How To Meet Girls In College

Meeting women in college

I would give anything to go back in time to my college days. I missed so many opportunities because I didn’t know then what I know now. But that’s life. I’m not regretful – my life only gets better as I grow older.

But looking back on college, I realize that was probably the easiest it will ever be to get laid. If you are in college, take full advantage. You are surrounded by opportunities, that you probably won’t recognize until after the fact. Let me help you out.


Although it may seem obvious and cliche, using the commonalities you share with other students is the easiest, and thus the best way to connect with girls in college. This is what the “naturals” understand. You don’t have to be fancy or original. Just be social and friendly. Class is the reason everyone is in college, and it’s something you can use to meet girls.

In class, be friendly to everyone. Make friends with as many people as you can. Talk to the people next to you. Ask them how they did on their exam, or if they understood the homework. Crack a joke about the class or professor. Just get an interaction going. Gradually build friendships over time – don’t rush in and try to get a girl’s number in the first week of class. Take your time. If you make your move too early, things could get awkward. Wait until the middle of the semester, and keep your focus on making lots of friends rather than zeroing in on one girl.

Studying for a test is the easiest way to meet a girl outside of class. Usually, groups of students will meet at the library to study. Participate! It will never be this easy again. It’s a no-brainer to get some late-night pizza after a group study session, and invite a girl back to your dorm to chill and watch a movie.


Which brings me to dorm life. For some guys, living in the dorms is one long orgy. The key is to not try to hit on girls, but to be social and have a good room to hang out in.

A good dorm room means:

A couch/futon/bed that people can kick back on. Also have some other chairs if you’re going to have a lot of people over at once.

Have a decent TV, and sound system, and make sure you have a big variety of music on your computer.

Although I don’t advocate underage drinking, having some drinks is always good, because let’s face – college kids like to drink. Just don’t get too crazy, and make sure your RA doesn’t catch you.

Also have some wall decorations, and mellow lighting – Christmas lights are cool – green or yellow make a nice cozy glow for the room.

Think cozy, comfortable, and equipped. Leave your door wide open, play music, and invite people to come by. Then just kick back and be friendly to everyone! Girls who like you will stay behind after everyone leaves, and then it’s just a matter of sitting next to her and going for the kiss.


I really blew it in college. I went to so many parties where all I had to do was talk to girls in a nice, relaxed way, and I could’ve easily hooked up. The key is to initiate conversation without being too forward or creepy. Don’t use lines. Just say, “Hey. What’s your name?” And that’s it. Ask her what she’s studying.

Don’t be that guy in the corner getting wasted. Say Hi, and introduce yourself to people (guys too!). Once you are talking to a girl at a party, there will be a point where you should try to get her alone – in a bedroom or maybe somewhere outside. Take her by the hand and go for the kiss. College girls are already horny-out-of-their-minds. Add a little alcohol, and a cool, relaxed guy with the balls to approach, and she is READY TO GO.

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