. Unfortunately, game often prevents or slows down the sexual process. When you drop game, and do what comes natural, while OWNING it, you will turn girls on.

If you get your body, style, and hair and facial hair style together, you will be good-looking enough. Once you do, simply wanting a girl makes you valuable to her. She wants to get fucked. Women want men to desire them. Your desire IS your value.


Your desire is your value, once you handle the basics of grooming and fashion, decent fitness, a job, goals, and a stable living situation.


Women can sense a man’s sexual power INSTANTLY. It’s been proven scientifically that women subconsciously decide if they would sleep with a man within seconds of meeting him. If it’s a “no” then it’s very hard to turn that into a “yes.” So either you turn her on FAST, or you won’t sleep with her…EVER.


As you probably know, guys who have a “natural way” with women aren’t always the smartest, wealthiest, or best-looking…they just know something other guys don’t.


I struggled with women up until my mid-20’s. But several friends of mine got awesome results. And they were not good looking guys, but reasonably cool and fun guys. They would hook up with women they just met without dates or spending money, or trying very hard.


I decided to fix my problem, using seduction techniques, and i met a lot of women, trying a lot of weird techniques.


On dates, I tried to spend little money, as I was broke, and didn’t actually want to date. I wanted sex. I managed to get a fuckbuddy that helped me increase my sexual confidence,


And i started noticing that my escalation was happening faster, showing me that this was something I could learn. I started reading a lot of books on female psychology, and started realizing that women like sex too.

I noticed that the more money I spent, the less likely a woman was to sleep with me. The faster I got a woman to my place, the faster we’d have sex. Often women would say they were “being good” and weren’t going to sleep with me.


I would just keep talking and touching, going in for the kiss, escalating as far as the woman would let me.


I found that it wasn’t women who were afraid of sex, it was me. Often I would realize after the fact that I could have made a move, that she was open, probably horny, and it was my fear of doing the wrong thing or coming off creepy that was holding me back, on top of my lack of sexual confidence from real experience, which was changing with the couple FBs i had

I also realized that it was being sweet, chivalrous – paying for shit basically, being a gentleman and not being sexual out of “respect.” On dates, women would be more hesitant to come over, and not call back afterwards.


This started a journey that is too long and complex to go into, but over the past 8 years I’ve been moving more away from courtship and more towards friendship which may sound weird bc of the friendzone, but i am friends with women and fuck them and it works out very well – the sex is better, we are more open and honest outside the bedroom, and i feel a real connection, not another conquest. Of course i’m not monogamous and they know this -sometimes they get mad, but quickly get over it because they miss the sex, the bond, and having a strong, smart, sexy man they can be themselves with, and it’s appreciated and encouraged.


Girls are not machines that you put kindness coins into until sex falls out.


A woman will have sex with you if she thinks she will enjoy it, not because you are handsome, funny, or rich. As you are turned on by a woman’s body, she is turned on by your mind. How a man thinks determines his success, quality of life, and how he makes others feel. Your ability to satisfy a woman in bed depends not on your size, stamina, or technique, but how you express your thoughts about her. Women intuit this from the moment they meet you.


Making a woman horny is not a random, complicated, or mysterious process. It’s not a process at all. Women are already horny, just as you are already horny. You don’t walk around with a hard-on all day, but you have a baseline sexual desire, naturally inherent to you, and all healthy humans, including women.


There is a general misconception that women are less sexual and horny than men. Many men accept this idea, despite a mountain of evidence supporting it’s antithesis. Sadly, the study of female sexuality is still in its infancy. But over it’s short life-span, serious inquiry into female sexuality has overturned many paradigms, assumed and accepted without any academic rigor critical analysis supporting them.


Here are some myths about female sexuality (with links to articles disproving them):

Women don’t want sex as much as men.


Women don’t like casual sex. 


Women take longer to become sexually aroused. 


Women have sex in return for commitment and resources (instead of pure pleasure).


The fundamental problem is miscommunication and misunderstanding, stemming from Confirmation Bias, Conservatism Bias and Social Desirability Bias. Conventional wisdom AND science have both failed women, and in doing so, failed men, who remain in the dark and thus sexually frustrated


Several factors create the illusion of the asexual female:


1. A woman’s value as a human being is determined by how few sexual partners she has had. If she is judged as promiscuous, or “easy” (as if she is weak foe in a battle), she loses social value. So even though she is horny, she must hide this from society, from any man she likes, and from herself, by detaching from her sexuality, and repressing sexual thoughts as they only serve to frustrate her in a world that punishes female desire. She feels horny, but must hide it.


2. All women have experienced sexual trauma. It’s common for a woman to have been molested, raped, or nearly raped at least once in her life. I don’t know one woman without a disturbing experience. In general, women are leered at, here vulgar comments from strange men, and groped. Every woman has felt pressure to have sex before she is ready, by a guy she thought liked and cared about her. In high school, and even college, if a woman has sex with a guy, he will brag (or word will somehow get out) and she will gain a reputation as a slut, as easy, as dirty…for doing something she is wired to do, that felt good, and was a way to feel closer to a guy she liked and thought liked her. You may not have known about these COMMON female experiences, but you can understand why women are bit apprehensive about getting alone with a guy they just met, and tend to put the breaks on throughout the sexual process.


3. As the gender investing more in reproduction, women see sex more like an investment. The risk is getting impregnated by a man who will disappear after he gets what he wants. The baby grows inside her body, not yours. That’s a big deal, but it also illustrates how horny women are. They still have sex despite the risk. I wonder if men would be a little more cautious about jumping in bed with a woman if there was a 50% chance of the man getting pregnant.


4. Most men are BAD in bed, according to what I’ve been told by every woman I’ve asked (a lot). This is because men don’t understand what turns a woman on. It’s not what you see in porn. Do women like to be fucked, pounded, spanked, choked, and slapped? Yes to all, but only if done in the right way, and only in conjunction with other aspects of sex, which I will explain. If you’ve never had sushi, and someone offers to buy you a sushi dinner, you won’t be that excited, even if though the meal is free. But once you have sushi, and you like it, sushi becomes more tempting. In her mind, the odds that sex with you will be worth the time, logistical complications are not great.

This is what you are facing when you meet a new woman you want to sleep with. Combine her sexual cynicism with the first 3 factors, and you have a situation requiring YOU to communicate that she will LOVE getting fucked by you.


Women want sex just as much, if not more, than men. But they have a dimension of anxiety in their sexuality that men don’t have. This anxiety is perceived as disinterest, so men use tricks (seduction), bartering (paying for dates), and even force (rape, or emotional manipulation) to GET sex FROM her body, in SPITE of her mind. Ironically, they are waging battle against a foe – her disinterest or disliking of sex – that doesn’t exist. In doing so, they ignore the ambiguity of fear and desire women feel about sleeping with a new man.


So a more useful articulation of our goal is to say “how to turn a girl on TO YOU,”  and magnifying her arousal that it outweighs her fear. I will give you a general strategy for directing a woman’s innate sexuality towards you, and then give you 3 simple yet powerful tactics to trigger dripping wet lust in the next woman you meet, and a bonus tactic to blow her mind in bed.


It all begins with your desire. Your desire is the key to triggering her desire. But you must convey your desire in a way she understands, while at the same time, not violating too many social conventions. I don’t teach my students to be smooth, because trying to be smooth is like trying to be funny – it ensures you WILL NOT be funny or smooth.


However, when you understand female sexuality, and can communicate your desire for her in subtle ways that resonate with the female mind, you WILL be very charming, confident, and smooth.


For 8 years as a professional dating coach for men, I’ve personally mentored hundreds of men to do the same. Hundreds of men are using my system to live their dream sex life…RIGHT NOW.


If you are reading this, you want to be a better man, and enjoy all that life has to offer. You deserve that. And that’s why I want to help you.


I just finished a 90 minute, 3-part Video program called The Sexual Spark.


This 3 Part Video Series is based off of female psychology, scientific studies, interviews with women, and his own (incredibly successful) experience.


It is based off of my groundbreaking ACT system.


Which stands for:


1. Awareness

2. Control

3. Thrust


These may sound like strange words in the context of meeting and sleeping with women, but they are the three PILLARS of dating success. To learn how to turn a girl on and create a Sexual Spark using simple conversation, anytime anywhere, check it out here:


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Look around this site. For a hilarious and ridiculous, pitiful guide, go here



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Sports, video games, fighting, money, success, teaching, competing, winning, teaching, building, destroying…fucking.

You are always trying to Impact the world, and people – especially women.

When you feel you cannot, when you feel you aren’t making an impact, you feel impotent. This could happen when you are not challenged at work, or when you hit a plateau on your bench press.

This is why you feel frustrated when when you see a beautiful woman…and do nothing.

It’s your nature to Thrust. You feel proud when you know you are making an impact.

Boys like to build structures with legos, and smash them down.

Men like to build businesses, wealth, skillsets.

When I hear Her moan as I push myself deeply into her body, I know I’m Impacting her.

When I hear Her pant as I Thrust harder and faster, I know she feels me.

When I hear her gasp and squeal as I enter her soft, tight opening, I know how I relate to her.

I impact her with my passion, my Love, which is my power. I was born to do this.

I am Thrust.

Impact is the Third Level, where my Core Nature – my Soul, my Essence – touches the world, touches Her.

She chokes on me. She cums as she rides me. Her eyes light up when she looks down and sees the bulge in my pants. She sighs when I put my arm around her and kiss the top of her head. She smiles excitedly when I tell her I thought of her. She glows when I look at her, telling her with my eyes what I feel in my Heart.

She cannot detract from me. She can only feel what I give, what I send, what I put forth. Her response is a reflection – her Embrace. Her Embrace will always reflect as a perfect compliment to the degree of my fullness.

The impact I make depends on the fullness of my Thrust – my inner Resonance. She won’t resonate with me if I don’t resonate with myself.

Impact is when my soul meets hers.

My choices ripple infinitely outward.

My actions touch the world, no matter how small.

I’m always thrusting, always impacting, consciously or unconsciously.

You are always fucking, so do it with passionate abandon.

Give the world all you’ve got.

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Teaching Dominant Sexual Power

Dominant Sexual Power

 1. Value over values, your kingdom, messaging first mentioned

Big picture. What do you want? What do you want out of this relationship with this woman?You want her giving as much as you are. You want her giving as much as she’s getting… if not more. Trust me, I know. I’ve been in relationships where the woman was the princess. And that was really tough — really draining on me. At some point, I started feeling resentment. Even though the girl was really pretty, I actually got to a point where I didn’t want to have sex with her anymore because I didn’t like her. Period. I didn’t like her as a person, and I was sick of her. You shoot yourself in the foot by putting a woman on a pedestal right off the bat — you’re setting the tone for a relationship that’s ultimately going to leave you unhappy.So you have to set the correct tone immediately.

I am running a discount on my comprehensive rundown of how to create a sexual spark with girls you just met, or have known for awhile… it’s called The Sexual Spark. The discount is only running for a few days.

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This is really about being honest, not necessarily giving this girl your life story or honest in a verbal way, it’s more honest in terms of your actions. Only do something that you can sustain for the long term. Don’t act like somebody that ultimately you’re not going to want to be.Even bigger picture. What do you want out of your relationships with people? I’m going to briefly go into something I call “Value vs. Values.” This is probably something I’m going to write an article on the future. A lot of people get into interactions where they feel like they’re not in control. They feel like the other person is the authority (especially in social situations when you’re talking to somebody and you perceive them to have higher status than you). This could be a guy who has more money, or is better dressed, or better looking than you. This could be a woman that’s really attractive on a level that you are not used to. So you put them on a pedestal. YOU assign them higher status. Remember it’s all in your head.
What this comes down to is you assigning them value.
Brian SCubed Call 6 – Conclusion6-6Instead of doing that, you should think about values. What do you really value?I don’t value the cool game, where people are acting cooler than each other. I don’t value bragging. I don’t value showing off. I don’t value putting others down. I don’t value materialism. I don’t value superficial shows of beauty or status. I think all that is really silly. It’s basically a bunch of monkeys pretending not to be monkeys. When I see people doing this, I’m no longer intimidated — I’m just bored or flat-out not interested.What I AM interested in is genuine connections — people being honest with each other, people making each other feel better, being helpful to each other, having fun, being silly together, enjoying life together.If I’m talking to a girl and she’s trying to act cool, or she’s doing the validation flux thing where she’s giving me a compliment one second and trying to tease me and lower my value the next second, I simply don’t pay attention to any of that. This basically makes her die, and that behavior in her dies because I don’t pay attention to it — it doesn’t get reinforced.When you assign someone value, it makes you feel less than them. It puts you down and puts them above you. And it sets the tone for a relationship which is either not going to happen, or it’s going to be dysfunctional.If you think more about values and whether this person is doing things and enacting values that you share, then you’ll approve of those things. When they’re enacting values that you don’t like, or that you’re not interested in, you won’t pay attention to that.This completely alleviates all social anxiety.This means you will not be intimidated by people AT ALL…unless you value being witty, putting people down, or looking cooler to people. If you value the ego game, then you’re bound to lose at times — and that going to create some anxiety.But if you know what you value and you stick to that, you can’t lose. You can only connect…or not. But there’s no anxiety involved.In terms of compliance, it’s really about short-term-shaping in the first three minutes. When you convey that you are not intimidated by the person, that you don’t see them as on a pedestal – you’re not trying to suck up to them (and in fact you’re screening to see if theyshare the same values you do), they will automatically assign you authority.Remember, authority is the outer appearance/outer manifestation of dominance.They will assign you authority, and at that point, all you need to do is simply make a request, get them invested, get them to tell you about themselves.Remember: emotional compliance is the most powerful kind of compliance, where she’s telling you about her life and herself….…And the way you do that is to present yourself as an authority by:

   * Not sucking up

   * Not trying to adapt to her values

   * Not putting her on a pedestal

…but instead, by being true to yourself and seeing if she can hang with that.


When I was younger  sometimes girls would be attracted to me. Every now and then a girl would have a crush or some interest in me. Maybe they thought I was cute…sometimes girls thought I was mysterious because i was so quiet. Really I was just afraid of people. I played soccer, so I was in good shape, and I was always one of the smarter kids in class. So I had a little going for me.
But, I would always fail with girls.
Looking back, it seems I had been brainwashed to think that I had to say the right thing and I had to somehow impress them. And this went all the way through until I was about 22 or 23.
Now, at that point I was dating a girl for two and a half, three years. And I was absolutely in love with her. Even thinking about maybe even proposing to her.  And then everything just started going downhill.
She would do little things, I’d get upset, and that would make her go cold on me.
It was just a downward spiral. The worse it got, the more focused I was on appeasing her, pleasing her, and keeping her with me. She felt that pressure and that neediness and basically I was sending her the message that she was more important than me.

I developed the life skills to meet women whenever I want and also to have great relationships with them. The kind of relationships that I wanted that I was never able to have when I was younger.
Where am I’m at today in my personal life? I have more women in my life than I probably really deserve. I can meet women whenever I want, in pretty much in any context, have them been interested in me, and it’s really my decision as to whether we get to know each other or not.
At this point, if I want to sleep with a woman I pretty much know that I can (unless I make some huge blunder or something dramatically out of my control happens.)
So at this point it basically feels the same as doing your job or writing a paper for school. You know how to do it. You know the process. You know how it works.
Of course, you make mistakes – just like anyone else at any level – but this part of my life is now something that I can control,  something I can do deliberately, and not feel frustrated anymore.
That’s going to be the main theme for you throughout this program: I’m going to work with you on your lifestyle, on your mental tools, your mind-sets with women, and then contextual techniques so that you have a tool belt to use when you get in  certain situations.
Essentially, the whole point is so you can do what we call “flip the script.“I’m going to get in to what the “Script” is and why you MUST flip it in order to have success with women.


The traditional script is basically composed of four or five acts.Act One: You see a woman and you put her on a pedestal in your mind. You put her above you mentally.

Act two: You walk up or you somehow get in to an interaction with her and you try to impress her.This is a logical strategy to use because if someone is above you, it makes sense that you would try to impress them.Then perhaps she gives you some attention. She maybe sees past your insecurity and your pedestal mentalitybecause that’s not that different from what she’s experienced her entire life. Hell, it’s what every other guy is doing.  She’s probably come to expect that and she decides to give you a chance.This, you think, is your big chance to be with an attractive woman –  so you get needy and put pressure on her.
Alright? And that’s Act Three.
Act Three: You start putting pressure on her.This could be calling her too much – or even in that first initial conversation being too pushy In terms of trying to force the conversation and maybe even trying to get her to come back to your place before it’s really appropriate, things like that.Act Four is she starts to pull away from you.  Now, this could be in a relationship that’s been going on for a while or this could be in the first 30 seconds (i.e. you approach, she gives you a chance, you try too hard to impress her, you get needy, she pulls away and doesn’t want to talk to you anymore.)Now, get this…The next timeyou see an attractive woman you start over at Act One (pedestal mentality). Only this time you’re carrying a lot of resentment and you’re frustrateddue to your failures. You also have the belief that women don’t like you, because that’s been your experience.
So you’re starting over with even more insecurity and anger.
(women can sense when a guy is used to being frustrated with women and it’s just not attractive)I know a lot of guys who are older or who are really just jaded and stuck in their ways having a very negative view of women – and that’s because they had this experience over and over and over.
I don’t want you to be like that. As you get to your older years I want you looking back at all the great experiences you had with women. I want you feeling over all good about relationships and sex and romance – and this is what women want from you too.

I am running a discount on my comprehensive rundown of how to create a sexual spark with girls you just met, or have known for awhile… it’s called The Sexual Spark. The discount is only running for a few days.

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2. Vision = direction

The reason why I’m going in this order is because I’m a big advocate of being real, being honest in starting, building everything from a solid foundation. So, instead of trying to pick up girls with fake clever lines, when you don’t have basic social skills down, that you might get a couple chance successes with that, but that’s short term. You’re not developing yourself so that as you move to the world, you are naturally an attractive person.
Doing all this stuff naturally and easily without having a think about it, I’m at a point now where I don’t think about what I’m going to say to girls, or what technique I’m going to use. And it’s just really nice, because I really don’t like thinking about, I have better things to think about, put it that way. So, one of the things that I want you guys to keep in mind is, I’m not going to go super heavy on technique. I’m going in an order where you’re building a strong foundation layer by layer so that you are a guy who does SCubed. You are SCubed, you are, you flip the script naturally by just being you. We talked about the old script last week. There is no more old script.
You are operating by a new script this time as you move forward in your life.So, a good place to start is Vision. Vision is not a pick up technique. Vision is really about having goals about your life outside of women. If you don’t have a vision, you’re not going to be able to do all the other stuff in SCubed, Ok?So, Vision is about your life outside of women, it’s about your ultimate goals, your mid goals and your short term goals. I tend to organize my life in terms of like five years, five year goals, one year goals and month to month goals. And usually the five year goals, they tend to change, but so much five year goals are to travel, to build my dream home. That’s probably not a five year goal. That’s probably more like a ten, fifteen year goal. Financial goals are big for me. Month to month goals though are more, they’re a little more colorful for example; one month I might decide, ok, I’m going to actually use this Spanish CD Rom, Spanish learning CD Rom that I convinced my dad to buy me last year. I’m actually going to get started and start using it and I’m going to learn Spanish, ok? So this month is going to be my jumping up point for learning Spanish
Transcript of Brian SCubed Call 2 – Vision2-2Obviously that’s a goal that women can help me with. I live in Florida, and I have to say, I mostly dated Hispanic women–a lot of Latina women. A lot of them speak Spanish at least a little bit. And that’s something that I can practice with them, something we can share together. That’s one example of how Vision plays out naturally.
Your ultimate goals are also something that you can share with women. For example; wanting to start your own business, maybe if you’re in a band, or you do some kind of artistic, creative thing, having some kind of big goal like wanting to have your work in a museum somewhere, or to play to an audience of two thousand. You should keep track of what your goals are, and also discern what kindof goals they are.
There are two kinds of goals, and the second kind of goal is something that I don’t actually hear people talk about very much.
The first kind of goal is very common. It’s what you want to do, it’s stuff you want to have, to double your salary next year, or to buy a condo and invest in some real estate.
Another goal that I don’t really hear a lot of people talking about is a goal about who you want to be.For me, being honest and being a kind, caring person is extremely important. That’s something I really had to be conscious of because I tend to have a hot temper sometimes. I have this kind of negative side in me where I can really lash out, be negative and criticize people. So one of my goals is to reduce that and become a more positive, caring person.Those are the kind of goals when you imagine the kind of person you want to be, and then you think about what it takes.  Maybe that’s a guy who’s focused, he’s mentally stable, he’s emotionally stable, the guy who cares about his friends, has good relationships.
Those are goals as well, and women can help you out with that. It is especially that kind of goal women can help you out with.
Your lifestyle should be aligned with your vision so every day should bring you closer to your goals. I have noticed in my personal life that I tend to talk a lot about my personal life, and I’m an open book about my problems, my sticking point. That’s because I don’t think there’s any reason to hide it, and the best resource I have for teaching is my own self because I’m going through life, just experiencing the same kind of stuff as everyone else is.
I have noticed that I actually get depressed and will be in a bad mood if I’m doing stuff on a day-to-day basis that is not moving me towards my goals. I’ll actually feel bad and I’ll be in a bad mood.
Brian SCubed Call 2 – Vision2-3A lot of guys will ask, “Well how do you “get in state” before you pick up women?”How do you get in a good mood? Or what if you’re in a crappy mood and don’t feel like talking to anybody, but you see this hot girl that you want to meet? How do you change gears?You don’t always have to be happy and skipping around, but in my experience, if I’m living the life that I’m proud of, I’m at a typically good mood most of the time. Even if I’m not in a good mood, I’m not in a bad mood. I’m in a decent enough mood to where I can talk to people.
If you’re having state issues when you talk to women, (meaning, in a normal, daily scenario. I’m not talking about the approach anxiety of meeting a new person and wanting to impress them. I’m talking about being in a crappy mood and feeling like you can’t approach women because you’re in a bad mood.)  I would never tell someone, “Ok, here’s a clever technique to trick yourself into being in a good mood.” I would say, “Let’s start at the core, let’s start at deep core issue. What’s wrong with your life that you’re in such a shitty mood all the time?”
It always comes down to the lifestyle. But if you’re living a life that you’re not proud of, that is if you’re living the life that is not aligned with your goals if you spend your day doing stuff that you know that is a waste of your time, you’re going to feel bad about yourself. When you feel bad about yourself, you’re not going to be in a good mood, and you’re not going to be able to talk to women. It’s almost impossible to socialize if you’re not in a decent mood.
That’s one of the reasons why Vision is so fucking important. It keeps you in a good mood.

In terms of female psychology, I talked about a lot of this last week. Women, just like every other living being, are trying to survive. Women just have a different survival strategy than men.This is the source of the misunderstanding between men and women. Women have a different physical situation than we do in terms of their size, their strength, their emotional needs, and their sexual biology. They get pregnant, and we don’t.
A woman’s best survival strategy is to ally or bond with a strong, successful, dominant male. A good word to sum up all of those qualities would be a “leader.”  A leader needs a vision of a better life, a goal of success. The term “leader” lends this idea that there’s a motion, there’s a movement towards something.
A leader needs a goal, otherwise you’re not leading anything. In being a leader in today’s society, it’s not hard to get food or shelter; just get a job, go to the grocery store and you’ll be fine. But even though we don’t necessarily need to be strong and dominant men and be leaders to get through our lives, women are still wired to respond to those things.It’s almost like it’s not necessary to be a leader to live, but it isnecessary to meet attractive women because they are still wired as they were
fifty thousand years ago, and as men, we are, too. That’s why a lot of times you’ll feel this kind of existential angst that a lot of people talk about now. It’s because our society doesn’t have any outlet for us to express this need to be a dominant leader, to be successful, to push ourselves. If it did, then we could try to achieve things.In this way, we’ve got guys who really don’t understand what it is to be a leader because they never had to. At the same time, they feel this void, wondering what the hell is the point of their lives? Why are they even here?
When you have a vision, that question doesn’t really come up. You don’t feel that existential angst. Though a lot of people feel it, and I feel it from time and time as well.
A leader needs a vision of a better life–he needs to have a place where he is going. Now, women are wired too, just as you’re wired to notice a certain hip to waist ratio, legs, nice tits, a pretty face, she’s wired to detect certain things in you automatically. She doesn’t even think about it. You don’t see a woman with a nice figure and have to think about it, it just strikes you instantly. She’s wired in the same way, only she’s detecting different things because, remember, she has different survival needs, and she has a different strategy than you do.
She is wired to detect a man with a vision.Now, what about the losers, and the drug dealers, the bums, the shitty poor guys who don’t have jobs, and the potheads who get the girls? I’ve seen a ton of these kinds of guys who have women in their lives and seem to be really attractive to them. You might look at these guys and think, well shit, you’ve got to be kidding–they don’t even have a job!You’re the one with the vision. Why don’t youhave the girls?The reason is, he is better at communicating a vision than other guys who actually do havea vision. Even though he doesn’t have a real vision, he is better at communicating a vision. I am thinking of one guy in particular who was actually in jail for robbing a bank. This guy is one of the most amazing guys I’ve ever seen. He’s a total loser, but when he talks to you, he sounds like he’s going somewhere.  He has a vision. He talks like a coach trying to motivate a team.
Brian SCubed Call 2 – Vision2-5I used to make music, but I wasn’t too ambitious with it. It was a kind of a hobby that I had. I remember one time this guy was talking to me, though, about how he was a rapper. We all knew what a fuck-up this guy was, essentially, but he made sure we all knew that he was a rapper.
When this guy talked to me, I would get wrapped up in it. I would get wrapped up in his vision.
He would be like, “Brian, I need you to make a beat for me man. I got this song. It’s going to be great. I’m going to take it to the radio. I need you to make a beat for me. So, what I’m going to do, I’m going to tell you about the song. I’m going to come over. I’m going to sing it for you.” He would be looking at me, dead in my eyes, standing in my personal space, and giving me this energy, showing me how fucking serious he was.Of course, we’d arrange to meet up a couple of hours later, or the next day, and he wouldn’t show up.
But women respond to that stuff. Women respond to that.
The guys who have real visions don’t really seem to talk about them. They just do it.
But a woman needs to hearabout your vision.
If you have a goal that you’re really serious about achieving, I actually think it’s important to keep a lot of it to yourself and just consolidate your power. This thing is so important to you that it’s a big chunk of your life, and a big part her pouringand connection is the woman feeling like; A) You know her and B) She knows you.

Act One. It all starts in your mind.
“The Pedestal Mentality” – an insidious and destructive poison affecting the neo cortex that we are exposed to nonstop. Its subtle yet all-pervasive nature makes it all the more dangerous.The Pedestal Mentality is something we hear nonstop.  Not only in the media but among your peers, among your friends, it’s everywhere.
It’s this idea that if a woman is attractive than she is somehow more valuable.  And most especially, it’s the idea that if a woman is attractive, than she is somehow more valuable THAN  YOU.So you see this on TV. For example, you could be watching Spike TV which is supposedly TV programing geared towards men – for men – and yet look at the ads on that channel. It’s a bunch of guys drinking beer and this hot babe walks in and they’re all like “Oh duuuude, she’s so hot. Oh my god. What should I do?”
And then the commercial will be like one of the guys thinking of some ridiculous, clever way to impress the girl. Maybe he’ll open a beer bottle with his tongue and she’s like, “Ooh”.Something ridiculous like that…And basically this is a message saying:“With a woman who is good looking, she’s better than you. You have to impress her or even make an ass of yourself, appeasing her, so that she’ll do you the honor of talking to you. So that she’ll look down at you from her pedestal and be nice to you and maybe even grant you access to her precious vagina.“And that’s basically the message that we get everywhere.Now I think this message comes from two different places.I think one: it comes from you. You get this message from yourself and the things you have come to tell yourself in  your thoughts, your buddies have this message, you’re dad has this message, even women have this message. They’re also bombarded with it and they start to believe it.
Now get this. There is also a hidden agenda in society from corporations – from companies and individuals that are trying to sell products by making you feel like you’re fundamentally inadequate – by making you feel like women are better than you.
These voices imply that the only way you’re going to get laid, the only way women are going to like you, is if you buy This Deodorant, own That Car, have this kind of Haircut, or that you’re super buff, all of the above, or whatever else. Anything that’s trying to sell you something using attractive women leaning against it, or caressing the guy after he uses it, is basically saying women are more valuable than you.
The idea that women, just because they’re pretty, makes them higher than you and you must appease them so that they give you the favor of having sex with you. This is the message that men are bombarded with all fucking day, 24/7.
The sad thing is. This is wrong. It is not true. Not only is it not true but it’s harmful to you. Not only is it harmful to you, it’s harmful to women.
Because do you honestly think that a woman wants to be surrounded with a bunch of pussies who think that she’s better than them?
Do you think that women want to date a guy who puts her above himself? Do they want to date a guy who lowers himself and thinks he doesn’t deserve her and is constantly calling her, texting her, checking up on her, making sure she’s not sleeping with some other cooler, more rich, more handsome guy with a better car or a better fucking t shirt or whatever it is.
Women don’t want guys to be like that.
Women don’t want you to put them on a pedestal. Because it makes you act like a little bitch.A woman doesn’t want to sleep with a guy who is weak and who doesn’t feel he deserves her.
So, let’s think about how this applies contextually. Specifically what happens?
You see a woman. She’s attractive. That doesn’t mean she’s more valuable. That simply means she has a nice face, has nice features,  and you might be interested in having sex with her unless she’s a complete weirdo. If she’s cool enough, you’ll go for it. That’s all it means.But what ends up happening is you see the girl and you get the pedestal mentality. You put her on a pedestal in your mind. That’s the only place the pedestal exists, is in your mind. You put her on the pedestal and then you put too much thought in to what you’re going to say – in a subtle unconscious effort to impress her.
Brian SCubed Call 1 – Intro and Overview1-5Now, you’re thinking and thinking and thinking and as you’re thinking there’s also a voice in your head saying:”Oh man, she probably has a boyfriend”
“She’d never go for me. She’s out of my league.”“__________fill in the blank_______________”And the more you think about it, you do two things.
First of all, you make her way too important to you. So you put a lot of pressure on yourself to say something cool.
Imagine this.If anyone has ever said to you, “hey, say something funny” or “say something cool” or “say something interesting”…. it’s almost impossible to do that. It’s a lot of pressure. And yet you’re saying this to yourself – impress her! do something cool! (really fucking hard to do that). So you’re creating this unachievable goal in your mind.
The second thingyou’re doing is you’re actually alreadyin the posture of appeasing her even though you haven’t interacted with her yet – because you are devoting joules of energy to appease her, to impress her.
You are using your brain; your brain is using energy to impress this woman.
So, you are actually putting work into a woman who hasn’t earned it.
She didn’t earn those looks.Already, because you started off on the wrong foot by putting her on a pedestal, you are already shooting yourself on the foot.Moving on…So, lets say you think of something to say to her like, “Hey how are you?” (Let’s keep it simple here folks).
You go up and say:
“Hey how are you?”
She says:
“Oh, I’m fine.”
…… then your brain starts spinning again and you’re using all these joules of energy to think of something cool or interesting to say in response.
And this is the nature of your whole interaction with her.This comes out in fidgeting, this comes out in nervous eye contact, looking away, saying awkward things that don’t make any sense, or any host of other things depending on the person.Basically, she sees you putting all this effort in to interacting with her.To her, she perceives this as: you don’t think you deserve her, you don’t think you’re in her league, and you are trying to impress her.
Why are you trying to impress her? The only reason you’d be trying so hard to impress this woman is because you want to have sex with her.
Now, she perceives two things: this guy is trying to impress me because he wants to have sex with me, but he doesn’t think he actually deserves it….So do you think this woman will want to actually continue an interaction with you or want to have sex with you?
(I’ll tell you later about what Message you’re actually sending to the woman.)Let’s fast forward.Let’s say you actually get her number . You get lucky (typically that’s how guys do things is they get lucky. The girl happens to be really single and looking for a new man or maybe the guy doesn’t act toostupid and she ends up giving him a chance).So, now you’re dating her and every time you hangout it’s the old “what do you want to do tonight? Where should we go? What movie do you want to see?”
Even within sex you might be saying, “Can I do this? Would you mind doing this to me?” And you’re basically putting her in charge of the whole deal, making her in charge in the interaction, the relationship.
You’re making her the focus of the relationship.The whole relationship is not about you and she experiencing life together side by side, enjoying life and enjoying each other. The whole meaning of the relationship if you could give it a tagline like a movie, the tagline would be “Accommodate The Woman.”
Brian SCubed Call 1 – Intro and Overview1-6And so the whole focus of this relationship is not experiencing lifewith the other, the focus of the relationship is appeasing this girl, appeasing the princess.
And again, she doesn’t want this.
She does not want to be on that pedestal. Period.
This all comes from your pedestal mentality, thinking you need to impress her, trying to seek her approval. Ok? Very simple and yet it’s crucial that you wrap your mind around that for the rest of this programThe number one worst thing you can do as a man is seek a woman’s approval, try to impress her, and put her on a pedestal. It’s all the same thing. It all starts with that pedestal mentality.I’m going to go through female psychology really quick with you guys.
If you read my book The Attraction Code you’ll be familiar with a lot of this. But I’ll give a couple analogies too.
The first analogy is my favorite. It’s the Forest Guide Analogy.
The Forest Guide
If you could imagine going to the forest, some huge forest with a bunch of trails in it and you’re going to go on a huge hiking trek through brutal unforgiving territory, the sort that even Army Rangers have to train for. But you never been there before or maybe it’s your first time hiking. So, you need a guide, ok?The nature center provides you a guide…You’re on the edge of the forest. All winding trails, thick with trees, plenty of unknown hazards, and there might be bears and mountain lions and all kinds of crazy shit in there – and you’ve been assigned a guide.Now, as you go in to the woods, the guide says “So what do you think we should do?”. You would be scared shitless and you wouldn’t want to go into the forest with this particular guide.In fact, you’d be angry at the guide for being such a clueless idiot. Because he’s presenting himself as a guide, that’s the leadership role he has and yet he has not doing what he was supposed to do. He’s asking you to do it. He’s asking you to lead when that’s his job!
The second analogy, I want you to think about women and why you are attracted to a woman right off the bat…It probably registers so quick you need to stop and look backwards to analyze what causes that initial gut-level attraction for herThe point  here between a man and a woman is what makes a man attractive is his personality. What makes a woman attractive is typically her body- it’s about 70/30  in terms in of percentage of what actually attracts a man to a woman and a woman to a man.
So if a woman is not that physically attractive, that’s how it is with a guy having a shitty personality, being weak, being like the weak guide in the forest analogy.Think of it. This woman who is not attractive physically, she comes up to you and she says “Hey, please have sex with me. I know you’re better than me, and I’ll do anything to impress you so that you’ll have sex with me.”Are you going to want to have sex with that girl just because she begged you?I want you to think about a company with no boss. I want you to think about a team without a captain or a coach. Think about how a man and a woman are like a team and how they can help each other  be better in life. What the team needs is a leader.Life is like a forest that requires a guide. You and this woman are stepping into a forest, this crazy world, and YOU need to be the guide.
A woman doesn’t want to fuck a guy out of charity. She wants to fuck a guy because she is attracted to him. All very simple but crucial to understand.
I’m going to talk about messages now.
Women communicate in messages.
They don’t communicate as much on a literal level as they do on a nonverbal level. So, when you say something to a woman she is listening to what you’re saying but she’s really paying attention to why are you saying this.The whyis the message.This is really easy to understand if you go to a department store for example where there the sales people are working on commission. You go to buy a TV somewhere like a Best Buy or whatever. An amateur salesman, he’s going to say, “Yeah man, you should really buy this TV. It’s great. I mean look at all these features and I mean you can go somewhere else but this is the best deal going.”  He’s really talking a mile a minute and he’s really trying hard to convince you how good the TV is.
Put yourself in the shoes of the customer dealing with this salesman and ask: why is he communicating like this? Why is he speaking so fast? Why is he trying to think of so many reasons for me to buy this TV? Why is he even talking about other department stores and what deals they might have?
And the answer to that is that this guy doesn’t really believe in what he’s selling and he’s trying to get your money.
Brian SCubed Call 1 – Intro and Overview1-7So the message that he is sending you is, “This is a shitty TV and I want your money and I’d say anything to get it.” That’s the message.It’s hard to sell a product that sucks, but let’s take a halfway good salesman who believes in the product. He has a TV in mind that he really likes, that he believes is a good TV. You talk to him and he’s saying, “Yeah, for you needs, I would go between either this TV or this TV. They’re both good, but this TV is a little better because x, y, z. I’ll give you some time to think about it. Let me know what you decide.”
Now this salesman is actually sending a message that he believes in his product. “If you decide not to buy it you’re an idiot” because this is a product that you need and he’s not going to pressure you because the product sells itself. It’s inherently valuable.
So the message he’s sending you is, “Because it’s a good TV and you should get it”.
Simple.Now I want you to think about that in terms of a romantic situation. Maybe, sexually, what message are you sending?If you approach a woman and you’re trying really hard to impress her this sends a message that you are shitty in bed, you’re lifestyle sucks, you’re not successful, you’re not accustomed to people liking you, and she will not benefit from getting to know you.That is the Message you’re sending when you put her on the pedestal and your behavior stems from that pedestal mentality… it doesn’t get any simpler than that. You are sending the wrong Message.
Let me talk about the right message and how it’s based on her survival needs, literally how her body has evolved over the eons of evolution.She is smaller and physically weaker and she is the one who gets pregnant, which makes her even more vulnerable if she’s pregnant. She’s also prone to health risks because of the nature of her sexual biology. Think about how a man can’t get raped, really, but a woman can. If a man gets violated like in prison or something crazy like that he’s not going to have a baby. A woman is going to have a baby inside of her.
Because of this, she needs to feel safe. She needs to be physically safe. Also, she needs social alliances and social status. So she needs to be upwardly mobile in terms of her status. She needs to be able to form new friendships, new bonds with relatively powerful people.
She also needs resources. She is not going to be as good of a hunter. Keep in mind what we’re talking about is eons of evolution before we had cities and police and delivery companies that will bring you a couch or even food if you want it. I’m talking about a more primitive life that is really where human beings come from and we’re still wired that way. So, she also needs access to resources. She needs access to brute strength that will manipulate the environment to keep her safe, to keep her fed and nourished and her baby as well. These are deep drives that aren’t necessarily consciously thought of every day, but they are indeed FELT and acted upon every waking moment.She also wants sexual pleasure. Humans and perhaps dolphins (I think) are the only ones that engage in recreational sex. But sexual pleasure is extremely important (more on that later).Because these are her NEEDS (not just mere wants), she can satisfy all these needs by being with a man who is dominant, a man who cares about her and will bond with her for the long term. A man who can give her sexual pleasure, a man who can keep her safe, a man who is successful and will help her be upwardly mobile.Because these  are her needs, she has been hard-wired to CONTRIBUTE
She Is Hard-Wired To Contribute
She is wired to play a supportive role in relationships because that is her best-bet at survival. That is the best survival strategy, is keeping a man. Ok?
We all know that sex will keep you with a woman for as long as sex last. Fifteen minutes, twenty minutes, an hour, whatever.
For you – what will keep her in your life? Why will you keep seeing her? Why will you develop not just a sexual relationship but a friendship with this woman because you actually like her as a person? Are her personality contributions beneficial to your life?So that’s why for her she is wired to use a supportive role strategy.She is wired to contribute.
Just like you are wired to experience a variety of women, (plant your seed in a variety of different phenotypes and all that kind of scientific talk) if you’re not doing that, you feel like you’re not doing what you’re supposed to do. You get depressed, you feel like your failing at life at a very deep and confusing level.
It’s the same for a woman. If she feels like guys only like her for her body and she’s not able to contribute as a person, as a valuable person on a team, she will feel the same way you feel when you’re not getting laid. She will feel like shit. She’ll feel depressed, frustrated, confused. She won’t be self-actualized at any level.
I’m going to give you guys a real quick story that really hammered this home to for me. I was dating a girl a few years back. This is when I was really starting to work everything out in relation to women. This was after I had met Vin and had gotten very good at starting things with women….  I was dating this girl and she was crazy about me. She would do these really sweet things for me like do projects – making DVDs taken from little videos she’d taken from her phone, adding music and give it to me with a little note attached. Things like that.One  time I was going camping in the mountains just outside of Aspen, Colorado. It was my first time ever doing anything like this. And so, I told her about it and she was really excited for me and here’s what she did; she made a care package for me to take with. It had pictures of poisonous plants with little information on the back that she wrote in her curly little girl writing, describing the kind of plant being poison ivy or whatever. “Don’t touch it, grows here and there” etc. She put other things in like a Swiss Army knife, mosquito spray, anti-itch lotion, and some disinfectant. A whole little pack for me. She put it all in a bag and gave it to me. When she did this, I was really touched but I also felt kind of… guilty, and I said:”You know, you do all these things for me and I feel I dont deserve it.”She got mad at me , saying:”It’s not about you. It’s about me. I NEED to do this. This is who I am. If you don’t LET ME do this, I won’t feel like a woman – I’ll feel bad.”So from a male perspective, yes he she was doing all this stuff for meBut really she was doing it for herself and how it made her feel like she was contributing something valuableThink about if you’ve ever played on a sports team or an academic competition where you are part of a team.It’s no fun to be benched.Sure, it’s easy.
…easy to sit on a bench and watch everyone else play. It’s hard to get on the field. You get nervous, get dirty, you might get injured, you get tired, out of breath, and so on.
But you want to be on the field and you want to play.If you don’t get to play and contribute, if you don’t get to express yourselfon that field, you feel bad.
Even though it’s EASIER to sit on the bench, you’d rather play. And that’s what this girl was telling me. “Yeah, I could just sit around and look pretty and not do shit for you. That would be easy. But that’s not me. I NEED to do this. I am wired & made to contribute TO YOU, to your life. If you don’t let me, I will feel bad.And that’s something that guys mustwrap their minds around.
You’re giving a woman, when we talk about Scubed and getting her compliance, shaping her, leading towards your vision.
A lot of guys will be held back because they feel they don’t deserve it. It’s not about whether or not hedeserves it. She needs to do it- and if you don’t LET HER do it, she’s going to find a guy who will let her do it. Ok?
Immediately the guy that pops into my mind is this guy I knew back in my hometown. He didn’t have a job, I think he sold drugs (but even that he wasn’t very committed to). But he had really solid game. I think actually his uncle might have been a pimp (in the literal sense of the word).
Basically he would just get women to do things for him.
…it was the fact that they were doing it for him that made them attracted to him.
He was giving them an opportunity to be who they were, to be a woman.So for example, he’d have a woman pick him up, buy him food, buy him clothes, and give him money.From a man’s perspective – if another man said, “Hey man, pick me up, buy me clothes, get me money….”  You’d say, “Fuck you.”
But for a woman you say, “Hey baby, I really need a ride and it will give us some time to spend with each other and there’s this shirt I really want. If you get it for me, we’ll be able to go out and look great together; we’ll look like a really hot couple. “And the girl is going to be like ” Yeah, ok. Cool.”You’re giving her an opportunity to be who she wants to be – which is a supportive, nurturing person.This guy would do that.
It was basically his entire “game”. That was all he would do.
He always had attractive women with him…
…  and he would be in the passenger seat of their S.U.V. as they drove him around and bought him things.
Really quick and I’ll tell you what, that the natural transformation equation, which is what we teach in our boot camps and how that applies in Scubed. That’s the best way that I can think of to perceive forward with this dominance.Scubed applies to dominance in this way.Back to the point.
You do not seek approval from women.
You do not put them above you.
You decide what you do.
You come first.
Your priorities.Your interests.Your desires.Your intention is your top priority. Hers are not your top priority, yours are.
You have a vision (we’re going to talk about this in the next section.)
You have a vision about where you’re going in life.
You have goals.You have things that you want to do.
You have standards.
You have standards for the kind of people you allow in to your life.
You are the authority on whether or not someone should be in your life, not the other way around.
You are not trying to appease others (especially women) so that they let you be in their lives. You completely flip that.

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3. Compliance – INS, US frame, screening, charisma

You do not put pressure on her for sex.First of all, sex is notsomething you were trying to get. Her vagina is not made of gold. You never leer-never leering, hovering,  trying to make moves.
The attitude is one of not trying to “get sex” from her. Instead, you give it to her as a rewardfor her contribution. This is huge – and it’s what actually turns women on (much more on this to come later).This requires that she contributes something.Most guys fuck this order up… and  it’s the cause of all their problems.
They’re acting on faulty script.First, they try to get sex before she has done anything to earn it (no, merely looking good does not constitute earning it).
In essence this just looks like the guy is needy.
So instead you want to get compliancefirst and then offer some form of escalation. Some kind of step forward in the interaction, a step which moves you toward sex.
Obviously it’s not like she buys you a drink and then you have sex with her – but rather – something more like she buys you a drink and then you put your hand on her back and say, “Thank you sweetie. That was really nice of you” in a deep warm tone of voice.
What this says (the Message) is: my touch, myphysicality, my sexuality is a reward for your contribution.Do you see how this is “flipping the script”Scubed applies to leadership, alright, the third level of N.T.E. It applies to leadership by: you’re moving forward, your using logistics to get compliance.
Another example: you’re going on a date with a girl…… she must bring something to make the date more fun or interesting…or prior to meeting up, you give her guidance on how to dress (something that YOU would like to see her in)… in other words, she is putting in work, contributing to her and your interaction

Demonstrating Your Vision
You always want to be demonstrating your mission and larger vision for your life –  putting your tasks and your goals first.So if you’re working on a project, and you would have to compromise that project in order to see her, you don’t see her. You keep working on your project.
Sure, it’s tough – being horny, perhaps desperate and not having a lot of options – it’s easy to put everything down just to get a chance to have sexWomen can smell this, they can smell this on you, and it’s not attractive.Logistically, you can create a ton of sexual tension especially with, sexual in your window in your text messages. That’s, I do that a lot. It’s a really easy way to get her thinking about sex with you and also getting to meet up. In fact, the fact that she is thinking about sex with you will motivate her to meet up with you because, remember, women need sexual pleasure. And then in a, Jillian talk a ton of it, about this, and there are no flakes program. In fact, the No Flakes program is all about using a new window and stuff to make logistics happen so women don’t flake on you. In terms of specifics, I’m going to talk about the four types of techniques that talks about in Scubed.
Understand, it doesn’t always have to be material things she does, like treating you to a drink or her picking you up. It can be the sort of contribution where she makes a funny joke, or she has a great sense of humor, or she has good insights in conversation with her.
In fact, I typically think more about her personality compliance rather than her doing stuff for me (although, they’re both part of Compliance, Shaping. I actually think shaping is Complianceas well, its emotional compliance where she is actually changing her personality to fit your life, to fit you. This may seem like something that’s impossible to do but it’s not. And a perfect example is. The thing is, if you guys have sex with a woman, been intimate with a woman and you tell her things that you like or she finds out that you like to have this with that done and she works on it. She might even go home and buy a book and figure out some new techniques to please you. Shell do it in sex, I mean shell do it in other parts of her personality as well.
Basically, Shaping is her modifying what she can contribute so that it fits your lifestyle, fits your vision. Then again, it’s knowing what you want and bringing her along with you. Rather than the other way around. Men are always trying to find out what women want and then trying to fit in to a woman’s life, that’s not attractive. Then that only lead to problems because again, a woman doesn’t want to be in a pedestal, she doesn’t want to be the leader, she wants you to be the leader. She doesn’t want to bring you into her life.
She wants to be brought in to yours.

Today were talking about Compliance, a term that I use a lot now. When I talk about Compliance, it’s a term that a lot of people understand much better than the technical term of Complianceand that is a so-called “pot committed”. If you play poker, you know there’s this term called “pot committed.” Basically, in a hand, people call, raise, and put in their chips–their money. When you put in a certain amount of money, it’s hard to fold. It’s hard to give up and cut your losses because you’ve committed so much money to it, so many chips. Mentally, it will be difficult for you to give up at that point. You’ve invested so much that it will be hard for your brain to deal with the emotional upset of, why you would put this money into it and now give up and let it go.Assess if there’s still a slim chance that you might win, that you might come out on top with more money. That’s basically the same thing as compliance. I’m using it as a very simple, layman’s term, a metaphor for what’s really going on with Compliance and why Compliance is so effective.
Compliance is essentially getting a woman “pot committed” to you. She’s invested in you. We can all see why that would be so useful. If a woman feels like she’s putting in a lot of work to attract you, to get you, she’s going to feel more invested in you. She’s going to feel more motivated to maintain a relationship with you and to keep you in her life. She’s not going to want to fold. To fold, or to give you up, would be very stressful on her mind.
When a woman is pot committed or invested in you, it’s very hard for her to give you up, or to fold in a relationship. No matter how short that relationship is.
This is the beauty of Compliance because you begin getting Compliance from a woman right off the bat. A lot of the stuff I’m going to talk about will be ways to get Compliance that you maybe didn’t think about before. A lot of it is concrete stuff; get her to buy you a drink, or get her to buy you something, get her to drive to your place. All these are concrete, physical actions.
In my personal experience, the most powerful Compliance you can get from a woman is Emotional Compliance. If you can get Emotional Compliance, Material Compliance is nothing. You won’t need a technique, you just fucking ask for it.
Brian SCubed Call 3 – Compliance3-2So Emotional Compliance might hold game. It’s really not “game.” It’s just you being you, all the fucking way with women.When we say game, we’re talking about the context of dating and dealing with women. My game, my whole method with women is, I want them to reveal their true selves. I do this with the intention that, I want to see who she really is so I can decide where she sits in my life.
I’m going to say that one more time.
I want to draw women out. I want to find out who she really is. I want her to express her personality as honestly as possible so that I can figure out where she’s going to sit in my life.
If this is a girl that I really like, I really click with, and I really like who she is as a person–we’re talking long term potential. That’s where she fits in my life.
If this is a girl who’s cool for a little while, she’s fun but we don’t have a lot in common after a couple of hours in hanging out, it starts to get boring, or we just don’t click that well but there’s definitely a level of sexual attraction here, she’s going to fit in a different place in my life than the other girl.
That’s why I focus on enjoying the woman now. A byproduct of doing that is, she becomes emotionally invested in me.
Try to think about a time you talked to someone you didn’t know very well, but for some reason you ended up telling them a deep secret, or something very personal to you.
You ended up having to tell this person about it. In your mind, what you’re going to do after that is make that person your friend. You see them as your ally. So, you actually mentally make yourself perceive that person as being on your side, as being there to help you, as being someone you are relying on to getyou in whatever situation is at hand.
If you guys remember the first phone call, women are looking to bond with a strong man so that they have a better chance of survival. In the society that we live in now, this is not so relevant. The survival needs are different, but the wiring is the same in the mind. That’s because evolution takes a long fucking time.

Then you invest yourself emotionally in someone. You tell them a secret.  You tell something very personal about you. You tell them a deep insecurity you have. You tell them about your hopes or a goal that you have. In your mind, you make that person more than they were before, and here’s why–because it would be too painful for you to acknowledge that you just told a deep dark secret to someone who doesn’t give shit about you.
That would be very emotionally painful. We want to avoid emotional pain. One of the functions of our mind is to avoid emotional pain.
So, you will change your mind so that you can avoid emotional pain.The emotional pain comes from having invested emotionally, or on a materialistic level, having paid money to someone, or to some entity that doesn’t give a shit about you. In fact, they have a different agenda outside of your best interest.
That’s a very scary, upsetting thought, and one of the functions of the ego, the conscious mind, is to protect your self-esteem. It makes you feel important, so that you don’t feel worthless. That way you can get up the next day and continue to survive, to find food, and work, earn money, and take care of those around you. So be very judgmental to your self-esteem.
To think that you would do something as stupid as tell a deep, dark secret, or reveal an insecurity to someone who doesn’t give a shit about you would be very judgmental to your self-esteem. Your mind wants to protect your self-esteem. The ego protects itself. This is why Compliance works.
Now, this may all sound very Machiavellian. I’m going to get women to do things for me so that they have to trick themselves into thinking that they like me and I’m important to them, and that I care about them.Remember what I said about my intention when I deal with women. I want to draw them out for the purpose of figuring out where they fit into my life. That’s all.
A side effect of this is that they become emotionally invested or pot committed.
When you get a woman that expresses a lot about who she is, she is now invested in you. I’m not doing this because I want to manipulate her. It’s a byproduct that she will mentally want to be around me. She will want to bond with me. She will make me more trustworthy in her mind, and, in her perception, I will care about her more. Then perhaps, I really do. That’s what’s going on in her mind. This emotional investment is a side effect of me drawing a woman out. This is just the nature of things. This is how human emotions work. This is how interactions work.In my experience, if I can get a woman emotionally committed to me
Brian SCubed Call 3 – Compliance3-4If I need her, or I want her, to commit in some other way, or give me some other compliance, it’s very easy because money, or wealth, don’t bring happiness. If you think about that, what that means is that emotional happiness and well-being is above material wealth.
How you feel about yourself in day to day happiness is more valuable than any money or anything you could attain.
If you can get a woman to feel happy around you, she’ll do anything for you because there’s nothing compared to the happiness she’s got with you.
She’ll buy you something, or do something for you, or drive you around, or do whatever the fuck you want because she feels happy around you, and that completely overshadows any materialistic endeavor she could have towards you.Let’s look at what makes a person happy. What makes a person want to be around someone else in order to feel happy? You have to feel like you can be yourself around them.
I’ve known people who I admired, respected, and looked up to, but when I was around them, I felt really nervous and actually didn’t want to be around them. Maybe I want to learn something from them, or get something from them, or I wanted their approval. But I definitely did not want to just hang around with them.
I didn’t feel good about myself around them. I felt inferior. If you want people to be happy with you, happy around you, and feel good around you, they have to feel good about themselves when they’re with you.
If you want a woman to invest her emotions in you, or to express her personality and really show you who she is, you have to create a relational dynamic with her where she feels happy around you and validated by youThe times that we feel the most happy are when we feel like we can be our true selves. We can say exactly what’s on our minds. We can relax around people, knowing that whatever silly joke or stupid comment we make is not going to be ridiculed, and it’s not going to get us ostracized, isolated or rejected. It’s just going to be accepted and responded to.
Think about the way you interact with your close friends who’ve known you for years, think that you’re a cool person, like you and appreciate you. You can crack a stupid joke. You don’t always have to say witty, interesting things. You can just be your same, boring, normal self, and they still love, accept, and appreciate you.
That’s the dynamic you want with women.

4. Shaping – terms of R – I don’t wnat a gf, d precedent, permission,

Like I have said over and over and over, the only reason all this stuff works, and why it’s actually necessarythat you do it, is because women are looking to contribute, and to support, and to help you.
Again, this is because this is the first physical condition, evolutionarily, and the one that she’s been in for eons.
Her strategy is based on being supportive or contributive. That means that she is actually wired, she is predisposed, to be able to shift gears to support and to help. Basically, she can supplement whatever you are, or whatever you need.
Women obviously have their own personalities, but they have different sides that they will show to you depending on what you tell them to do. As a guy, my personality is pretty much stable all the time.The person I am to my mom, to my friends, to girls that I’m dating, to a stranger on the street, is almost always the same. But you will actually see women altering their personalities a little bit.
That’s not to say they change who they are, they change their interest, their inclination, the type of person they are, but they will change the character traits that they show to people. They’ll either accentuate them or diminish them.
For example, a girl can be really rude to one person, maybe another girl that’s she’s jealous of, and then immediately switch gears and be really nice to another girl who she doesn’t feel threatened by. A girl can be a really, really nice, a really sweet daddy’s girl to her dad and parents, and then the next second be really wild, and sexually promiscuous if she’s with a group of guys who are wild, bad boys. Then she can go to her boyfriend and be really conservative and traditional, and even hold out on sex. Pretend that she’s not very sexual simply because he doesn’t draw that side out of her.
What you have to understand is that you’re always shaping, always.You’re never not shaping because the nature of a male female relationship is that the woman is always looking to you for guidance on how to act. Now, if you are looking for her guidance on how you should act, and she’s looking for guidance from you, we’ve got a big fucking mess. Your role is to be the guide, or the leader, and her role is to adapt.
A very obvious example is this; when on a date with a woman, she asks what you are going to do, and you respond that you don’t know, what does she want to do?
Brian SCubed Call 4 – Shaping4-4I should have used contrasting evidence, which is one of the techniques I’m going to go over later. You’re explicitly shaping by telling her what you like about her, what you want in a woman, and you’re also implicitly shaping by telling her how important she is to you.  In telling her these things you are shaping how she should treat you, and what kinds of behavior you expect. Shaping really comes down to what you expect from others, and as a man, how you believe women should treat you.
This is what happens with low self-esteem. Not having a lot of experience with women can really hold you back until you become consciously aware of your shaping.You’re always shaping. Up until this point, you guys probably weren’t aware of it. Most guys are not aware that they’re Shaping. This is a really advanced, very powerful mental tool to use when dealing with women. Almost no guys do this.You need to figure out what you want women to do for you. If you’re over-thinking it, it’s because you haven’t worked it out ahead of time. With over-thinking contrast of events of, you’re having difficulties of contrast of events. If you don’t have a plan ahead of time, you’re going to see something that maybe isn’t optimal, or something that you don’t absolutely like that the girl is doing. You’re going to say that you can see she’s doing x, but even at that point your mind is going to be racing, trying to think of the “but,” to think of what’s the opposite of that the action you don’t like. You’ve got to figure it out ahead of time.
For me, when I approach a woman, especially at first, contrast events is very powerful. In the first few minutes’ ill approach a woman and I’m going to be silly, and she’s going to be kind of sassy or whatever, and trying to give me attitude or trying to act aloof. Can’t I figure ahead of time how I want women to act when I approach them?
Brian SCubed Call 4 – Shaping4-5I want them to be friendly. I want them to be relaxed. I want them to be open to meeting new people and interested in others. I want them to be in a social, talkative, friendly mood. So, for a girl who gives me something that I don’t like, I will instantly know what to contrast to.
I’ll approach a girl, and she’ll be kind of just cold and not really talking that much or seeing that she’s not like that interested, and I’ll say, ” It seems like you’re in a kind of serious mood right now.” At that point, when you’re comfortable with people, you will be able to relax and be a silly dork. She’s just not talking a lot. If she’s been really quiet. I’ll say, “It seems like you’re shy.” Or maybe, “You take a while to warm up to people you just met. But I bet you’re the kind of person that just has a lot to say about a lot of different things. And sometimes you don’t know when it’s ok to really tell people how you feel and share your opinions.”

is that the nature of a woman says, wants you to want her.
That’s what their energy says to a man. She wants you to want her.
The man’s energy says, you want her.It’s two kinds of different energies that interact; man says he wants her, and woman says she wants him to want her. The order goes with the woman saying first, “I want you to want me” and the men respond with “I want you.”
The way that this plays out is the woman already has good things about her personality. You want her to dance them out for you. This is not the image of a stripper giving you a lap dance or a belly dancer. You want her to dance out a specific dance that you have taught her. She’s the one doing the dance, and it’s her body and it’s her energy doing it. It came from her, but you had to kind of coach it and guide it, and when she does this dance for you, that arouses your desire. That arouses your erection for her, and, like David Deita says, you’re responding with, “I want you.”
If she dances, she’s dancing to make you want her, and then you respond that you want her. Then that’s where you escalate; you take more of an interest, show appreciation. That encourages her dance all the more, and makes that dance much better. That’s the dynamic that you want with women, and you will see that the more you do this, the better your response is, the better your relationships are. The less you do this, you’re always doing it, but the less conscious you are of it, the more out of control you’ll feel in your relationships, and the more problems you’ll have with women.
The goal through your life is to play more of the masculine role ,coach her to dance for you, and then reward her, and be paying attention to where she fits in your life, keeping in mind what standards you have, what values you have, what you expect from people, and constantly communicating this to others, so that they know how to treat you.

5. Sexual tension – barrier and power play, shape to pull and have sex fast without judgement

In terms of sexual tension, I think it’s important to get really clear about who you are and what you want out of sex. You need to express that, but at the same time it’s just like shaping… you couple that with the ability to let go. You do this in conversation in the initial interaction, by stating who you are and being clear on the kind of man you are. A lot of times I’ll ask my clients,“If a woman talked to you for five minutes, do you think you’d be able to imagine what she’d be like in bed?”
Brian SCubed Call 6 – Conclusion6-10That’s a really powerful thing to think about because I think, a lot of times, women just CAN’T picture being in bed with you.Personally, I’ve met so many women who have nice bodies, pretty faces and they’re nice people — and yet, for some reason, I just can’t picture myself fucking them…and I won’t do it. I just don’t have any motivation. There won’t be any drive to want to do that.Most guys are already picturing sex with the woman. For women, it’s not quite like that.Women are extremely horny, just as horny if not morethan guys, but they’re not going to be thinking about sex with you until they get to a certain point with you — until they feel comfortable and familiar with you. And THEN they’ll think about sex with you CONSTANTLY……but you have to get there first.With most guys, in the way they express themselves, you just can’t imagine him fucking the girl.The girl can’t imagine being fucked by this guy:

   * He’s timid in his expression.

   * He talks too quietly.

   * He’s not touching, which means he’s probably physically unsure of himself.

   * All of his conversation is very logical and safe (small talk and things like that).

…and so the woman really can’t picture sleeping with him.What you want is a woman picturing sex with you without feeling pressureto do so.The way to do this is to talk about your sexuality and to be interested in her sexuality, and then to respond to that in an appreciative, curious way.For example you can talk about yourself in terms of telling the woman that you like to be really dominant, but you’re also very affectionate, very warm. You like to be in control, but you’re not aggressive or rough. You’re very sensual, very caring, but you love feeling that you’re in total control of a woman’s body and holding her as if she belonged to you.I’ll say this to her and tell herthis is just how I think about sex. With the tone of voice that it doesn’t mean we have to DO IT now (hint hint, nudge nudge), but rather, we’re just two adults having a conversation — and she WILL start picturing these things.Perhaps she’ll respond that it sounds really nice. Sometimes she likes being aggressive herself. She likes it when a guy is aggressive with me. There’re times for that.I’ll say, “Yeah, I have my moments too. I just want to grab a woman and just bend her over and just grab her hair and just pound on her as hard as I can just to give it to her and just not give a shit about her pleasure and just make her feel me.” I literally say this.Obviously this woman is going to be picturing this.When I say it, my voice is loud — as if I expect her to listen, as if I want to be heard — and I’m looking into her eyes. I want her to listen. I want her to understand what I’m saying. I want her to picture it.On a side note — a question that a lot of guys ask is how close you should stand with a woman. Here is the answer. YOU want to stand close enough so that you can feel the warmth of her body, but no closer.Obviously, you can get closer at some point, but in terms of right off the bat, you want to feel her body heat. And you want her to feel yours. That’s when you get into the zone- that little space where you’re close enough to feel the heat of her body, which means she can feel yours. This creates an incredible charge to an interaction. It literally adds that heat to it, that spark to it.Eye contact. Obviously, when you talk and when you move your hands to express your ideas, you should be doing it fully — loud and dynamic enough so she cannot ignore you. She will FEEL what you’re saying.
Brian SCubed Call 6 – Conclusion6-11You just talk openly about who you are sexually, and be genuinely interested and curious about her sexuality. When you do this, a woman gets extremely turned on — and this motivates her to get to know you, to really want to see you again, to continue the interaction and the sexual tension.In fact, I don’t think about attraction anymore. I think about creating a sexual vibe with a woman.Typically, when people think about “attraction,” they think about “value” (how cool you are, how smart you are, etc), but unfortunately, that’s something that you can’t change in the two seconds it takes to walk up to the woman — you’re already where you are and that’s that. You’re either good enough or you’re not, and you can’t change it in that moment.After the night is over, you can go back to the drawing board and fix some things in your life, but at the moment you see that woman, you’re probably only going to get one chance to talk to her — so you’ve got to go do it and just see. If she doesn’t think you’re good enough for whatever reason, that’s ok, fine ,whatever — at least you tried.What I dothink about when dealing with women is creating a charge, a spark, because what I’ve found is that thatis where real attraction is. It’s SEXUAL attraction.That’s why you talk to a woman… because she’s a woman, and you’re a man. If she were another man, it would be nothing more than a normal conversation, and you would probably never see each other again. I meet guys all the time in the bar and have just as cool and fun of a conversation as I would with any woman… but we don’t number-close each other or make plans to meet up. With a woman, add the fact that she’s a woman, I’m a man, to the fact that we have fun together — now we exchange numbers and setup to see each other again. It’s that sexual polarity that creates the spark.

I’m going to talk a lot about how I incorporate the sexuality into my interactions, and the term Sexual Tension to me means that there’s a sexual spark, there’s the potential for sex to occur between you and the woman. But it has a hit. And there’s also an absence of pressure. So, it’s very similar to Vin’s definition where he say that Sexual Tension is a controlled arousal state in the absence of overt sexual advances.
Overt sexual advances means putting pressure on the woman. I think that’s why overt sexual advances tend to ruin the vibe, ruin sexual tension, and make women put up resistance. It is not that you’re talking about sex, it is that you’re talking about sex in a way where she feels like you’re pressuring her to have sex with you.
A lot of times it’s better to just not talk about it. There are so many guys who want to talk about sex, or use their window so she doesn’t resist. What’s really going on is that there’s an internal neediness within you, and she can feel it, and that’s the real thing.
When we’re talking about how to create sexual tension, I think there’s this myth that talking about sex eliminates sexual tension. That’s a false causality. What’s really causing her resistance or ruining the sexual tension is your internal need for it, that she can sense it and that
Brian SCubed Call 5 – Sexual Tension5-3it just feels like pressure. It feels like emotional pressure. You’re trying to get her to do something.
I talk openly about sex. Not too openly– I’m not going to say every little thing I like to do and get into graphic detail. But I’m open about my sexuality. I talk about it, and I’m interested in hers. Very interested in hers. I’ll share how to get her to talk about her sexuality in a little while. But I do this in a way that there’s no pressure, that I’m not talking about it like I’m suggesting maybe she and I can do it. It’s more sharing what I like doing, and asking what she likes doing. It’s much more centered, and relaxed, and not pressured.
There’s no pressure involved, and the less pressure she feels, the more likely she is to want to do it. When you put sexual thoughts into someone’s head, they get turned on, and being turned is a motivator to have sex.At the same time, there’s no pressure.
We all know how we feel when someone tells you to do something. If someone wants you to do something at work, you instantly don’t want to do it. When a woman feels free to be sexual, she will, because women are extremely sexual.  And that brings me to my first point.
Women really, really, really like sex, just as much, if not more, than men.
The difference, the reason why there’s this kind of general myth that women aren’t as horny as guys is because women don’t go all day thinking about it. Maybe they do sometimes. Especially if there’s a guy that they’re sleeping with regularly, they’ll think about him during the day, while they are at work.


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Confidence with girls

Some guys naturally have confidence with girls, but for the average guy just talking to a cute girl can be nerve-racking. In this article I’m going to debunk some myths about confidence, and how a guy can truly develop confidence with girls.

Confidence with girls starts with how you think

Confidence is often misunderstood. Often when we someone who looks confident isn’t really thinking confidently. Internally, confidence is the expectation of success, of a positive outcome. But externally, confidence looks like calm focus. Interestingly, when someone is simply focused on a task, they externally look calmly focused as well.

So having a present task focus looks the same as confidence. And this is why we commonly mistake focus for confidence. Think about the most confident looking guys – professional athletes. I always picture Michael Jordan because I’m an 80’s baby. I remember a video I had about MJ’s life story that I watched every day as a kid. In one of the interviews he said that on some nights, the basket looked like a “big ol’ bucket, and every shot was easy.” But he made it clear this was the exception, when he was in the zone. Most of the time, MJ was just extremely focused on his job – keep moving, get free, line up, and aim for the back of the rim.

In interviews with athletes, reporters always ask the same questions:

What were you thinking going into the game? Did you expect to win? What was your strategy?

And always, athletes say the same thing:

I knew what I had to do to win. I knew that if we worked hard, and played our game (i.e. stayed focused) we’d have a good chance. We did our job today and came away with the win.

Notice how there is NO expectation of success, just focus on the task at hand. Also, credit is given to the team, not taken for oneself. This illustrates my point about how “confidence” often is really task-focus, but it also shows what task focus is all about – team work.

Effective leaders, and successful people in general, are team-oriented. They don’t take credit, they give it, because they know that they are stronger when their team is strong. A true leader wants to get the best out of others. Think about how this applies to social interactions. If you want to look confident, don’t try to trick yourself into expecting a positive outcome. Instead, stay focused on the task at hand. And what is the task? Building your team by drawing out the best in others.

A guy who has confidence with girls thinks the same way, because he is not trying to prove himself. Instead he wants to find out if the girl worth his while, and the best way to get her to demonstrate her value is by making her feel confident in herself.

Occasionally you will fall into “the zone” and feel like you’re “on.” But don’t count on it. Over time, you’ll find yourself in the zone more often as you gain experience with girls. Truly you’ll expect a positive result, and this is when you’ll have confidence with girls.

Confidence with girls requires positive experience

The reason why I advocate focus over confidence is that it’s the easiest way to get the immediate positive feedback that gradually snowballs into positive beliefs. If you are nervous around girls, but can focus on making the next girl you see smile, and you succeed, this will start a feedback loop. Just like a snowball rolls down a snow-covered hill gaining size and momentum, a belief that women like you and that you are attractive starts with small successes. Over time, these successful experiences become embedded in your perception of reality. You begin to expect success.

But these successes, these small positive reactions from girls, require focus. Focus is how to move past your fear and execute your goal. You see a cute girl and feel butterflies, but you focus on making the girl feel good about herself. You tell her she looks cute today, or something equally light and complimentary. This makes her feel confident with you and she will open up and talk more freely. This is what you want. On top of this, she perceives you as having confidence with girls, and we all know that confidence is the first thing women list when they describe what attracts them to a guy.

So not only does she feel great, an attractive guy gave her this feeling, and she is motivated to direct her expression towards you. This is a positive, sexually charged interaction begins. And remember – even thought it appears that you have confidence with girls, all you’re really doing is focusing as a leader, on the task at hand, which means building the confidence of others.

Confidence with girls takes time

Most guys are waiting for that magical day when they have confidence with girls. Maybe you’re waiting for the day when you have a nicer car, more money, a cooler job, better clothes, bigger muscles, or whatever. The bottom line is confidence with anything takes time to develop. You WILL NOT be confident from the start. But the sooner you start, the sooner you’ll have confidence with girls. It’s crucial that you give yourself time to learn and develop. If you avoid approaching girls for fear of making a mistake or embarrassing yourself, you will never progress. In fact, it’s the mistakes and embarrassment that give you confidence, because you soon realize that failure doesn’t really hurt you.

Your fear goes away once you realize that rejection is not that big of a deal. You can read this a million times, but you must see for yourself to believe it. As you lose your fear, your focus and actions become more powerful. This will result in more positive reactions from girls, reducing your fear even more. In fact, you can think about confidence as a total lack of fear. You don’t expect to lose. But you don’t necessarily expect to win. You focus on the task at hand: giving confidence to others. And this how guys think when they have confidence with girls.

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