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Pandora’s Box Coaching

Beyond Pandoras BoxSince creating the Pandora’s Box System, I’ve discovered even deeper levels of female psychology, and I have many simple, easy-to use systems for guys to touch women at the deepest level.

For example, every woman has a need for one of three archetypal Male Roles to be filled at any given stage in her life. She may need a Master, Partner, or Lover, and she probably will not be consciously aware of this. And if women aren’t conscious of this, obviously MEN aren’t either.

So often men try to text a girl to set up a date, but have no idea who she is, what she wants, or what her lifestyle is like. In short, men lack Awareness.

Mastery in ANY CONTEXT requires a high degree of Awareness. You must have information and insight, to see things the layperson can’t see. To be good with women, you must be aware of the ways their thinking differs from yours.

You must your level of awareness around women. Awareness helps you intuitively understand what is going on in a woman’s mind, so you can communicate naturally, without planning or fumbling. Even if you do fumble, you can pick up where you left off, smoothly, masterfully.

I know this to be true because I live it.

It’s been over three years since the completion of Pandora’s Box, and my understanding of women has improved dramatically since then.

My thought process has gotten simpler, and more effective. I think about different things now – I no longer try to fit women into categories.
I try to treat each woman like the first I’ve ever met, although all my experience remains in the back of my mind. I intuitively know what to look for so I know what she needs. But I don’t project a “type” onto her. I listen to her, feel her, learn from her. I let her tell me what she needs – which Role she needs filled at this time in her life.

Different men play different roles in a woman’s life. She has a father, a brother, friends, etc. In her sexual relationships, there are three different types of men she will sleep with. There are three Male Archetypes in a woman’s sex life – three timeless keys to her soul.

It’s rare that a woman has all three at once. It’s rare that she even has one! If you know which, if any, archetypes she already has filled in her life, you’ll know which you need to be.

In other words, you’ll know what kind of Leader this woman needs you to be, and you’ll know how to proceed.

I’m almost never at a total loss for why a woman isn’t responding to me. If things don’t work out with a particular women, I almost always know if I made a mistake, or if it was something outside my control.

Every mistake a man makes with a woman is based on
1. not understanding himself (Thrust)
2. not understanding her (Awareness)
3. not understanding HOW to lead (Control)

This is why ACT are the Three Pillars of Leadership. Neither is more important than the other, but when you think about all the times you’ve failed with women, I’ll bet 75% of the time the problem was a lack of Awareness.

Not understanding women is the most common challenge men make. This is why a guy can be confident, have his life together, and even be a great leader in the office. But when he meets a woman he falls apart.

When a woman flakes, I know it’s because the Role I was trying to fill was already filled. I don’t think about what women need. I think about what this woman in front of me needs.

If I can satisfy that need, it doesn’t matter if she has a boyfriend, husband, or a deep-rooted frustration with men. None of that matters because she and I have a unique connection that exists outside the boundaries of society – it’s a connection that can’t be labeled because it’s primal, spiritual, universal in it’s singularity.

I enjoy each woman I meet, loving her in the moment, exploring her, always learning. My only goal is to make her feel good, make her feel like a woman.

I hope to raise your Awareness and love for women, so that you may enjoy them as I do.

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