How And Why I Pushed Her Away [How To Avoid Losing Your Girlfriend]

Growing up, girls would occasionally show interest in me, but I was really shy and awkward. When I tried to talk to them, I would embarrass myself. But most of the time I just chickened out.


But, I would always fail with girls.

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Looking back, I realize I was brainwashed into thinking that I had to say the right thing to impress them.


When I was 22 I met a girl and fell in love. I was even thinking about marriage. After dating for almost 3 years, I started worrying about losing her, so I was always trying to please her. I would get jealous, and acted needy. This pushed her further away until she finally dumped me.


Eventually she called me on the phone and broke it off. In our last phone conversation we were arguing and she said she was going to go, and I responded “Well, I love you”


She responded “I’m not going to say it back. I don’t feel that way anymore.”


I was devastated.


That’s when I decided I was going to figure this out.


I was sick of being frustrated. Sick of feeling like I was getting lucky.


You probably know the feeling. I could get in my car, drive to work, make money no problem. I could study hard, get straight A’s, excel in sport. I could make a sandwich, I could build a fire,  I could fix a flat tire.


Yet the one thing so important to me in my life I was leaving up to fate –  just spinning my wheels, completely baffled.  


That was unacceptable to me because I’m the kind of person who needs to understand things. I need to have a sense of control over my life and optimize it as best I can – to have the best that I can get at any given moment.

I discovered there was a handful of guys out there actively working on learning, studying, and experimenting with what turns women on. They were writing about it on the internet in forums and some had even written a few books under various aliases 

such as “Mystery”, “Gambler”, “Matador”, and other such stylish names.


So I dabbled in some of that, but with most of them I just couldn’t stick with their style.


Eventually I came across a man who at that time went by Woodhaven. I learned a ton from him, and I especially learned the immense value in having a personal trainer or a mentor.


I decided to take his live in-person weekend training (called a boot camp).


The loan refund processed and  it went to my bank account. So I just used that money to get what I consider a real education. And I’ve never looked back.


I developed the life skills to meet women whenever I want and have great relationships with them. The kind of relationships that I wanted that I was never able to have when I was younger.


Today I have more women in my life than I probably deserve. I can meet women whenever I want, in pretty much in any context, have them been interested in me, and it’s really my decision as to whether we get to know each other or not.

At this point, if I want to sleep with a woman  – unless something completely out of my control like an earthquake or a tornado stops me – I pretty much know I can.

For me it feels the same as doing your job or writing a paper for school. You know how to do it. You know the process. You know how it works.


Of course, you make mistakes – just like anyone else at any level – but this part of my life is now something that I can control,  something I can do deliberately, and not feel frustrated about anymore.


That’s going to be the main theme for you throughout this program: I’m going to work with you on your lifestyle, on your mental tools, your mind-sets with women, and then contextual techniques so that you have a tool belt to use for any situation.


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