millionaire matchmaker hurts men

A lot of rich guys suck with women.

Just watch millionaire matchmaker – those guys are a mess socially. Unfortunately, she doesn’t give them tools – teach a man to fish, so they can get women on their own. They hire a matchmaker thinking they don’t have time to meet women, but all it takes is 5 minutes while you’re out shopping for groceries.

She gives them fish, in the form of gold diggers who know exactly why they are there.

I teach men to fish.

GBD is all about making women and dating simple easy and fun, using a breakthrough system that keeps you in the moment, while staying on track moving forward with any woman you choose. – lighting your load so you can go beyond.

See, the hottest women don’t go for guys who cahse women and are caught up in the dating game. They go for guys who are beyond all that, and are on their path.

However, if you dont have the social skills and foundations of an elite guy, you’ll miss out.

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