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That’s something a woman told me several years ago, while she held my hardness in her hand, her head on my shoulder, gazing at her new toy….[a few hours later]…

It was such a good “date” that I decided THIS would be my approach from then on. It felt so natural, so relaxing, and the sex was sooooo good because our chemistry was so “on.” It felt like we were riding the same wave…

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Men and Women have two different filters:As men we ask “Will this help or hurt my chances of sex.”

Women ask “Will this help or hurt the chance of him wanting to see me again?”
Here, men and women are enemies when it comes to sex, because of deception. So we have two people manipulating each other – playing a game. A game has a winner and a loser. That’s why I don’t do “game.” That’s why my videos are called “go beyond the game.”

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A huge mistake guys make is that they treat all women as if they are the same, instead of appraoching her as a unique individual.There are universal principles, but even then you may encounter exceptions – what you are really seeing is not the Truth, but consistent patterns, from your level of perception. When those patterns get broken, it’s time to look deeper and find a more fundamental pattern. You can do this infinitely.

In fact, I’d say the one universal pattern that can’t be broken down is infinite variety.

The second is that men fear not being good enough. THis is every man’s fear, his whole life.

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Ther’es a lot beneath the surface. For humans, sex has meaning.
I think men don’t want to face this, they want to dim it and just turn her into a pretty doll with holes. that way they can do the necessary thing – take control – without facing the fact that that’s what they are doing.
men demean women as a self-protection mechanism. Just like slavery. People justified what they deeply knew to be evil by pretending that slaves were subhuman or liked being slaves.
It’s the same thing men do to women.
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Leadership implies a path or direction – a process – a journey that has a future. Women’s primary concern about sleeping with a man is that he will disappear after she opens up to him, physically, and emotionally. Her emotions are tied into her sexuality, unlike the typical guy. Imagine opening up to someone, giving them control, and then they disappear.
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