True Purpose

Everyone’s purpose is to be their true selves. Your purpose is to be you all the way.

Now what does that mean? Well, our minds best understand things when we break them up so we can focus in on our weak points. Your purpose is to be yourself all the way.

What makes that up? We need to get specific and clearly identify what values you should be focusing on.

Try to come up with three. three is the perfect number for it. three is self supporting. It is the most basic geometric shape outside of a circle. You focus on each individual value and think about where you are weak. Think about how you’re not embodying those values.

With women, you don’t want to think about it like Okay, here’s my life and here’s my purpose and then I have “how to get girls” over here off to the side.

You want to think about how you’re going to embody those values with women and you absolutely have to tie it into sex. That’s a problem that men have is that we don’t see our sexuality as something positive and good, as a way of helping women.

There’s a reason for this. Think about the word fuck. That’s one of the worst things you can do to someone. “Well fuck you.” That’s one of the meanest things you can say. It’s like what we do with our dick is the most awful thing ever. And in some cases it can be.

but in most cases it can make her feel wonderful and bring the two of you closer and make her feel loved. It can make her feel like a beautiful, sexual woman that inspired you.

And she excites you because she’s very much a woman. You should be thinking about how you embody your values in a sexual way as well. With women, it’s really all sex. Conversation is leading in a sexual direction and obviously there’s the physical aspect of leading in a sexual direction.

You really need to start to see your sexuality and physicality – and your dick itself – as a tool for you to express these values. And I know that sounds really strange and not something you would hear most people say, but it’s the truth.

It will actually change your perception. What I’m trying to help you do is get back to who you really are. I’m trying to help you see reality. See the potential that your sexuality has to express who you are as a man.

The way you’re going to do that and really move towards who you want to be is by identifying these values and zeroing in on them, getting really clear on what they are. That doesn’t necessarily mean a specific definition, it means continuing to think about it. Continuing to write them down and explore them. Keep your mind on those values.

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