Podcast 004: The  Secret  to ‘Hollywood’ Confidence

In  this  final  portion  of  our  provocative  podcast,  Chris  and  I  talk  about  how  to  attain  colossal confidence,  the  kind  of  confidence  that  guys  that  are  naturally  good  with  women  have,  the  kind  that  women  CRAVE,  the  kind  that  women  want  and  talk  about  wanting…

And not the bullshit confidence that’s portrayed in movies by James Bond and other so-called “heros.”   In this podcast, we talk about REAL confidence, and how YOU can be your own hero, a unique kind of man with a unique kind of confidence that women go CRAZY for…

The kind of shit that women dream about and read in romance novels…THAT kind of confidence….the kind of confidence that YOU’VE always dreamed about having.

You wanna have the kind of confidence that James Bond has?   The kind that sweeps women off their feet by just looking at them?

Well, this is WAY better than that.   And, best of all, there’s NOTHING to memorize.   It’s all just pure you. You’ll be like a particular flavor that she’ll come back for – over and over again!

This is the type of confidence that you see guys at the bar who always pull girls within no effort – it’s like they’re magnetized towards him…

YOU can have a fun and fulfilling sex life.   You can pick up the HOTTEST GIRLS, or advance your career, or both, there’s NO LIMIT to what you can do.

When she’s all dressed up, she might look like a bitch… The biggest misconception guys have about the MOST BEAUTIFUL women (why men put women on pedestals… and how you can bring her down to YOUR LEVEL so you can flirt and get her thinking about having sex with you).

How to be sexual without being a sleazeball.   Being open about your sexually might sound scary – especially when sharing it with women… Chris and I give you a toolkit for how to show your sexual side while still being ‘a good man’ and all the while building a strong, genuine connection that leads to a powerful sexual relationship.

Chris gives you his ‘Certainty = Clarity value system’ that shows you how to be “The Man” in her life – even if you JUST met!   Chris and I break down female psychology in an easy-to-understand format, and once you get it, you’ll know how to be the “Bad Boy” in her life that always gets laid and NEVER goes home with blue balls.

How to bulleproof your girlfriend, fiancee, wife, or long-term partner.   The secret method Chris uses to build an unbreakable bond – and it’s SO EASY   it’s almost “too good to be true”

Chris’ “Open Book” survival kit’ that hits the bullseye on all the things to say to turn her on – and none of the things to turn her off – you’ll never have to worry about scaring away beautiful women ever again.

How you can use women as “practice” to build confidence for ANYTHING that scares you – asking for a raise, pursuing an entrepreneurial dream, etc.   You’ll start achieving your goals while ‘naturally attracting women’ into your life.

Beautiful women make you nervous?   Chris and I show you how to CRUSH the most common fears that plague your mind, like “I’m not good enough” and “she’s out of my league.”   Once you start using this, approaching a woman will be a habit, you won’t even have to think about it.

Make this “one small tweak’ and you can approach those smoking-hot women who always make your jaw hit the floor.   In fact, the hotter she is, the BETTER this works. (Only use this on women who REALLY turn you on, because once you do, she’ll wanna sleep with you right away).

How many times have you tried to make a good impression on a woman?   Using a POWERFUL tool called Thrust, lets you flip the script so that she’s gonna try and make a good impression on YOU!   (There’s gonna be ‘no pressure’ so you can be cool and calm and relaxed…and flirting will be EASY).

Did you know that she’s MORE NERVOUS than you when she’s NOT dressed up?   When she’s dressed a certain way and you’ll have ‘warrior confidence’.

Did you know that she’s MORE NERVOUS than you when she’s dressed a certain way?   How to spot this and gain ‘warrior confidence’ when approaching, the kind of confidence that sweeps her off her feet!

Women draw lots of attention when they’re dressed up.   Whistles. Cat-calls. But do they ACTUALLY like this stuff?   Chris and I describe what creeps women out and what you can do to stand out from the pack and get her thinking about your…

Why there’s NO LIMIT to how good you can get with women – ‘the snowball effect’ that lets your confidence continue to break new boundaries…if you’ve ever dreamed about having two girls at once, or banging the hottest girl in the bar, you’re gonna wanna listen to this.

YOUR FIRST DATE WITH HER IS DOOMED!   Unless you avoid this one mistake right when you meet her so that the first date always leads to sex.

The secret weapon Chris uses for ‘super power confidence’ (this tactic is so groundbreaking and so extraordinary, that women will wanna sleep with you in the blink of an eye, and be warned, they’ll fall in love with you faster than you ever thought possible!)

How to find common ground with THE MOST ATTRACTIVE WOMEN. (even if you think you have “nothing in common,” this little mental trick will have you clicking in no time!)   Do this right, and you can skip the first date and have sex that SAME NIGHT.

Let’s face it, every guy is scared of something.   But my hack to gaining ‘beast mode’ confidence melts ALL your fears away and lets you do ANYTHING you set your mind to – approaching drop-dead gorgeous women, advancing your career, jumping across a pit of starving crocodiles (ok, you get the idea).   This is the same method that ‘naturals’ use (they keep it closely guarded in secrecy because they know how powerful it is).

Why you’re missing out on 98% of the women that come into your life, and how to use Chris’ value system to get an abundance of women flowing into your life.

Chris’ “Act as If’ approach” that lets you approach ANY woman – no matter how much her beauty scares you.

Why ‘the competition’ when you go out really isn’t as bad as you think.   After listening to this, you’ll know why cockblocks are NOTHING for you to worry about.   In fact, once you use this, you’ll NEVER get cockblocked ever again – no matter HOW GOOD the other guy is with women (even if he is the living embodiment of James Bond).

One quick mention before we start. If you haven’t heard my crazy interview with Maria, then you need to check it out. Maria’s a gorgeous girl I used to date and we’ve stayed friends over the years.

And if you like getting head, then you’re gonna love this interview, because we go over exactly what I did to make her addicted to going down on me, how the techniques worked on her, and how you can make any girl LOVE giving you head whenever you want.

Go to GoBeyondDating.com/Maria to hear it for free.

Ok let’s dive into the grand finale of the Chris Orleans series. This one is incredible so get ready to take notes.


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