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Podcast 008: Top Secret Hacks To Escape The Friend Zone

In my final chat with Adam, we talk about the dreaded ‘friend zone,’ which is really the ‘nothing zone,’ and why chasing after a “relationship” is bad (and exactly what women REALLY want.)  Even if you want a girlfriend or a beautiful wife, you need to do some things FIRST, or else she’ll only wanna be your friend…or worse, she’ll disappear for good.


Women love guys who are smart… but sometimes your brain can get in the way of sex.  We talk about how to ‘turn off’ your analytical critical side, and turn on your sexual side – without coming off as just another ‘horny guy.’


A lot of guys struggle with texting – what to say, how to keep her interested, and how to be sexual.  This makes girls ‘go cold’ FAST…and leaves you feeling hurt and alone… But I give you some hacks that let you ‘decode’ her sex signals so that you can to turn her on… and also some tips to make her wanna come over and rip your clothes off!


You don’t wanna miss this!


Here’s what you’ll learn:


  • If you want to have sex with a woman, this is THE WORST mistake you can make (if you do this, it guarantees you’ll NEVER have the chance at sleeping with her EVER again.)


  • What to talk about with a girl through texting that makes her horny (this is so simple you can even be talking about your job!)


  • High Octane Texting Tactics that turn her on fast!  (this is so powerful, you can use it to ‘reignite the fire’ even if she’s gone cold or ‘disappeared.’)


  • What to avoid talking about with women (if you’re doing this, you’re making girls’ vagina’s as dry as the Sahara.  They will never return your calls or texts.)


  • Do women get ‘turned on’ by guys who try to be their boyfriend?  They might be looking for something else ENTIRELY… Listen as I tell you what to put your focus on INSTEAD that will ‘drive her wild’ with desire.


  • Why thinking with your brain can do you more harm than good (and what you should be ‘thinking with’ instead that drives her crazy with sexual thoughts, and makes dating and sleeping with her almost TOO easy!)


  • Having trouble texting girls and keeping them interested?  I show you how to translate “girl code” (this is ‘the key’ to understanding when women wants sex.  Use this, and watch as girls practically ‘throw themselves’ at you!)


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VIDEO: The Secret to ‘Connecting’ with Hot Girls

TV and movies have ‘plagued’ men’s minds with the idea that you need money and status to get the hottest women.


But this can’t be farther from the truth.


My students and I are LIVING PROOF that you don’t need money or status to get women…


But too many guys fall victim to buying sh*t for hot girls, wasting their money and destroying their self-respect on dates and gifts – in order to get sex!  Women can see right through this and they know EXACTLY what you’re thinking…which is why it NEVER leads to sex.


In this vid I give you the ‘cure’ to this mind-virus that’s been making so smart, well-educated men believe that the hottest women are gold-diggers out to ‘raid their wallets.’


Check this out:


  • Most guys EASILY cockblock THEMSELVES from laying the hottest women (and these women are usually the horniest!)  I have a simple ‘mindhack’ that opens them up and makes them wanna mount you IMMEDIATELY – no memorization necessary!


  • Did you know there’s a way to connect with women that all the other guys NEVER do – and women CRAVE it, hoping that each guy they meet ‘knows’ about it (if you’re just trying to ‘connect’ with women, then you’re boring their pussies dry.)


  • The secret to avoiding the ‘Gold Digger Zone’ (if you’re sick of paying for fancy dates and always getting caught buying women expensive sh*t, then you NEED to see this!)


  • Has a woman ever played ‘games’ on you, flaked on a date, or ghosted you?  The reason why women do this will SHOCK the sh*t out of you – and I give you the solution to debilitating problem (it takes less than 5 minutes to fix!) so that you NEVER have to worry about girls flaking EVER AGAIN.


  • Can you buy her a drink and STILL get laid?   Of course…but you need to do this ONE THING first…


  • A common mistake guys make when sitting at the bar that turns women off FAST (and makes them think you’re manipulative, bad in bed… and it also turns YOU into an INSTANT sugar daddy in their eyes, which means no sex for you!)


  • It doesn’t matter how big or how small your man-bone is, as long as you use this ONE ‘mind-trick’ …she’ll LOVE your c*ck no matter WHAT size you are (plus, this will BOOST your confidence).


Don’t get left out on all the great sex you COULD BE having… for more intel and tactics on getting laid fast, check this out.

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Podcast 007: The Rejection-Proof Guide to “Making a Move” On ANY Woman

Adam and I shift our focus to one of the BIGGEST problems guys face:  WHEN and HOW to make the first move on a woman. You could have all your ‘ducks in a row’ when it comes to approaching, flirting, texting, and getting her to come over your place, but getting to ‘first base’ is something a lot of guys struggle with, and often creates DEBILITATING anxiety.


Buuuut…. I give you simple tactics to overcome this – so all the thinking, planning, and guessing that you usually do, is taken care of!  And the best part is, it frees up your mind to do other stuff….like turning her on!


Here’s what else you’ll learn:


  • “Sparking attraction” is one of the worst things you can do when trying to turn a woman on.  Do these THREE THINGS instead, and make women light up the moment you make eye contact (and best of all, this will get her imagining what it’s like to have sex with you.)


  • Whether you like it or not, pop culture has conditioned you to think about “the wrong stuff” when it comes to getting girls…  Listen as I break down the things you SHOULD BE thinking about to make a sexual connection happen with any woman.


  • How to make foreplay happen in under 5 minutes (you’ll have an amazing night of sex…she’s gonna love this!)


  • Hints a woman gives you when she’s ready for “sexy time” (these clues can be so subtle that you won’t see them UNLESS you focus on the right stuff.)


  • “Making a move” on a girl is supposed to be easy, but most guys either wait to long…or worse, they don’t make a move at all…  But my simple ‘mind hack’ makes sex happen fast (you’ll no longer feel stressed thinking about “when” and “how” you should make a move.  All the guesswork is taken care of for you.)


  • What you should focus on that makes a woman horny – from the moment you meet, up to the moment just before sex.


  • The mistake most guys make when they go in for ‘the first kiss’ (and where to kiss her first that ‘guarantees’ foreplay will happen – with barely any effort!)

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VIDEO: How to Stop Being Needy and Get the Girls You REALLY Want

As a man, you can be your own ‘worst enemy’ when it comes to chasing your dreams… and the WOMEN of your dreams…


It all comes down to what you ‘need’ and what you ‘want.’  Knowing the difference is CRUCIAL for making all your dreams and deepest desires come true…


Thoughts can easily ‘plague’ your mind with sadness, desperation, frustration, and depression…


But the key to ‘snapping out’ of it is WAY easier than you think…


In this breakthrough vid, I show you how to ‘annihilate’ negative thoughts with a SIMPLE TWEAK that sets you up for INSTANT SUCCESS – and BOOSTS your happiness, motivation, morale, confidence, enthusiasm, drive, and willpower – for anything you want!


Let’s go!


Here’s what you’ll discover:


  • The 3 Words that ‘disease’ your mind with disappointment, desperation, impatience, and REPEL hot women… and what to do instead to ERASE these thoughts – for good!


  • How to flip ‘failure’ on its head, and make it a ‘springboard’ to accelerate you toward your goals and dreams.


  • Does rushing actually help you get what you want faster, and sleep with women quicker?  Take this ‘shortcut’ that makes chasing your aspirations painless, and takes down a woman’s defenses – so you can sleep with her SUPER FAST (I mean like, skip-the-first-date fast!  No ‘rushing’ required.)


  • I need more money… I need girls to like me…  Do this ONE THING to get needy thoughts out of your head – and replace them with a ‘worry-proof’ mindset.


  • The secret to getting what you want and being PSYCHED about it – be it an entrepreneurship, a business, a new lifestyle, etc, you need to know the difference between ‘wanting’ and ‘needing’ – or else you’ll always feel like a COMPLETE FAILURE who ‘isn’t good enough’ (and worst of all, women will slam the breaks anytime you try to make a move.)


Stop struggling to get the things you REALLY want, and the women you REALLY wanna bend over and smash with complete abandon like a rookie pornstar…


YOU have the power to get what you want – without worry, regret, or fear…


Activate your ‘bullet-proof ambition’ here.

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Podcast 006: How To Attract The Hottest Women Part 2

My conversation with Adam continues…on how to be sexual with girls.  Pop culture and movies plague men – and women – with ideas that undermine their own natural ability to connect.  In this podcast, I give you ‘the red pill’ so you can see through the matrix and get all those girls you’ve been missing out on!


Touch or kiss a girl the wrong way, and YOU’RE OUT. Listen as I tell you how to touch and how to kiss girls in a way that makes them HORNY for YOU. You won’t have to worry about rejection EVER again…


Don’t get left out!


Here’s what you’ll learn:


  • The ‘not so obvious’ mistake that KILLS sexual tension (even if she’s into you, this ONE MISTAKE will dry up her pussy, and she’ll stop texting and calling you for good.)


  • How to ‘make a move’ on a girl.  WHEN do I touch her?  HOW do I kiss her? I give you my SIMPLE system for knowing EXACTLY when to touch her, and how to touch her (once you do this, she’ll be like puddy in your hands…escalating to the bedroom will be ‘easy as pie’ and she’ll be clamoring to get in YOUR pants!).


  • How to fix the ‘flaw’ in your personality that makes women flake.  (Even successful businessmen and entrepreneurs suffer from this – without even knowing it!  Learn the simple way to erase this ‘defect’ so every relationship you have with a woman is sexual).


  • The best places to meet hot ‘gym girls’ …and how to start a conversation without being sleazy – ‘guaranteeing’ your chances at sleeping with them.


  • What’s the best way to build chemistry and ignite that elusive ‘sexual spark’ with a beautiful woman?  The method is almost too easy – just one tiny tweak to your conversational habits and boom!  Sparks will fly!


  • “I’m not good enough.”  “I’m ugly.”  Thoughts like these will NEVER hold you back from approaching hot women, when you use my easy-to-follow Leadership System that can turn you into a ‘Male 10.’

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VIDEO: How to Sleep with Lots of Women (No Strings Attached!)

Ever wonder if you’re giving her too much – or too little – attention?


You wanna keep seeing her and sleeping with her, but you could be making ‘the wrong move’ when it comes to how much time you’re devoting to her.


Finding the right balance is CRUCIAL for maintaining your health, happiness, and SEXUAL SATISFACTION.


In this vid, I show you the TRUTH behind sexual barriers and how you can use them to sleep with LOTS of girls – with NO GUILT.  I also explain why you NEED these barriers in order to keep things fun, passionate, and exciting – in and out of the bedroom – for YOU and HER.


Here’s what you’ll discover:


  • Worried that she’s not always there when you need her?  Does she take too long to text you back? I reveal WHY you NEED this (to stay focused, driven, and sexually satisfied)!


  • How much attention SHOULD you give a girl after you sleep with her?  Don’t text or talk to any girl until you hear this (or else you might LOSE HER sexual attention, FOREVER.)


  • When she gives you too much attention, she might wanna be your girlfriend…  But what if that’s not what YOU really want? Say this one sentence, and she’ll give you more ‘space’ so that you can keep sleeping with other girls – without breaking her heart… while keeping her coming back to your bedroom – anytime you want!


  • Ask her this ONE QUESTION and get ‘guaranteed sex’ with NO COMMITMENT.  


  • What you NEED to say when she asks you ‘What are your intentions?’  This gets you out of the ‘Boyfriend Zone’ (which often leads to little or no sex) and into the ‘Sex With Her All The Time And Any Other Girls You Want Zone.’


  • The big myth that makes her wanna sleep with ANY GUY BUT YOU – and makes you feel like you’re shackled in prison just ‘being’ with her.


Women will only sleep with a CERTAIN TYPE of guy…


Did you know that with only a few SMALL TWEAKS, every girl will be giving you ‘the look’?  Sexual Spark is SO powerful that she might just take you back to HER place!


If you wanna be THAT GUY, then you need to check this out!

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Podcast 005: How to Attract The Hottest Women Part 1


I talk with my former student, Adam, about 9’s and 10’s – and how to tweak your mindset to BOOST your ability to smash these women right and left…


We also explore how your definition of dating and relationships can undermine EVERYTHING you do when it comes to women (texting, dating, sex) – listen and discover which definitions will get you beyond the traditional dating paradigms and into a woman’s pussy!


Here’s what you’ll learn:


  • Most guys don’t know that chasing after a “relationship” with women can DESTROY your chances at getting a ‘Friend With Benefits’ ‘Blow Job Queen’ ‘Girlfriend’ or ‘Wife’ …and I show you exactly how to bypass this way of thinking with a SIMPLE mind hack.
  • How to take off the ‘blindfold’ so you can see what really makes a woman a ‘10’ (this will save you time, money, frustration, and mental effort over choosing ‘the wrong girl.’  In the end, you’ll be happy and sexually satisfied with the women you allow into your life….and your bedroom)


  • The SECRET to attracting ‘the hottest women.’


  • Why being “outcome oriented” kills your chances at meeting and connecting and having sex with the most beautiful girls (And what you should focus on instead that will give you a ‘bad boy’ vibe.)


  • How to defeat approach anxiety when other guys are watching (this technique will get you SO MUCH PUSSY so easily it’ll be just like ‘shooting fish in a barrel.’)


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Podcast 004: The  Secret  to ‘Hollywood’ Confidence

In  this  final  portion  of  our  provocative  podcast,  Chris  and  I  talk  about  how  to  attain  colossal confidence,  the  kind  of  confidence  that  guys  that  are  naturally  good  with  women  have,  the  kind  that  women  CRAVE,  the  kind  that  women  want  and  talk  about  wanting…

And not the bullshit confidence that’s portrayed in movies by James Bond and other so-called “heros.”   In this podcast, we talk about REAL confidence, and how YOU can be your own hero, a unique kind of man with a unique kind of confidence that women go CRAZY for…

The kind of shit that women dream about and read in romance novels…THAT kind of confidence….the kind of confidence that YOU’VE always dreamed about having.

You wanna have the kind of confidence that James Bond has?   The kind that sweeps women off their feet by just looking at them?

Well, this is WAY better than that.   And, best of all, there’s NOTHING to memorize.   It’s all just pure you. You’ll be like a particular flavor that she’ll come back for – over and over again!

This is the type of confidence that you see guys at the bar who always pull girls within no effort – it’s like they’re magnetized towards him…

YOU can have a fun and fulfilling sex life.   You can pick up the HOTTEST GIRLS, or advance your career, or both, there’s NO LIMIT to what you can do.

When she’s all dressed up, she might look like a bitch… The biggest misconception guys have about the MOST BEAUTIFUL women (why men put women on pedestals… and how you can bring her down to YOUR LEVEL so you can flirt and get her thinking about having sex with you).

How to be sexual without being a sleazeball.   Being open about your sexually might sound scary – especially when sharing it with women… Chris and I give you a toolkit for how to show your sexual side while still being ‘a good man’ and all the while building a strong, genuine connection that leads to a powerful sexual relationship.

Chris gives you his ‘Certainty = Clarity value system’ that shows you how to be “The Man” in her life – even if you JUST met!   Chris and I break down female psychology in an easy-to-understand format, and once you get it, you’ll know how to be the “Bad Boy” in her life that always gets laid and NEVER goes home with blue balls.

How to bulleproof your girlfriend, fiancee, wife, or long-term partner.   The secret method Chris uses to build an unbreakable bond – and it’s SO EASY   it’s almost “too good to be true”

Chris’ “Open Book” survival kit’ that hits the bullseye on all the things to say to turn her on – and none of the things to turn her off – you’ll never have to worry about scaring away beautiful women ever again.

How you can use women as “practice” to build confidence for ANYTHING that scares you – asking for a raise, pursuing an entrepreneurial dream, etc.   You’ll start achieving your goals while ‘naturally attracting women’ into your life.

Beautiful women make you nervous?   Chris and I show you how to CRUSH the most common fears that plague your mind, like “I’m not good enough” and “she’s out of my league.”   Once you start using this, approaching a woman will be a habit, you won’t even have to think about it.

Make this “one small tweak’ and you can approach those smoking-hot women who always make your jaw hit the floor.   In fact, the hotter she is, the BETTER this works. (Only use this on women who REALLY turn you on, because once you do, she’ll wanna sleep with you right away).

How many times have you tried to make a good impression on a woman?   Using a POWERFUL tool called Thrust, lets you flip the script so that she’s gonna try and make a good impression on YOU!   (There’s gonna be ‘no pressure’ so you can be cool and calm and relaxed…and flirting will be EASY).

Did you know that she’s MORE NERVOUS than you when she’s NOT dressed up?   When she’s dressed a certain way and you’ll have ‘warrior confidence’.

Did you know that she’s MORE NERVOUS than you when she’s dressed a certain way?   How to spot this and gain ‘warrior confidence’ when approaching, the kind of confidence that sweeps her off her feet!

Women draw lots of attention when they’re dressed up.   Whistles. Cat-calls. But do they ACTUALLY like this stuff?   Chris and I describe what creeps women out and what you can do to stand out from the pack and get her thinking about your…

Why there’s NO LIMIT to how good you can get with women – ‘the snowball effect’ that lets your confidence continue to break new boundaries…if you’ve ever dreamed about having two girls at once, or banging the hottest girl in the bar, you’re gonna wanna listen to this.

YOUR FIRST DATE WITH HER IS DOOMED!   Unless you avoid this one mistake right when you meet her so that the first date always leads to sex.

The secret weapon Chris uses for ‘super power confidence’ (this tactic is so groundbreaking and so extraordinary, that women will wanna sleep with you in the blink of an eye, and be warned, they’ll fall in love with you faster than you ever thought possible!)

How to find common ground with THE MOST ATTRACTIVE WOMEN. (even if you think you have “nothing in common,” this little mental trick will have you clicking in no time!)   Do this right, and you can skip the first date and have sex that SAME NIGHT.

Let’s face it, every guy is scared of something.   But my hack to gaining ‘beast mode’ confidence melts ALL your fears away and lets you do ANYTHING you set your mind to – approaching drop-dead gorgeous women, advancing your career, jumping across a pit of starving crocodiles (ok, you get the idea).   This is the same method that ‘naturals’ use (they keep it closely guarded in secrecy because they know how powerful it is).

Why you’re missing out on 98% of the women that come into your life, and how to use Chris’ value system to get an abundance of women flowing into your life.

Chris’ “Act as If’ approach” that lets you approach ANY woman – no matter how much her beauty scares you.

Why ‘the competition’ when you go out really isn’t as bad as you think.   After listening to this, you’ll know why cockblocks are NOTHING for you to worry about.   In fact, once you use this, you’ll NEVER get cockblocked ever again – no matter HOW GOOD the other guy is with women (even if he is the living embodiment of James Bond).

One quick mention before we start. If you haven’t heard my crazy interview with Maria, then you need to check it out. Maria’s a gorgeous girl I used to date and we’ve stayed friends over the years.

And if you like getting head, then you’re gonna love this interview, because we go over exactly what I did to make her addicted to going down on me, how the techniques worked on her, and how you can make any girl LOVE giving you head whenever you want.

Go to to hear it for free.

Ok let’s dive into the grand finale of the Chris Orleans series. This one is incredible so get ready to take notes.


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Podcast 003: How to Get Women Chasing You For Sex

Hey this is the GoBeyondTheGame podcast back with part 3 of my talk with Chris Orleans.

In this episode he gets into some of the more subtle aspects of meeting and dating women…

All the time maintaining the primary focus of f*cking FAST…

Here’s what we cover in this portion:

How to screen out psycho chicks. (This strategy is crucial if you want a girlfriend).

Why women flake on meeting up. (and how to get a girl to chase you for a date)

How to set up your place so that sex is the natural outcome of the evening by simply adjusting your furniture. (You’ll be shocked at how easily women will get it on when you make it smooth and easy)
How to never miss an opportunity (17:00)

What it REALLY means when a woman touches her legs or ankles… yes it means she wants sex, but… she needs something else from you first to seal the deal.

Why you need to make yourself the MVP in the relationship once you start dating a girl, and how to make her worship you instead of working overtime to make her happy. (The trick to keeping your girlfriend or wife satisfied is to keep her focused on satisfying YOU!)

How to avoid the “pickup artist trap” where your GAME only gets you women who rank 7/10 at best. (The hottest women can smell weak game like cheap cologne. That’s why my system is so much more effective – there’s no ‘faking’ involved)

Real quick before we gets started, I’m giving away mini-course that you need to get if you haven’t already.

If you want an easy, 99% way to know if a girl wants you within 5 seconds of meeting her…

I just released a free mini-course called The Ultimate Weapon.

It gives you ultimate confidence because you’ll never face rejection when you use this simple trick I’m gonna teach you.

It’s fast, easy, and you can do it with any woman you meet.

Just go to to download it for free.

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VIDEO: How to Build Momentum and Motivation To Meet Women

Did you know there’s a way to be a Chick Magnet’ – all with NO confidence, cologne, or car?


It’s something that’s within you…


And you can EASILY unlock it.


You’ll be shocked when you see how many sexy women start chasing YOU – just from this one small tweak.  And it automatically puts you on ‘the path to success’ in your entrepreneurial endeavors and your career – bypassing years of confusion, stress, and regret.


Here’s what you’ll discover:


  • What’s the TOUGHEST challenge you face as a man?  And why you NEED to overcome it in order to meet and attract women.


  • Watch out for these Red Flags when your ‘path in life’ hits a standstill… and I provide life-changing solutions that’ll help you ‘rise from the ashes’ and go after what you REALLY want!


  • Girls LOVE it when you think they’re beautiful… but there’s ONE THING you need to focus on that turns her on more than even the biggest p0rn c*ck out there…


If you wanna ACCELERATE the process of finding your purpose, there’s no better place to learn than Sexual Supremacy – a comprehensive guide to molding your career and passions into one and permanently BOOSTING your ability to meet, connect, and sleep with women – while becoming the most confident, driven, and sexiest man you can be!


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