Quick Chemistry

Allows for the grail – chemistry – makes you have chemistry with anyone. **9. You are your best (ie real) self, and you can draw out their best (REALEST) too.

You’re not going to have great chemistry with everyone you meet. You have chemistry with everyone, but sometimes that chemistry is good and sometimes it’s not.

The problem is that most people actually prevent chemistry from revealing itself. They prevent good chemistry from happening and they do this by not being themselves.

When you use deception, you prevent the possibility for chemistry. As a man, of course I like pretty girls. But I especially like pretty girls I have chemistry with. There’s nothing better than meeting a girl that you click with right away.


That never used to happen to me, but now it happens all of the time.

I:PA*CE has helped me become great at connecting with people. I:PA*CE brings out my natural personality, and it also elicits authentic expression from the people I interact with.

When you’ve got two people being authentic with one another, there’s a very real opportunity for chemistry.


Chemistry’s the holy grail when you’re meeting people, especially with women. This is how to find “the one” – a wife or serious girlfriend.

It can even help you connect with a sexual partner that ends up being a non-exclusive best friend or lover.


There’s no thinking, no effort. You’re just having a good time with the girl.

Not to mention that the sex is going to be great. Chemistry makes it so that you don’t have to think about anything else but the person in front of you.


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