VIDEO: The Secret to ‘Connecting’ with Hot Girls

TV and movies have ‘plagued’ men’s minds with the idea that you need money and status to get the hottest women.


But this can’t be farther from the truth.


My students and I are LIVING PROOF that you don’t need money or status to get women…


But too many guys fall victim to buying sh*t for hot girls, wasting their money and destroying their self-respect on dates and gifts – in order to get sex!  Women can see right through this and they know EXACTLY what you’re thinking…which is why it NEVER leads to sex.


In this vid I give you the ‘cure’ to this mind-virus that’s been making so smart, well-educated men believe that the hottest women are gold-diggers out to ‘raid their wallets.’


Check this out:


  • Most guys EASILY cockblock THEMSELVES from laying the hottest women (and these women are usually the horniest!)  I have a simple ‘mindhack’ that opens them up and makes them wanna mount you IMMEDIATELY – no memorization necessary!


  • Did you know there’s a way to connect with women that all the other guys NEVER do – and women CRAVE it, hoping that each guy they meet ‘knows’ about it (if you’re just trying to ‘connect’ with women, then you’re boring their pussies dry.)


  • The secret to avoiding the ‘Gold Digger Zone’ (if you’re sick of paying for fancy dates and always getting caught buying women expensive sh*t, then you NEED to see this!)


  • Has a woman ever played ‘games’ on you, flaked on a date, or ghosted you?  The reason why women do this will SHOCK the sh*t out of you – and I give you the solution to debilitating problem (it takes less than 5 minutes to fix!) so that you NEVER have to worry about girls flaking EVER AGAIN.


  • Can you buy her a drink and STILL get laid?   Of course…but you need to do this ONE THING first…


  • A common mistake guys make when sitting at the bar that turns women off FAST (and makes them think you’re manipulative, bad in bed… and it also turns YOU into an INSTANT sugar daddy in their eyes, which means no sex for you!)


  • It doesn’t matter how big or how small your man-bone is, as long as you use this ONE ‘mind-trick’ …she’ll LOVE your c*ck no matter WHAT size you are (plus, this will BOOST your confidence).


Don’t get left out on all the great sex you COULD BE having… for more intel and tactics on getting laid fast, check this out.

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